Miro unites Virtual Users, but not yet the perfect tool
February 21, 2022

Miro unites Virtual Users, but not yet the perfect tool

Brandon chua | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

Solves the issue that everyone is working from home. This is the next best thing compared to discussing complex issues with colleagues in a physical room. The real-time feedback of seeing other users, clicking, moving, and editing content is really the tool the world is needing amidst the covid19 era.
  • Real Time Update
  • Interactive with User Friendly UI
  • Can take in any kind of file formats (even animated Gif and videos)
  • Allows me to quickly put down what is on my mind in the form of a Mind Map. Countless production risks that I've managed to navigate through with the help of MIRO
  • Able to export out boards like an image for feedback
  • Able to present MIRO board like a ppt slide
  • File organization. No folders to organize our boards for easy navigation. Boards can lead to other boards by attaching a link, but there is no "Node View" to show all the dependencies. It takes a while to find the file you need as it is all just a mess.
  • The interface can be very interactive, but also lots of accidental clicking or moving something. There is a Lock Function, but it's hard to select the items you need when there are many layers on top of one another. Especially if they are transparent with just a thin outline border. It's like peeling through layers and layers of onions.
  • Snapping functions/bugs can be quite irritating. Could perhaps provide snapping grid size for every 1mm or every 1cm or every 10cm. Lines/Curves that automatically snap to Borders or text boxes don't follow when you move the whole frame. Some of the control points on the curves stay while other control points moved with the frame.
  • It has definitely provided a platform for people like me, to put down very complex problems on paper. Furthermore, in a clear, graphical, and easy-to-understand manner using the tools available, I was able to get my points across in the most efficient way possible without having to meet the person face to face.
  • I don't have a number, perhaps a few days of back and forth to just an hour in a single call?
  • Having the ability to brainstorm an Art Jam while everyone is virtual is priceless. I don't have a number for that. I know it is something that doesn't exist out there or at least is not readily available.
I feel the initial implementation has 80% of the work covered. I'm guessing Miro knows there is still room for improvement, thus this survey is conducted. Yes, Miro does most of the job well, however, as things are stabilizing, we can now start to see what more we can improve for "Quality of Life". Small bugs that aren't the deal-breaker, but a torn or an eyesore to deal with each time. Yea, it gets the job done, but there are also frictions each time that frustrates users. It would be a perfect tool if those features are improved and bugs resolved.
Miro integrated rather well compared to other tools we've tried before. It is easy to use and easy to pick up. It is just tedious to maintain, tedious to keep it organized as more users are added and more ideas are added to the board.
We've yet to use Miro to kick start a new IP or project. We did try organizing an Art Jam and it is an enjoyable process nevertheless.

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The above applications don't give the real-time feedback of seeing your teammate's mouse swerving around and seeing them edit the document at a good frame rate. Their interface always felt clunky and they can't take in that many file formats (e.g. Video, Animated Gif, Pdf, etc) Miro has the ability to import these files AND view them within the board. Miro UI is also friendly, minimalistic, fluid, and most important the interface doesn't feel unresponsive or clunky.
Most Appropriate In a Work From Home context where everyone is virtual, it is the next best thing to discuss complex problems. I also had tonnes of fun brainstorming ideas for a Game Jam where everyone could just pour in their ideas (Regardless of what File format). I also used the Miro board to map out all my findings of a particular undisclosed challenge, got all stakeholders who can help me out on board by presenting my board in a clear, graphical, easy to understand way. Immediately they see what the problem was and could quickly step in to help where ever they could. Less Appropriate It is less appropriate when the Miro board is used to report issues. For example, an excel report, showing data and images of a few thousand instances in the game. Miro board doesn't have the framework at this point to automate that. It has to be done manually by setting up the tables and doing data entry. Similar to the above, I thought the Miro board would be a good platform for Milestone/Sprint Planning. It was interactive for everyone to see and edit, but the basics of them are troublesome to set up. For instance, Dates, Months, Milestone Numbers, Sprint Numbers, Team Member names, Major Milestone deliverables Deadline Markers.