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Sandro Marc-Charles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Adobe Sign to get purchase signatures on a few of our services. We also use it internally from time to time to onboard affiliate partners etc. We use the template feature quite often, and the clone feature helps tremendously for some forms that require repeat information. We’re pleased with the service and we’ve recommended it to several business acquaintances.
  • The ease of use on the customer’s end is particularly good. Frankly, that’s the most important part.
  • The ability to clone fields is extremely helpful and it’s a feature not available on some other platforms. I checked.
  • The process of sending is also very easy and fast.
  • The template feature works well, and it’s invaluable.
  • The sign in process to our account could use some refining. It can be difficult to find the right place to login from the main Adobe Site. I solved this issue by creating a bookmark. I’m guessing this issue happens because the software was originally part of another company.
  • It’s been a while since I tried, but using the app on an iPad can be frustrating when it comes to resizing the entry fields. Still, it’s good to have the mobile option.
Adobe Sign works great when you need to have a client sign a document remotely, and with the iPad app, it works pretty good to sign in person as well. What it’s really fantastic for are those documents that need filling out and signing consistently. It’s easy to set up a template to reuse time after time. It really saves many valuable hours.
I only recall needing support one time. I learned that I was not entitled to phone support. So I had to communicate via email, which was more back and forth than I would have liked. Still that was only once I needed to reach out in 4+ years, and they did resolve the issue.
Very simply, I find the product easy to use. The exception being that the mobile application can be a little confusing and cumbersome.
Tapan Jain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Adobe Sign is used across the organization primarily for digitally signing various kinds of contracts, documents, SOWs, offer letters, etc. It saves a lot of money as there is no need to print out and scan the documents and also in terms of the manhours it saves. Now it only takes a click to sign the documents. One can simply edit and fill the document or form from any device and sign using the signature image or type name in various fonts or actually draw the signature. It has made sending the documents for signature hassle-free and one can also track the progress in terms of when and how many times it was accessed, when was it signed, and also sends auto-reminders in case the document is pending to be signed. This has been a boon in a post-COVID-19 era as everyone is working remotely and will hamper the business processes if documents could not be signed digitally from any device with complete security.
  • It has the ability to share the same document to multiple people and assigns a different color to each signature placeholder for different recipients in order to avoid confusions and errors.
  • It also allows people in India to sign the documents using their UID number which is something very unique and forward looking feature
  • Ability to sign even the scanned documents which have not been digitally created. Also, one can also sign word documents using Adobe sign.
  • Ability to use your own organization branding wherever possible in order to personalize the entire signing experience.
  • Pricing structure is a bit bizarre and almost all the plans require annual commitment which shouldn't be the case.
  • Customer support is slow in responding to the issues and not of much help. So troubleshooting and self help videos and content needs to be more comprehensive
  • Integrations with other software is limited which restricts the workflow automation
Adobe Sign has been generally more suited to either larger multi-national organizations or organizations spread across geographies. But with the advent of Covid-19 where working remotely has been the new norm across the globe, Adobe Sign is imperative for every organization irrespective of the size. Physical signatures are not feasible as a lot of employees might not have printers at home and no one wants to step out of the home. So unless money is not a concern, as the license fee is a bit expensive, I believe Adobe Sign is a necessary addition to the software suite of every organization.
Support is something I am not happy with. On a couple of instances, the software was not working as expected and needed a quick response as the agreement had already been shared with the stakeholders, but the support was too slow in understanding the gravity of the situation and actually fixing the issues. There is no live chat support option available. Also, I believe the self-help section needs to be improved in leaps and bounds so that when situations like the above arrive, one doesn't need to rely on the support and is able to troubleshoot on its own.
