PathFactory has us our content on just the right path!
Updated June 15, 2021

PathFactory has us our content on just the right path!

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Overall Satisfaction with PathFactory

PathFactory is mainly being used in our marketing department, however sales also leverages it for use of assets. It supports our content management and the ease with which we are able to share our content.
  • Easy to use thanks to the streamlined UI. I find the headings and categories that house the sections of the platform to be very clear and comprehensive.
  • Makes it very easy to manage content. I can filter by type, topic, date, etc and find what I need very simply. Changing details and information about a piece of content after it's been uploaded is easy to find and simple to do.
  • Integrations with other platforms that we use has been seamless. It's very easy to update a PDF that is housed in another software for example, if we have small tweaks to a file that have been changed, since the link within PathFactory to the file stays consistent.
  • This is a feature I've yet to completely dive into, but I appreciate the detailed analytics and features around this. It's great to get an overview or in-depth view of how our content is performing.
  • I'd love to see the Exit Intent pop up on content tracks be more customizable. It would be great to add a form, for example instead of a content asset.
  • I love the target track feature. I'd love to see more features added to this piece of the platform, such as different types of promoters and CTAs to get users engaging even further with the content.
  • Has improved our user experience for content. It makes it a very pleasing and easy experience for users to view and engage with our content. Not only does the platform look nice (especially with the overlay feature that we can make a track hover over our existing webpage) but it works well, too.
  • We've been able to create relevant content tracks that group similar topics in a way that makes sense and better relate to users that are looking for content on a specific industry use case or topic.
  • We've leveraged PathFactory to create a completely revamped resources hub on our site. It looks and works much better than before for users, and we are expectant for how this will improve our users' experience when interacting with our hub of content.
We have been able to create targeted and customized content tracks that relate to the user or purpose of our individual campaigns or projects. Creating relevant and topic-specific content hubs allows us to speak directly to the use case or industry we are marketing to. This creates a relevant experience and high-value resources for our users or interested prospects.
I wasn't part of launching PathFactory, however from what I have heard from my colleagues it was a pleasant experience. It has been a bit of a large lift over time transferring our content into the platform, just in terms of switching everything over, however this process is easy (just takes time) and I can say with certainty that it is worth it for the ease of use that the platform provides in managing the content.
This has enabled our potential buyers by creating a less confusing and more personalized content experience. Potential buyers who are interested in our solution are able to easily find and consume the content they desire and get the answers they need to make an informed decision. Along with this, we are able to reach interested users with targeted tracks that we think will be relevant to them and help give them the information they need from us that's relevant to their needs and industry use case.
We also considered Uberflip for our content strategy. PathFactory appeared to be a better user experience both for the business leveraging it and for users viewing content. I have found that the features and ease of use within PathFactory make it a more robust yet simplified platform. I love how simple it is to update content assets, whereas with Uberflip it seemed a bit trickier of a process to do so. The way the content is displayed and organized is also more effective and useful within PathFactory, as things are easy to locate and leverage.
PathFactory works well for content management, and for housing a comprehensive content library. It works great to integrate into a resources page or Explore page to display a large amount of content for users, or a more curated view. The target tracks feature is great for encouraging binging of content by users, I especially enjoy using this feature for creating themed content tracks that have a host of content on a related topic and then a relevant CTA to drive engagement. PathFactory works great in our marketing department, as well as for sales to leverage the platform for sharing assets. I think these are the best use cases for our company. We also leveraged the VEX part of the platform recently for an online event, which could be used in multiple areas of a business. I would say that this platform works best for companies who want to improve their content management and create a stronger content leveraging strategy to retain and attract users. I would say it may not work well for a company that doesn't really make use of online content or has no use for online events.

PathFactory Feature Ratings

Content hub
Forms / Gated content
Embedded CTAs
Content automation
Audience profiling and targeting
Closed-loop tracking and reporting
Content performance analytics

Using PathFactory

20 - Sales team (enablement, sales reps), marketing team (product, digital, demand gen, customer, brand marketing), biz-ops (using Vex and content uploads, track creation, etc)
5 - Creating content tracks by piecing related content together in a stream and choosing an appropriate CTA and form strategy, content creation, content uploading, building out a virtual event and its sessions, some HTML is helpful for microsites and other related use cases, content organization and attention to detail are important as well.
  • Creating content tracks for sales, marketing, customer use with our content in an organized stream. We use these tracks in lots of different ways, the main two are on the website and in sales platforms.
  • Using the virtual events component of the platform to build out and run our online events.
  • Managing our content and organizing all of our important content in one central place.
  • Using PathFactory's smooth integration with Marketo to quickly and easily update PDFs anywhere they live on our website.
  • Running virtual events!
  • Creating Explore pages with content for post-webinar comms.
  • Leveraging the Microsite Builder more to create personalized content pages.
  • Using more of the analytics features to see how our content is performing.
  • Use the comprehensive tagging features to further organize our content.

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