Miro got me an MBA
November 03, 2021

Miro got me an MBA

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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

Given the pandemic my entire MBA year had been moved online. One of my syndicate mates had briefly used Miro in a workshop and was a serious advocate. I had used it here and there in my work as a social development facilitator but never in much detail. We persuaded our team to try it and though there were obvious learning curves to overcome soon Miro became like a second language to us. We managed to work much faster to discuss everything from group position papers that we were writing as a team, designing a new business model and several case analysis assignments together. We also used Miro to co-create our group presentation decks and sometimes when the task was to give feedback we were able to quickly show our actual Miro board that we had the discussion around and provide a visual aid to what would have been a difficult conversation to follow. Our lecturers were always very impressed and excited about how we worked together and we would not have been as successful without Miro. We even eventually rubbed off on other syndicates who started trying it out as well. I think that Miro should be adopted and its use encouraged by universities who hope to facilitate learning online in the future.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Visualising processes.
  • Ensuring everyone gets to have a say.
  • Mapping complexity where linear relationships are not always possible or useful.
  • When converting a sticky to a normal shape, the aspect ratio changes. So a sticky, which is square, when converted to a square, becomes rectangular.
  • Much quicker decision making.
  • Ensuring team clarity and everyone being on the same page.
  • Acts as a guide through the process.
I think it’s brilliant and I really admire how many capabilities are built into the platform. There will always be some glitches, silly things like I often mistakenly zoom to fit when I try to multi-select, or how easily someone moves entire frames by mistake. But these things, for now, are a matter of getting used to the interface. I suppose there is room for more intuitive UI but this is definitely nice to have as the product already works so well and does so much!
I think there’s room to improve how entire aspects like a collection of sticky notes or a table or something could be exported as an editable file like a Word document or excel file. I was excited about the inclusion of Miro in Zoom, but my institution uses MS Teams and that would have been awesome if we didn’t need to switch windows to collaborate using Miro and could have done it straight in teams. Even if it’s just browser integration being able to switch seamlessly from Teams call to Miro or attach a Miro board to a meeting link. This would be really great.
Although the only way we’ve ever worked as a team was online we had other teams who weren’t using Miro to compare our progress with and hands down Miro was what made our year so successful. We were a group of complete strangers able to quickly share ideas and make decisions in a fairly democratic way, by encouraging everyone to participate visually and be active on the Miro board all views and ideas get captured, something that takes ages using any other process and even in person. I honestly feel like in-person collaboration can never be as effective as Miro.

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It’s great to start projects off. But when the time comes to deliver the final project outcome there needs to be a clear prompt to move away from Miro, towards something more final. It would be so great if Miro could somehow be converted, albeit haphazardly, into a word document or something.