In terms of usability, I believe the interface is pretty intuitive and there is hardly any learning curve even for completely new users. It is used across the functions within my organization and everyone is able to use it and benefit from it. Adobe Sign offers a clean signature process enabling the receiver to sign documents from any place and any device. Also, the signatures are legally binding as well.
Score 8 out of 10
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The primary purpose of Adobe Sign is for the management and secure use of electronic signatures used by staff in order to fulfill any company process that requires a signature on a document. It also provides the cryptography necessary along with an appropriate audit trail to provide process evidence in the worst-case scenario if my company has to provide any evidence in a court of law to demonstrate a binding contract.
  • Integration into Office 365 with Microsoft FLOW
  • Simple to use interface and navigation
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing
  • Documentation concerning integration into third party services like Office 365
Our primary purpose for Adobe Sign was to replace physical signatures given the impact of the pandemic where a number of key staff members currently work remotely from home which caused issues internally and with clients and hindered the progress of various projects. With the use of Adobe Sign, we can now sign documents securely from any location and it was incorporated easily into internal processes to meet all policy and legal requirements.
Initially, it was difficult to get in touch with someone who could speak in-depth on the implementation of the product, its functionality, and cost. However, after I was able to get in touch with the relevant party I was able to acquire all the information needed to get up and running. You can also reach out to the assigned customer representative with any support issues to get in touch with the relevant parties. The product has worked well, where no significant issues were reported post-implementation thus far.
We were able to train users quickly to be able to navigate and send documents for signature given the intuitive interface. Its integration into SharePoint was great as that is being used as a secondary repository for all signed documents. The tracking of the signature process, storing and retrieval of signed documents is now easier for administrators
David Lee | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Adobe Sign is integrated with our Salesforce Lightning environments and used in our eSignature process to send out agreements for electronic signature. One department that has users that are not Salesforce users use Adobe Sign to route documents internally and to send for signatures to external customers that are not sales accounts.
  • Once everything is setup correctly, performs reliably.
  • eSign process in document is intuitive and user friendly.
  • There are many global configuration options and settings that can be used to enforce specific workflows or company policies.
  • Excellent audit trail on signature request and activities that occurred for it.
  • Integration with Salesforce is overly complex.
  • Account user managements is all manual and cannot automate via integrations.
  • UI for Adobe pages in Salesforce looks a bit dated and busy.
  • Account maintenance can be a headache because once Adobe has an email address in their system, it cannot be used in any other account.
  • Certain account status restricts the administrator from managing the account.
  • Reporting is very limited to basic information about Adobe Sign transactions.
Adobe Sign is well suited for companies that want flexibility while having centralized control in their eSignature process. There are so many configurable options that could work for any use cases. There are different levels of pricing that can make it cost effective for any business. Adobe Sign integrates well with Salesforce Lightning, in my experience, although the UI in the signature process could use some improvements. In our instance, every Salesforce user that got setup with Sign account can also login to their own Sign account on the web where their activities can be viewed and tracked. There are good user guide, tutorials and technical documentation.
Adobe Sign support response is quick and for the most part helpful. From my experience multiple communications were needed to get answers or issues addressed, regardless of how well the initial request for help was documented. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but can feel frustrating if you took the time to explain the issue at the beginning. However, since support response time is fairly quick, usually within 24 hours or less, overall I rate it high.
Once you become familiar with the UI, it is an easy application to use. From the account administrator's perspective, it is fairly easy to manage the account and configure, but there are so many options that you have to invest time and effort if you have business use cases where more than just standard eSign process is needed. Maintaining user accounts is simple, but the tool is rudimentary and seem outdated.
August 20, 2021

