Nintex Platform's Efficient Product
Updated February 14, 2020

Nintex Platform's Efficient Product

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Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint

Overall Satisfaction with Nintex Platform

Nintex Platform is used business wide alongside SharePoint. We use it in many lists with Nintex Platform forms, and we use Nintex Platform workflows to automate manual processes. We have hundreds of workflows and many forms. Nintex Platform has been instrumental in aiding different business departments to become more efficient and enable resources to be used in a more productive manner.
  • Nintex Platform forms allow for a modern, user friendly experience with the ability to hide and show fields as needed.
  • Nintex Platform workflows enable manual processes to become automated with one or several steps.
  • Nintex Platform responsive design needs to allow for code.
  • Nintex Platform responsive design tends to slow down after several minutes of use, or the form becomes long.
  • Nintex Platform has saved several departments resource time.
  • Nintex Platform has helped departments become more efficient.
We use the Nintex Platform in all of our environments, as well as internally and externally. The Nintex Platform must continue to improve its product and listen to the customers because we provide support to all of our users through the Nintex Platform. If we can't offer what the users want, then the Nintex Platform would not be able to be our only option to go to.
We generally only allow IT staff to use Nintex Platform. Forms can be used by non-IT once they are trained, but because Nintex Platform allows for web service calls and logical thinking, workflows are currently restricted to IT. I think that in time, business users who are trained to use Nintex forms could implement simple forms to allow for a nicer UX.
We only use Nintex.
Nintex Platform is well suited for SharePoint. We have used Nintex Planform in several departments for lists and forms to allow for rich user experience while being able to control how the form works. The workflows have provided many instances of turning manual processes into automation, such as paper forms being filled out now use Nintex Platform forms with workflows behind the scenes that notify the owner of the document. Agents can fill out information through a form, and the information is sent through a workflow to our department, agents can request a calendar appointment through SharePoint, and Nintex Platform creates appointments on Outlook.

Nintex Process Platform Feature Ratings

Process designer
Business rules engine
SOA support
Form builder
Model execution
Standard reports
Custom reports

Using Nintex Platform

400 - There are the Nintex Admin, who administer, create and build Nintex forms and workflows. There are the business users that use Nintex behind the scenes, usually without knowing it, and use the Nintex forms and workflows which have helped automate their business processes.
7 - These are people who are in IT. They are developers and system administrators who not only have the technical background needed to administer a software product like Nintex, but they have also been trained on Nintex as well. I have been Nintex Workflow Professional certified.
  • Nintex forms for nice ux
  • Nintex workflows to automate manual processes
  • Nintex has been used to replace paper forms in HR.
  • Nintex has been used to communicate with the agent field in our business.
  • Continue to use responsive forms for a nicer UX interface.
  • Continue to use workflows to automate business processes
Nintex provides an efficient solution to automating processes within SharePoint. Customer Service at Nintex is great, I have had to reach out a few times for questions or issues and there is always a technician that responds within a short amount of time. We enjoy have the different options that Nintex provides.

Evaluating Nintex Platform and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
We have been using Nintex for several years, and a lot of our forms and workflows are built with it. We are aware of the other options in the business, but we have found that working with Nintex provides the solutions that we are looking for and the customer service to back it up.
I would not change anything. We would continue with Nintex.

Nintex Platform Implementation

Change management was minimal - Nintex Platform has been a part of our business since I started here 8 years ago. We continue to use it without interruption and without the thought of using another software.

Nintex Platform Training

I used the Nintex training software, it was easy to watch and follow along. It didn't go too fast and was descriptive enough to understand what the steps needed were in order to produce efficient workflows and user friendly forms.

Configuring Nintex Platform

From what I have seen in Central Admin, there is enough configuration without making it too complex. We can adjust who has what workflow steps based off of groups we create, and that was one of our major concerns.
Train your users! I would recommend IT folks but if you use business users, make sure you incorporate technically inclined business users since some of the workflow steps can reach out to web services.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code

Nintex Platform Support

I have had to contact Nintex a few times regarding questions or issues about the product. I have always had a technician respond within a few hours, and they continue to reach out and ensure that the problem is resolved before closing the request. The technicians are knowledgeable and helpful.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I had a question about the Nintex Outlook step that I could not figure out. The workflow was failing and I did not understand the message it was giving me. I reached out to Nintex, thinking it was a workflow issue, and the technician continued to discuss the issue and do the research necessary to fix it. The issue wound up being Exchange permissions, which we would not have figured out without his help.

Using Nintex Platform

Nintex is great to use as I've stated before, and I implement it for business users company wide. It has allowed for automation of so many manual processes and created ease of use while maintaining a nice user interface with the forms. The business users enjoy the forms that they work on and the automation that takes place.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • The Nintex forms are easy to use.
  • Basic Nintex workflow steps are easy, such as the email notification.
  • Nintex Responsive design tends to slow down if the form gets too large.
  • I wish Nintex Responsive forms allowed for code.

Nintex Platform Reliability

Nintex allows for several things to be used in making manual processes automated. It can be used for simple things such as small SharePoint lists to large scale projects such as extensive workflows and forms.
I have never encountered a Nintex outage.
I give this a 9 because Nintex overall has been exemplary, except for responsive design forms seem to be a little slow when getting complex.

Integrating Nintex Platform

Nintex continues to be reliable when integrating with SharePoint as it has been for the years we have used it.
  • SharePoint
We use Nintex alongside SharePoint in most things we do. Any SharePoint list that needs a special form or automation behind it uses Nintex. We have over hundreds of Nintex forms and workflows throughout our business.
  • SharePoint
It already does.
  • File import/export
We reach out to web services as well.
Keep using it, it's a wonderful product!

Relationship with Nintex

The vendors were helpful and knowledgeable, making sure we had all the information we needed before making decisions.
They continued to follow up and make sure we were happy with our services.
I'm not sure on this question.
They were wonderful to work with!

Upgrading Nintex Platform

Yes - Yes, the process went smoothly and there were no major impacts. We updated the software through Central Admin and tested it first on our Development and Staging environment, and then rolled it out to Production. We did testing through our SharePoint lists and workflows and established that the upgrade had gone according to plan.
  • Responsive Design
  • Faster response time
  • Faster response time
  • New capabilities