Nutanix AOS Review
Updated November 01, 2021

Nutanix AOS Review

Jackie Song | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Nutanix AHV
  • Nutanix Acropolis

Overall Satisfaction with Nutanix AOS

We are using it as our dev/test virtualization environment at our business center, which consolidated the previous test/dev environment based on Azure and Cisco UCS virtual platform, and planned to bring all dev/test VMs from the cloud back on-prem, and double the test /dev capacity for the whole company.
  • Easy configure and managment
  • Compatible with VMware
  • Feature rich
  • very good customers service and quick support/respond from account team
  • less cost
  • Initial network setup is a little bit confusing and challenging.
  • Data transfer speed is not optimized within box.
  • Reduced cost on the dev/test environment.
  • Consolidate the Azure dev/UCS dev into one.
  • Smaller rack size and less cables to manage.
  • less power usage and UPS power consumption.
Very good support, knowledgeable, effective, and easy to reach. Online my Nutanix support portal is good & easy, the dashboard provides easy access to Nutanix services, support, and tools. Case management is easy and straight and forward. The Nutanix device heartbeat is synced to the portal, so they can generate reports based on some pre-build or customized templates.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
We focus on the product's features and how easy to setup/configure, use the feature, support and train the users to use the new feature. Usability is big because the user's experience is the key. How users can grasp the new features, easy to use it is the key. Which in turn can easy the support as well.
We have some training mostly online and free access to Nutanix university as well. The Nutanix community is another place we can exchange ideas and learn experience from other Nutanix users and Nutanix employees. We also have good relationships with our account manager and engineer, they are very reachable and eager to help out and answer questions. Xtribe is very good place too.
Most of using experience are very good, product performance is good. But some of the pre-build VMs took a longer time to boot up. Sometimes, we transfer data from one VM to another VM, it is actually bit slower than we expected. Other than those, we do not have other challenges.
We used UCS before, which is a little complicated to setup. There are multiple devices need to connect together (for example two FIs and main process chassis needs to cross-connected first), and there is no storage built-in. But once all setup and configured, it is good. The setup and configuration take quite bit time, it's complicated. Then we used Cisco UCS manage it. The interface is of UCS is good, but had some compatiblities issue with Java applets.
While Nutanix AOS is fairly easy once the chassis turn on the network connected. the Interface is very straightforward. No compatibilities issue like Jave.

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Veeam Backup & Replication
It is a feature-rich OS, software-defined storage solution on top of flexible hyper-converged Infrastructure, centrally managed. Easy to manage and maintain, compatible with other hypervisors. With build-in automatized features, it can easily create multiple instances of VM, apps, patches, and upgrades. Easy to scale in and out with minor impact to the existing environment.

Using Nutanix AOS

20 - Nutanix AOS is main virtualization environment for our developers. Which will include multiple production Silos and each applications' releases. There are some data need to share between the releases. And large amount of data need to be transferred between real production environment and Dev/Test environment. And those happen very often.
3 - we have three system administrators mainly support this test/dev virtual environment. Two of them took the Nutanix training and both of them and the third staff also took the online training from Nutanix university, And three of those staff did quite bit cross training as well. All those three had Cisco UCS experience.
  • Test/Dev environment for applications
  • consolidate the previous test/dev from Azure and Cisco UCS
  • minimize the data transfer between different platforms
  • AOS file feature is very usable
  • AOS Calm feature is valuable feature which we do not have on UCS
  • lower power consumption save us effort to expand the UPS capacity and have larger environment.
  • Can setup Nutanix boxes in multiple branches and take advantage of replication feature for site backup.
  • Nutanix expanded into OT environment.
  • Nutanix expanded into different vendor hardware platforms.
AOS definitely make our dev/test virtual environment management much easier than before. And the consolidation the test/dev environment from Azure and Cisco UCS, we have less need to transfer large amount of data between different hardware platforms which was very big challenge. To expand the capacity is very easy to archive as well.

Evaluating Nutanix AOS and Competitors

Yes - We used Cisco UCS in house to host some of our Test environment, and we have used Azure for rest of test environment and dev environment. But we found the Azure cost too much to maintain large amount of VMs and we have Azure and Cisco UCS, the two environments needed to combine.
We did not have the option for test drive online at the time we made decision. But now most of the features from Nutanix can be evaluate online. And now there are lots technical seminar online as well. Which make all the feature evaluation and testing are very easy and quick.