Adobe Sign Review

Caitlin Stote M.Ed. | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use it to have subcontractors instantly sign our agreements.
  • Helps you remind those who haven’t signed.
  • Files signed documents.
  • Allows you to upload copies that were signed via pen.
  • Sending the same document to different signers all at once.
  • Making it simple for the signer to understand what is optional to sign and what is mandatory.
  • Personalization of the request for signature email with company logo.
It’s great for those who are competent using a phone or computer, especially when fast signing is needed. Many clients refuse to use it. Maybe they don’t understand how to use it or don’t trust e-signatures.
They answered all my questions quickly.
It’s very simple for me to write contracts and send them out to be signed.
Cindy Moore | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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Adobe Sign has been used a lot more now that the pandemic happened. It saves time having to arrange to get a hard copy signature or to print out a document, sign it, and then scan it to send it back. Because it is saved on a computer, it is easy to access anytime.
  • It allows a customer or client to sign documents over the computer rather than in person.
  • Easy to find documents that have been signed.
  • I cannot print out a document that has been signed or that I sign unless I have Adobe for converting to PDF.
  • The ability to print a document from a mobile phone would be great.
Adobe Sign is well-suited for businesses, especially in the online world. Especially, now that we are in a pandemic and have gone through stay-at-home orders making it hard to get a signature in person. However, it is not possible, that I know of, to print a document unless you have an Adobe PDF maker.
Because I have not used the help/support function, so I don't really know if the support is good or not.
It is a good product, providing a good service, but if I can't print it without Adobe PDF Maker, then that is not good. I also don't like the fact that you have to get another Adobe product to print.
Score 10 out of 10
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We mainly utilize Adobe Sign for offer letters to potential employees. However we also use it for Leave of Absence paperwork or other paperwork that needs to be completed by an employee who is out of the office.
  • Email notifications
  • Status Updates - ability to send reminders
  • Easy to fill template
  • Autofill of Date of signature
  • Storage for emails that are used often
10. Adobe sign is very user-friendly and makes acquiring signatures a breeze. I would highly recommend to anyone working remotely or having to get signatures from people outside the office.
I have never had an issues where I had to contact Support.
SO EASY TO USE! Seriously, you upload an adobe PDF then drag the fields you need your signer to complete. You can make them mandatory or not.
Score 7 out of 10
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During the pandemic, it allows for online registration for new students and the collection of a signed registration form as required for funding. In addition, the mobile functionality was used by the majority of our families. Families also uploaded supporting documents (such as birth certificates) through this process.
  • Easy for families to use.
  • Documents scanned with phone are good quality.
  • Mobile completion important.
  • Collect the email first, to ensure family responds before they enter personal information.
  • Move the cookie banner so that it doesn't block the final step of the process (number one glitch for families).
  • Allow configuration of file size.
  • Worked well for registration, but adding logic was problematic.
  • Would be excellent for workflows (but not how we used it).
  • Contracts.
Developers found getting support frustrating - support for the business admin was better.
Like the fact you can use webforms, rather than emailing the form to individuals. The webhooks worked well.
Shanna Baty | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Adobe Sign to send legal documentation to our clients via email so that we may file cases for them immediately without delay. This helps curb the slippage we would experience when sending out paper retainers. Instead of waiting for the clients to receive a paper copy, sign it, and hope they send it back; we walk them the process of signing over the phone and get the documents back immediately.
  • It auto-fills client information into legal documents.
  • Clients only sign one time and signature is applied to all pages.
  • There is an electronic trail with dates documents are sent, received, and returned.
  • The home screen could be more simplified.
  • It seems like there are too many options for how to send the documents.
  • It's easier search tool to find documents that have already been sent or received.
Adobe Sign has made it easy for our clients to understand and sign our legal retainer documents. Because the documents are sent electronically via e-mail, we are able to sit on the phone with our client and explain each page as they scroll through and sign. They are able to sign on any kind of electronic device with their finger, stylus, etc.
Adobe Sign's support is easy to contact and they are quick with resolving issues.
I give Adobe Sign this rating due to its overall ease of use and managing documents. The website is set up for smooth navigation, organization of documents and workflows, and groups/teams. The features for sorting documents and managing staff with permissions to certain documents helps keep everything really organized and things can be searched by key words/tags/etc.
  • no training
Anytime I have needed to log into Adobe Sign it has been available. It is being used by all our departments (intake, case management, medical records) at all times of day/night. We share agreements and legal docs with one another with ease through adobe sign.
May 20, 2021

