Certified for Sertifi
March 21, 2018

Certified for Sertifi

Jessie Mead | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sertifi

Sertifi is being used for the client base, the people who are actually submitting applications for grants in the non-profit world. We use it a little different in that when an application gets filled out, we use Sertifi within the Salesforce environment to create a document automatically, but send the actual document out (the LOI) ten days after submission (in case we need to change what was submitted). The Sertifi doc goes out for signature at this time and then upon return we have it attached to the organization account in Salesforce. Sertifi helps keep the needed documentation prior to any money being exchanged between organizations; it's a great tool.
  • Document generation - it's extremely simple to integrate the data needed from our platform onto a document efficiently.
  • Sytem integration - having the ability to integrate to our Salesforce.com platform was a selling point, in that the open API enables us to keep documents tied to specific clients.
  • Email template ability - not only great for document generation, it is also great in its capability for sending and customizing the email templates along side it.
  • Customizable integration - Although Sertifi has a very simple integration process for Salesforce.com, it required us to work closely with a Serifi developer to fully customize the process the way we needed (ex. creating the document without fully sending it immediately)
  • Great feedback from end clients - prior to Sertifi, we were manually creating PDFs and documents as well as mailing them for signature. This new process has increased our return time incredibly!
  • Prior to Salesforce, potential recipients were sending emails in as requests that were being tracked in an Excel spreadsheet. Now we have the process automated where they can submit everything online, a document get auto-generated and auto-sent out 10 days later. We've saved SO much time because of this newfound efficiency!
Sertifi is nicer to the budget with close to the same offerings as Adobe/DocuSign. Adobesign and DocuSign are a little easier in the configurations with Salesforce (if you don't have a Salesforce developer, you would probably lean toward something other than Sertifi), but if you aren't needing too much customization other than out-of-the-box functionality, Sertifi is perfect.
Sertifi is great for simple, out-of-the-box needs - such as document creation, sending to clients, email templates, and document tracking. For any out-of-the-box needs, Sertifi is a little less friendly in the user ability to customize - our developers had to work with the Sertifi developers to really communicate the need and create a solution (a solution WAS reached - great!). Our example for this is creating the document upon object creation in Salesforce, but not sending it immediately (waiting 10 days).