Definitely do your research - But Sendoso is a great investment
February 11, 2021

Definitely do your research - But Sendoso is a great investment

Zoey Copeland | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sendoso

Our marketing and sales teams use Sendoso, and sometimes HR does as well. Marketing implemented Sendoso as part of our ABX strategy, but we also use it for marketing events (promotion, event experiences, follow-ups). The Marketing and HR teams also use it for employee engagement, like wine tasting kits for happy hours or branded swag rewards for sales employees.
  • Sendoso has great customer service. Everybody is super responsive and helpful. Our CSM even helps us with tedious admin tasks when we're limited by the platform's back office.
  • We love how flexible Sendoso is. If you can think of it, it (or something really similar can be sent.) You can also request that vendors and gifts be added as Sendoso direct options, which means the options really are limitless.
  • Sendoso has scaled really well through our sales organization. As higher-level account owners saw the amazing success of our BDR team, they started begging to use it. Our sales org has historically been very slow to adopt technology, and this has been one of the best rollouts I've ever seen.
  • The back office is an absolute nightmare. The UX is unintuitive and doing any kind of repetitive task, like cleaning up underutilized touches and funding sources or setting up a touch with multiple variations like clothing sizes or colors is absolutely nightmarish and time-consuming.
  • Whenever a send goes out and there's not enough money in the dedicated funding account, there's no warning. That's not even the problem, though. My complaint comes from the way that the system then charges our AMEX on file.... one time for every item in the send. So when I sent 124 aprons as a follow-up gift from an event, I got 124 charges/invoices for $2.87. When we have to send every receipt and invoice to accounting that's insanely time-consuming and frustrating.
  • If you use a credit card on file and not invoices, the receipts do not have a fixed reference number. I don't even know how this can be a thing.
  • Sendoso enabled us not just to keep momentum, but to build it during the first wave of business shut-downs in 2020.
  • We used Sendoso to develop an event series that produced more than $4Million in net new pipeline.
The only similar platform I've personally evaluated is Alyce. I really deeply prefer Alyce's UI on the backend, but it just doesn't have the same flexibility as Sendoso, nor does it serve our use case with sending follow-up gifts from events.

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Sendoso is well-suited to a team that will have a very organized, process-oriented person as a part of the on-boarding process. You also need users who adapt to new technology well and raise their hand when they encounter difficulties.

If you have a huge, sprawling sales and marketing org, you will probably encounter a lot of difficulties with Sendoso unless you have a dedicated person who does nothing but manage logistics within the platform.

Using Sendoso

42 - Our marketing team manages and uses Sendoso, and end users for Sendoso within our organization are also in sales and HR.
1 - I am the main person who supports Sendoso, and I was not involved is the setup and implementation period, although I wish I had been.

Your Sendoso point person should be organized, patient, and quick to pick up new technologies. The Sendoso platform has many quirks in the back office. If you have a very large team using Sendoso for many different use cases, it could probably be a full-time position, but the right person could get everything set up and maintained alongside other duties.