Industry standard

Score 8 out of 10
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We use it for signing contracts. Whereas we definitely use it here on the corporate development team, I know that it is used company wide for any contractual work we do with outside parties. It solves for our need for secure document exchange and legal verification.
  • I think the interface is fairly straightforward.
  • The document history (view, signature history, etc.) is very good.
  • Integration with Google Docs would be nice.
In any revenue or sensitive legal area of business I would recommend the software.
It's very easy to use.
Score 9 out of 10
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Adobe Sign is being used across the whole organization and it is being used to acquire signatures on company documents.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • Audit trail functionality needs to be improved.
Adobe Sign is well suited to acquire signatures from users within the company.
Good customer service.
User friendly.
Score 7 out of 10
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[Adobe Sign] is being used by the whole organization. Especially during the pandemic, when hard copy records were hard to access and people were offsite, Adobe Sign was a great tool that came in handy for signatures, approvals, and even training records. Since our training system transitioned to 100% manual, Adobe Sign made it more convenient to deal with all the training we had to process.
  • Many text box options like signature, name, date, initials, check box, etc
  • You can send reminders to people to sign
  • Different types of notices
  • User interface
  • Emails not being sent
  • Records not appearing in "Waiting for me to sign" for many people
  • Sending 1 template to many people at the same time for them to sign individually
Adobe Sign is great for legal records and tracking signatures that need audit trails and signature history. It's not suited for sending out records to over hundreds of people on a regular basis.
Generally they are good but there is this one open issue we are facing that they can't seem to troubleshoot. Recipients don't see the record in their "Waiting For Me to Sign" inbox even though it shows as sent from the Sender's side.
Their user interface could definitely be improved. It's a little hard to navigate and one you Hide a document, you can't get it back. Delete might be a better word since hide may indicate that it can be unhid.
Score 2 out of 10
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We need to secure rights contracts for films we want in our catalog. This involves getting busy executives to sign, which means the process needs to be as quick and simple as possible, with sensible reminder policies. We use it primarily in the asset acquisition department, but it is used in the investment side of the business.
  • Setting up and managing templates is reasonably easy
  • Reminders and status updates happen automatically and sleekly
  • The brand name gives confidence in the security of the system
  • Log-in. Unless you have saved the exact URL, it is very hard to find your way to it.
  • Support. There is little to no support available. If you click on "chat" from Sign you are taken to a service that doesn't provide help on Sign. Trying to get help takes a VERY long time.
If you are going to integrate Adobe Sign into a wider system, and you are going to become an expert who never needs to ask for help, it's a pretty good system.

If you are a small company that doesn't have the resources to have a single expert, and you need to get help on questions, there are better platforms.
The "chat" function in Adobe Sign takes you to a department that doesn't deal with Adobe Sign (they usually don't know Adobe Sign even exists!) A similar thing often happens when searching through the written documents... you get lots of hits telling you how to get documents signed using more expensive products, but very little about Adobe Sign... it seems like a bait-and-switch to get you to buy a more expensive product.
Adobe Sign is a rather intuitive, obvious platform, with few "weird" things to learn. If there were even rudimentary support, I would rate the platform MUCH higher. Logging in is a perennial headache... it is VERY hard to find the login screen if you don't have it signed.

Setting up and modifying templates is quite simple, and sending and tracking agreements is very easy.
Score 10 out of 10
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As an Account Executive I speak with prospects and when the time comes, send them over a document to be signed. For that workflow, we used Adobe Sign to complete those actions. It was an easy seamless set of steps that easily allowed the prospect to sign easily and ensure spots aren't missing. I liked using it a lot and only moved on from it when our company was acquired and we had to use the parent company's software.
  • It does the most important things well - easily lets you send out a document to be signed.
  • It easily allows you to sign the document. This is the most important area as prospects shouldn't have to scramble to find how to sign your contract.
  • Setting up the fields that need to be signed could be a bit easier. Honestly, for me, I was fine but for others who aren't as tech-savvy, they would get annoyed at inserting the proper signing instructions next to each place to be signed.
  • Would like it to be easier to send up who's email the signed copies go after signature. Sometimes I might not have sent the contract out, my manager has, and to include my email on there for someone who should receive a signed copy is not easy to set up.
Honestly, most of the top-tier signing software are very similar. Adobe Sign to me is probably second to DocuSign. For some reason, more people are just more comfortable with DocuSign but I have never had an issue with Adobe. It's a strong name and a strong brand. Nobody has ever huffed and puffed that they had to sign using Adobe. I have had people get annoyed when I sent via other software like HelloSign and other smaller names.
I give it a 10 cause I have never had the need for support for Adobe. The 10 is because they probably fixed all the issues early on and now don't have much of a need for support. Aside from some older/less tech-savvy people needing extra time to set up the document to be signed, Adobe has been great.
I love it. It's simple and why it's one of the better signing software. You can train someone on this in a few minutes. I don't know much else to say about that side of things. If there was more functionality, it would probably just make it more "busier" and less useful. The strength of software like this is the least amount of clicks possible to get you what you need.
Score 9 out of 10
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I believe Adobe Sign is used in more than one way in the larger organization. However, my specific use case involves using Adobe Sign to capture electronic signatures for internal job offers.
  • Supports collecting signatures in a specific order. This was a priority for us.
  • Allows for executed documents to be sent to both sender, signees and other interested parties.
  • Huge time saver! By electronically capturing signatures, turnaround for executing documents has decreased by several days.
  • 3 free signature requests per month are available through Adobe Reader (free software), but not through Adobe Acrobat Pro (paid version). As Acrobat is my default PDF software, it was highly inconvenient to access PDFs through Reader when I was initially testing Adobe Sign. Would recommend making the 3 free requests available through Acrobat Pro as well.
  • Analyzing fields for signatures, signature dates, etc. I do think this has actually improved recently, but there's always room for improvement.
  • Allow recipients of executed documents to be BCCed.
It is suited for basic agreements, offer documents, low volume form collection, etc. It is definitely useful if the organization already utilizes Adobe services so that team members would be comfortable with using it.

