A Newbie's View of Miro

Overall Satisfaction with Miro

We use it for client collaboration and in some cases as a agile tool for developing a Kansan team.
  • Frame brainstorming ideas in stickies
  • Allows for definition of work via Kanban board
  • Ability to see a customer's story from the user experience or journey
  • Could expand the Kanban board to have WIP Limits and Exit Policies
  • Help me "unstick" my mouse control
  • Excellent way to prioritize business requests
As a new user, it is hard to know where I am at a given time and it is easy to get lost when zooming or moving manually around the whiteboard.
It would be better to select the picture and have a default zoom to bring to something legible. Too much time wasted on adjusting the screen and then trying to determine where content is referenced elsewhere.
Yes. We are able to do this with a client right now. Without this feature it would be hard to use Miro in one location and limit the collaboration and the ability to edit in the client's location.

Do you think Miro delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with Miro's feature set?


Did Miro live up to sales and marketing promises?

I wasn't involved with the selection/purchase process

Did implementation of Miro go as expected?

I wasn't involved with the implementation phase

Would you buy Miro again?


Rally allows more connectivity to work hierarchy and traceability as well as key Kanban functionality. However, Miro allows us to truly brainstorm and come up with something to fit our content. It would be nice to be able to port it to Agile Project Management Tools after initial brainstorming.
Rally Software (formerly CA Agile Central), Atlassian JIRA Align (formerly AgileCraft), Snow ITSM Enhancer
Able to find myself in a logical manner