Second go around with Slack not so good, why do we use this thing?
Updated November 08, 2019

Second go around with Slack not so good, why do we use this thing?

Jason Smith, DPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Well we are on our second go around with Slack. We implemented it many years ago but it fizzled out. About a year ago we resurrected the product. I just don't know about how it fits in to our enterprise. There are some areas that use it a lot to keep track of say network or SaaS issues which are timely in nature. However there are others who just don't need to use it for much. I would say there is about 20% of our division that uses it actively. Unfortunately, much of the other 80% sees it as an annoyance. Furthermore, some of the 20% that uses it seems to think that they need to communicate what they say on Slack in a duplicate manner via email or vice versa.
  • It duplicates other services that we already have really well. For example, Yammer, our LMS, and other general communications tools.
  • I like that you can add pictures.
  • It is sort of retro, like ICQ.
  • Totally annoying and disruptive to getting anything done.
  • Seems to go down the most out of all our cloud services, and we got a bunch of them.
  • The UI is just bad. Not intuitive.
  • Not a good value.
  • All Slack is happens to be another communications tool. There are lots of them out there. This one for some reason has gained traction.
  • It is mostly a waste of time because it duplicates other tools and also duplicates communication. Don't send me the same message via email, slack, CRM, and a web page. Just stupid. We don't speak four different languages at work, face to face, for the hell of it. Why do we do this in the way we communicate digitally?
  • Slack tends to be unavailable or "goes down" quite a bit. Not good for a tool for which folks relay on to get the important news out.
Well we get Yammer with the Office 365 pack. So, Yammer is paid for and integrates well with Office. MS Office 365 does not have the type of ridiculous service interruptions that Slack seems to experience. Yammer does all the same stuff but without the bad user interface. I did not select Slack, some Slack fan boy did. I hope its usage will slowly fade away. We are on round 2 of using Slack.
Well there is not much to support so what else would you give it? Actually, I think that Slack deserves the above rating because it seems to go down and become inaccessible for a variety of reasons. It always seems that these outages are not explained and that kind of leaves you wondering.

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Slack would be well suited if you had a development team in Mongolia and another one in France and they did not have to talk to each other a whole lot. Slack would be a good record of fact on what might be going on between the groups. It can keep track of things, almost like a log of human interactions.

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