I don't know that it would be well suited for highly complex legal agreements which might be better suited to traditional wet signatures. I wouldn't recommend for high volume form completion where data needs to collated into a spreadsheet.
I'm giving it a 10, but I've never had to seek support for Adobe Sign. It's pretty easy to use. Not sure how to respond to this.
Overall usability is good. Easy for signees, quick option for signature capture.

Only main issue was that the 3 free test signatures is only available through Adobe Reader and not Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Score 9 out of 10
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Adobe Sign is used for multiple use cases across the whole organization. It is used internally for document approvals for (1) Production quality documents (2) FDA validation documents (3) Safety investigation documents (4) IT Business Requirements / Testing approvals (5) Finance (accounting) verification documents and (6) Purchase requisition approvals. It is also used with our external partners for (1) Statement of work agreements and (2) vendor lease agreements.
  • Adding signature, name, and date, etc are organized in a very intuitive way. It's very easy to prepare a document.
  • The provisioning to add data fields and options such as radio buttons, drop-down, etc is very useful for the healthcare industry as the regulatory documents more often need these provisions.
  • Tracking the document to understand the current status / with whom the document is pending, as well as sending follow-up requests is another useful feature that's well done.
  • "Waiting for You" documents, when they are stale or no longer valid, there should be an option to reject or cancel it
  • When sending a document for signature, the tool should by default ask for the signature fields. Currently, there is a tiny check box "Preview and add signature fields"- and one needs to check it. It's sometimes easy to miss this checkbox. If the purpose is to "request signature", not sure why this additional step of checking the box is needed.
  • When attaching a file from a computer, or converting the document, Adobe Sign often takes a while (sometimes more than 10 seconds) to pop up the file explorer window. Tool performance (speed of upload) has some room for improvement.
Adobe Sign is well suited for healthcare and finance industry which is governed by regulatory requirements that often need documentary proofs for various transactions. Features such as open text, radio buttons, drop downs suit well when, for example, we prepare a FDA validation document for documenting the test validation results and routing for signatures.
I give a rating of 9 due to the ease of use, the versatility of the tool in terms of covering various use cases, and the wide range of functionality in terms of availability of templates, forms, etc that makes the tool easy to use and applicable for numerous scenarios.
The tool is quite usable, as the steps to use it are very intuitively designed. For example, when preparing the document for signature routing, it takes the preparer through the signature info section, then the user info section, data section, etc. It covers a wide range of business cases such as Production quality documents, FDA validation documents, IT Business Requirements / Testing approval documents.
Score 8 out of 10
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We're primarily using Adobe Sign in order to execute legal contracts in as secure of a manner as possible. We've tried to limit the availability of Adobe Sign to just a few people in a couple of departments due to the relatively high cost of the product.
  • Adobe Sign has improved greatly in the last few years and has closed the gap considerably between itself and DocuSign.
  • While not as polished as DocuSign, it is still a slick experience overall, especially with recent improvements/simplification to UI.
  • Adobe Sign would benefit greatly from features beyond document editing. True document generation would go a long way to being more competitive in the marketplace
  • Additionally, the overall polish and ease of use when compared to DocuSign is not quite there. DocuSign just feels snappier and has less clicks overall.
  • Lastly, I think the software is quite expensive for what it is, and some of the thresholds you need to hit in terms of user base size + signed docs/month are unrealistic and unfeasible, depending on the size of your business.
Adobe Sign is a great companion to other apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem--specifically Acrobat DC. If you already have all of or portions of the Creative Cloud, it makes sense to also pull the trigger on Adobe Sign if 1) you are in need of a e-signature solution, and 2) you put a lot of stock into compatibility and can benefit from the integrated nature of Sign + other apps.

