Paymo gave me more for less
May 28, 2018

Paymo gave me more for less

Daniel Summers Jr | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Paymo

Since going freelance, I've used Paymo as my principle time tracking app for client-based work. I use it for tracking all of my projects and share the live time reports with my hourly-billed clients. Not only does the app work great, both in the web form and the mobile version, but the support team were excellent in helping me figure out how to get things set up when I first started, including helping me determine how to code certain projects so that I could offer my clients (most of whom are nonprofits) differing rates based upon the specifics of the project and its funding requirements. Even better, when the company changed their billing, after adding new features that I didn't quite need, I found that their newly-revised basic plan suited all that I needed - saving me money each month without my needing to adapt the way I'd been doing things.


  • The ability to code exactly what time I worked on a project enables me to bill clients more accurately and within different minimums, which besides more accurately tracking time, this has been extremely helpful as I negotiate contracts for services and offer different deals with potential clients. Some are billed to the minute, some in 15-minute minimums, and some in 20-minute blocks.
  • The live reports are great, showing time spent in the minimums that I've set, while also including as much detail as I wish to share.
  • I've now started just writing my notes into the tracker, which are then carried into the live reports - this eases my needing to send logs to clients, as well as helping me to keep projects on track.


  • I'd still love a way for the rates to vary based on how much time has been used, especially if a project goes over time. For example, charging one rate for up to a set amount of hours, then reducing/increasing the rate for hours over the threshold based on the contract.
  • Rarely, but enough that it's annoyed me a few times, I've updated the web or the mobile only to find that both are listed in the time report. I go through and combine or delete as need, but it can be a bother and takes time away from doing the work at hand.
  • As they've expanded the product, they've done a good job of informing users of what's been added. Still, I wouldn't mind having some suggestions on how to better use the app and am sure that I'm not doing so to its best ability or at least a guide that can be turned on/off to help explain features.
  • They changed their plans, adding new features that I don't need - however, instead of finding that I was paying for something I didn't want, I happily found that I was now able to do all of my tasks on their free plan. This saves me about $11 a month which, while not much, is still very appreciated.
  • When I was first setting up my business, they took time to read some fairly detailed questions on how I wanted to use the app, and then made great, honest recommendations. In fact, we weren't able to do as I'd originally wanted and instead found a few workarounds that I've since incorporated into my daily habits. The ease of use is nice; the friendliness and support are invaluable.
Paymo lets me track to the minute - even going back to add in time that I wasn't able to track via the app. This has been wonderful as clients might call with something quick but when I'm not able to turn on the tracker, yet I'm still able to appear to them as if I was sitting by the computer eager waiting to help. Further, the amount of notes that I'm able to put into the tracker has allowed me to include more details on live reports and invoices that I was able to do with other apps. This meant that I didn't have to track those tasks in too many spots, easing potential confusion and saving time.
Well suited: tracking time, making notes to share with clients, live reporting. Less so: tracking and bookkeeping - they don't market it as a bookkeeping app, though they do allow for invoicing through it. Still, my needs are such that I use a separate app for tracking receipts against a project and then invoicing clients.

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