Seismic will Rock your world - Sales Asset Management that works!
June 26, 2018

Seismic will Rock your world - Sales Asset Management that works!

Ron Totah | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Seismic

Currenly Seismic is being used by our field sales team (AE, SE, SDRs) but we are considering it for intranet use, as other groups always want access to the curated content in Seismic.

It is our single source of truth for content. When I started there were silos of content, a lot of outdated content, same/different versions of files in different places, causing a loss of sales productivity and limiting their use of content throughout their sales process. Seismic has allowed us to consolidate the different Silos, point to other sources of content (our youtube videos for example) and allow the field to find relevant content easily, and increase the use of content (with tracking of usage by the field, and out to their customers).
  • Creating Dynamic Folders - Different users look for content in different ways, Seismic supports this with Dynamic folders. It's a filter you define to present a folder, for example, case studies and have it dynamically create folders by use case, product, industry, etc... This same case study could also live in other folders such as a product folder showing all of the content sorted by type without having duplicate files, as its all a virtual dynamic folder.
  • Search - VERY strong search to find content with filtering that allows the user to quickly get to the content they need by type, industry, product, use case, competitor, etc... full indexing, but a way to sort out all the results gives the field access to exactly what they want if they prefer to search.
  • Salesforce integration - providing content recommendations based on opportunities, so the field doesn't have to guess what they should be using. The system can recommend content based on defined fields such as sales stage, product, competitor, industry, and highlight content when they need it. Such as case studies in the same industry during early opp stages, a test plan during the pilot stage, or a contract at the negotiation stage. This allows them to get recommendations from us as they progress through the sales cycle
  • LiveSend and Analytics - The field can send content (or multiple pieces of content) and see if the customer opened it and for how long. Like their own personal Marketo. This is great when you meet with a group of customers and can see which of them opened and how long they read it, helping the rep see who their likely champion is. From a content management/marketing perspective we can also understand what is being used, in what deals, in wins or losses, how often its accessed, allowing us to create better content, and avoid creating things that are not used.
  • The front end and mobile app are very dynamic, however, the backend is in need of an update. They spent a lot of time making the front end work well in any browser and mobile, but the back end where the admins work leverages older technology. Better that they updated the front end for all the end users and they say they are in the process of updating it.
  • Flexibility on the landing pages - would be nice to have sub-landing pages. They support multiple profile pages (which is great - for different roles), but would be nice to have subpages support a tile layout like the homepage too.
  • Increased content usage - this is hard to quantify the improvement as we had no way to measure before, but the field is definitely finding and using content more. They also know when to use it.
  • No wasted time trying to find "the right version" in multiple places.
  • More as we continue the roll-out and usage, but in my past company were I implemented it, we say increases in early stage conversions.
Savo, Google Drive, Shared folders

Savo - was best in class a long time ago (and has since been bought by Seismic) - but required a lot of administrative work to setup and maintain. I had three people working on it full time to create pages and managing content.

Shared folders and google drive are good to share content, but terrible at searching and tagging (not fully indexed and no tagging).
Large growing sales team with lots of content and updates is well suited to Seismic.

if the sales team is smaller and content is limited it's probably overkill.

I like that it doesn't take a large team to implement vs. other solutions, so if you have limited staff, its good. If you have a large team for sale enablement/content marketing, then perhaps a solution with lots of customizations may be worth looking at, although Seismic is very flexible.