With more specific use cases, Adobe Sign is perfect for executing legal contracts.
Adobe Creative Cloud Support is, in general, quick and responsive. With specific regards to Sign, the support is generally outstanding. My experience with previous account executives have been warm and pleasant. They have been generally understanding of timelines and demonstrate a lot of grace and flexibility with scheduling calls and amending deadlines.

Adobe Sign is also generally low-maintenance, so we don't have many (if any) technical issues at all.
Not much to say on usability, other than it does everything as advertised and does them well. Recent UI improvements have made it a bit snappier and streamlined to bring it in line with the user experience offered by its main competitor, Docusign. The usability of integrations and seamlessly blending Adobe Sign with offerings in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader DC are great, as well.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Adobe Sign across the organization to complete paper work with external agencies, vendors and customers for legal contracts. This helps the entire company organize and store important paperwork in one tool. Finance teams own the tool and I work closely with them for signing agency/vendor paperwork and other event payments, etc.
  • The use case of the tool is critical for remote working
  • Very easy to access documents and to use by different teams within the company for day to day operations
  • Reminders are super helpful so that it avoids manual follow-ups with the individual
  • I would like to have more options to edit and make changes in the PDFs - currently very limited editing is available after I send for signature
  • Setting up an user is not as easy as it can be from an admin standpoint
  • Ability to change the second signer's email even if the first signer hasn't signed the document
It is critical for a remote selling environment. My organization uses it across different business units, finance/legal/marketing/sales. All important documents are all signed through this platform and it is easy for the finance team to manage vendor + customer paperwork in one place. I would highly recommend this as a day-to-day operations tool for collaborating across your organization on important documents.
Extremely helpful whenever as an admin I needed help. I have also raised a couple of things as bugs in the past with the support team and they have always shared a status update on fixing it which I highly value and appreciate in the software industry.
Great UI/UX. Love the feature where it shows click to sign and takes the user through the right spots for signature.
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall, as a user, this product has been great. Our Finance and Legal especially like how easy it is for use and the highly recommend this product. As a user myself I like how the AI scans the page and knows how to guide you through the docs as if you were filling it out on paper. It is used by almost all the departments including sales and H.R as well it is being used to acquire signatures on company documents.
  • Editing pdf files: helping you to pick any page within a huge document and add the signature required.
  • Easy to manage, share and distribute.
  • The way it interacts with you and tells you where to sign or fill text.
  • Easy of use.
  • Audit functionality could use improvement.
  • Customer service.
  • UI could use easier navigation.
  • Salesforce integration.
It is good for Sales teams and people who are on the field. I like the document cloud not only for itself but because of its roots in the Adobe Scan app. This is a very handy app that allows me to scan documents with my phone and save them straight to Adobe Document Cloud and then easily share them with whomever I need to. It is dfficult to cancel a form that needs to be recalled due to errors, especially once the signature process begins.
It takes ages to get ahold of customer support.
The product can be easy to use for basic functions of just getting people to sign a document. As soon as you start needing slightly more advanced features like witness signatures, or modifying an agreement after it has been sent it becomes a nightmare.

