Trusted 30 Year Relationship

Overall Satisfaction with PI Behavioral Assessment

At Claremont Savings Bank, we use PI Behavioral Assessment during our recruiting process. We also use it for coaching and in conflict resolution. The administrators are in the Human Resources department, and our senior leadership are trained administrators as well. Our hiring managers use the PI to help build interview questions.
  • Ease of use: Finding what we need is incredibly easy.
  • Quick, at a glance placards, are great for a birdseye view of candidates and employees.
  • Catalyst is an excellent new feature, offering us the opportunity to learn from others.
  • I'd love to see interview guides more readily available with a quick click on an action button.
  • I'd like creating groups to be slightly easier.
  • I'd love to see tips for communication for groups created. I love the analysis provided, but a step further with tips for communication would be amazing!
  • We have used PI Behavioral Assessment for 30 years with great success.
  • Our employees love it, and often seek advice during conflict resolution.
  • Our Managers love it to help them define pointed interview questions.
From 2011-2016 we used DiSC and PI Behavioral Assessment together. We found DiSC to be more employee friendly, meaning employees don't need to be trainined administrators to understand their own report. However, our DiSC trained employee has left, and we opted to stick with PI Behavioral Assessment, as we do have a 30 year relationship with PI Behavioral Assessment.
  • Employee Surveys
The PI Behavioral Assessment is great in conflict resolution scenarios. When co-workers (or employees and managers) are having trouble communicating with each other, it's a good tool to use in showing each party how they communicate, what their motivating factors are, how well they absorb stress, etc.

While we do use the PI Behavioral Assessment in recruiting, it only makes up 20% of our decision. I would not recommend making the PI Behavioral Assessment your only deciding factor.