Score 7 out of 10
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We use Adobe Sign for all our contracts, so primarily our Sales teams. It allows us to have a faster-contracting process and avoids the issues of getting signatures on paper. This speeds up our sales process and increases our efficiency.
  • Once you have a template set up, repeated use is easy.
  • Dependable and accurate.
  • Security and trust is excellent.
  • It doesn't play well with Salesforce.
  • Cost is higher than some alternatives.
  • Can be complex to configure.
There are cheaper options, so if cost is a concern, I might go in a different direction. If Salesforce integration is a concern then consider DocuSign. Otherwise, Adobe Sign is flexible and can handle most e-signature needs.
I haven't really used their support but there is extensive documentation available. Probably better support and documentation than their cheaper competitors.
It is intuitive and easy to use. Setting up templates is more complicated, so we have one person set up the templates that other people use. Our customers find it easy to use, and the CC function is particularly helpful to make sure everyone who needs a copy gets one and stays informed as to the progress of the contract.
Score 6 out of 10
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In real estate, getting signatures in a timely manner is extremely important, crucial, and oftentimes, a headache. With Adobe Sign, we're able to offer our clients a way to sign documents in the comfort of their own home or on the go. It addresses the issue of getting things signed and sorted in a short period of time.
  • Simple request to sign visually.
  • Effective processing: not many issues with user feedback.
  • Best way to get things done on the go.
  • Better interface
  • Better marketability
  • Advanced integrations
If a company or individual requires a signature from another party to get something done in a short period of time, Adobe sign is the appropriate solution that will help its users get the necessary documentation without leaving their office, desk, or home. It can all be done on a mobile device which is what I personally prefer.
I support Adobe Sign since it is an effective software and interface. I use a lot of Adobe products like Adobe Pro for PDF editing, and it was very convenient to use the Adobe Sign program when you're accustomed to Adobe. However, I do wish there was better branding of Adobe Sign since a lot of my clients ask for DocuSign in particular and don't "trust" Adobe Sign mainly just because they've never used it.
It's super simple. I feel as if anybody could use Adobe Sign and be able to get their work done pretty efficiently. I just wish that the app didn't rely heavily on Adobe's integration as I personally think it would be better as a standalone product. It's pretty efficient for the most part so I don't have many complaints.
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Adobe Sign is utilized with various sectors of our business particularly in Finance and Procurement to speed up the process in which official documents that may require a signature can be processed. It is particularly useful for sensitive documents and helps us to provide customers and our supply chain with a speedy response
  • Its use on mobile devices is beneficial
  • Price
  • Usability
  • Colour scheme modification feature would be nice
  • Greater compatibility with other programs
  • A broader backwards compatibility
Adobe Sign is particularly well suited to the type of situation where a speedy response is needed and that requires a signature. It saves members of staff from printing hard copies of documents for the sole purpose of signing. There is also no requirement to then post or frank the letter
The overall support for Adobe Sign I find is very good. It is very easy to navigate to the help menu and on purchasing the software I was provided with all the relevant information that I may require plus contact details for help if this was ever required however it was relatively easy to get up and running
The overall usability of Adobe Sign is very positive with easy-to-navigate menus and controls and quick and easy help should you need this. Downloading and installing the software was quick and easy which is of particular advantage when you are responsible for the management of a large team
Score 9 out of 10
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In my role, I interact with Adobe Sign as the recipient of signed contracts. The system is beneficial because I receive notifications not only when I receive the signed contract but more importantly when it goes out for signature within my customer. This is an extremely helpful insight so I can keep my sales leadership informed that a deal is out for signature. (My procurement cycles are lengthy, so just because I sent a customer a contract doesn't mean it's "out for signature.") There could be other ways that my organization uses Abode Sign, but this is my use of it.
  • Notifying when a contract goes out for signature
  • Ease of downloading signed document
  • Ease of routing for approvals
  • Improve ease of rerouting if the approval chain changes
  • Improve visibility of who is cc'd when a contract goes out for signature
  • Recommend cc'ing any external parties (AI?)
Adobe Sign is well-suited for routing documents internally that need multiple approvals before being signed. Adobe Sign is also excellent for generating electronic signatures, collecting timestamps, and routing the finished document back to not only the internal stakeholders but also any relevant external parties.
I've only had seamless experiences and thus haven't had to connect with Adobe Sign support.
Adobe Sign is intuitive. I never had to be trained to use it. I simply understood how to navigate the notifications I received.
Score 9 out of 10
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Adobe Sign has proved a very useful tool for both ourselves and our customers. Before but especially during the pandemic when personal contacts were heavily restricted, it was very convenient to be able to have certain important documents securely and electronically signed. Those who have used it find it easy and convenient.
  • Sign or get documents sign quickly and securely
  • Adding signatures to documents in various ways
  • Documents signed with Adobe Sign are 100% legal
  • More integration with other software / solutions would be welcome
We often use Adobe Sign to get documents signed by people who we seldom or never meet in person, or colleagues who are on holiday or sick leave but need to formally approve things. By doing so, we avoid delays in decision-making and ensure business continuity.
Fortunately, we haven't had to call in support for Adobe Sign very often. In those cases where we ran into some kind of trouble, we were able to get the answers and solutions we needed within a reasonable timeframe, but there's always room to facilitate access to the Adobe helpdesk and reduce problem resolution time.
Adobe Sign is very easy to use. It's simple and gets the job done. Users need very little explanation to start working with the software. Almost everyone I know who has used Adobe Sign is pleased with its functions.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Adobe Sign across multiple depts. to help with contracts. This speeds up our customer interactions and gives us status of where we are in the transaction process. Before using Adobe Sign we didn't know where the contract might be slowed in the process, from sales manager to customer. But now we have full visibility to how things are progressing.
  • Accountability.
  • Ease of use.
  • Digitize a formerly paper transaction.
  • We are happy with its functionality.
  • No changes.
  • The way the payment structure is based on groups of 500 cases can be frustrating.
It works for tracking a contract process or taking the wet ink need to get a contract signed. Also it helps with pointing out specific clauses in the contract where the customer needs to review closely or sign again with their approval. This system doesn't work well for people who haven't embraced modern transaction technology and want a face to face contract.
I had a hard time getting my contract signed because I was being forced to buy more than we needed. It took explaining there are lots of competitors I could go to other than Adobe to get this thru to them to be accommodating to my request. So yes that was annoying.
I have already covered this in the previous questions.

What is Adobe Sign?

Adobe Sign lets users send, sign, manage, and store documents and forms with trusted, legal electronic signatures. It keeps business moving from anywhere, with signing of documents, requesting signatures, and process tracking from web and mobile devices as well as inside applications used every day. Customers can sign with e-signatures or compliant cloud signatures on desktop or mobile with no downloads or signups required. Users can build repeatable document and workflow templates to get consistent results from everyone on the user's team. The vendor states Adobe Sign goes beyond signatures, helping users achieve 100% paperless processes, including form creation, collaboration and a variety of document approval types.

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Send, sign, manage and archive documents with 100% legal e-signatures. Collecting e-signatures is as easy as swipe and tap with Adobe Sign. Sign from any device. Legally binding. Works with multiple apps. extremely cost-effective.

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This video provides an overview of new and improved Adobe integrations with Microsoft applications - enabling richer collaboration and streamlined productivity, new secure e-signature scenarios, and creative asset sharing. Integrations featured include Adobe Sign Live Signing in Teams, Adobe Sign and Power Automate, Adobe Acrobat in Teams, Adobe Acrobat for Power Automate and SharePoint/OneDrive, and Adobe Creative Cloud in Teams.
This case study video demonstrates has how Adobe Sign has been used by the Warriors. To have signatures captured electronically and integrated with the Warriors' CRM systems have been invaluable for Warriors fans and staff.

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Acrobat Pro DC with advanced e-sign$19.99user/per month (requires annual commitment)
PDF Pack with e-sign$14.99user/month

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Small Businesses (1-50 employees)10%
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Enterprises (more than 500 employees)30%

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Deployment TypesSaaS
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What is Adobe Sign's best feature?

Reviewers rate Availability and Performance and Implementation Rating highest, with a score of 10.

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The most common users of Adobe Sign are from Mid-size Companies and the Computer Software industry.