SmartRecruiter has potential - just not there yet.
Updated January 20, 2017

SmartRecruiter has potential - just not there yet.

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SmartRecruiters is used across the organization by recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers. It's our corporate ATS. [It] enables us to track and manage our requisitions, communicate with candidates, collect feedback, advertise positions. The only business problem I see it addressing well is collecting resumes and posting jobs. Other than that, it's a pain in the neck to use.
  • Posting jobs
  • Advertising jobs
  • Where to start: the ability to communicate with a candidate who has applied to multiple jobs on a per job basis. You can only communicate with a candidate one job at a time. The "Leads" category is basically useless.
  • The ability to create professionally crafted email templates is challenging as very few fields are available to insert in to the email templates.
  • The workflow is anti-productive. Very few things you can do enmasse, like changing a status for multiple candidates.
  • Navigation between candidates and requisitions is cumbersome and in some cases, impossible. When you have to use a "back button" to get to where you where you want to go or if you have to return to the "home page" to navigate to area that's not available on your current page, or if it takes 5 plus clicks to navigate quickly, you know that navigation is not well thought out.
  • Search capability is very limited and the results are very poor, gotten to point that I don't use it to search for skills. Even searching names can be challenging. The ability filter on multiple categories of data is limited.
  • Analytics are very poor. Requisitions that have been filled still show as "open"
  • The ability to pull up a closed requisition and see an overview of the candidate process is not an option. You can't see how many candidates were applied, screened, interviewed, hired. All you can see who is hired and who is rejected. You have to leave the candidate in the final status and not reject them to keep them in the last stage that the candidate went through. If you reject them, then they are categorized as rejected and you are unable to see at what stage the candidate was rejected without going to the candidate's record and reviewing the notes. This is pretty standard capability in most ATS I've used over the years.
  • I could spend all day on this... but this is enough.

There isn't a day that goes that I don't get candidates emailing me twice because they don't have confidence that I'm getting their communications via the smartrecruiters email system. Other applicant systems show the email address of the recruiter, but SmartRecruiters responds with a very long reply email address "50+ numbers, symbols and letters"

This doesn't give candidates comfort that they are responding to a human, but to a system.

In scheduling candidates, the email template doesn't allow you to have inserted a more professional display of the interview date and time: here's the sample: Fri, 20-Jan-17 11:45 AM PST. While this isn't bad, it's not how you would normally write it in the US. for example, I'd like to see this displayed as: Friday, Jan 20, 2017, at 11:45 am PST. It looks automated.

Only a few hiring managers use SmartRecruiter. I give a tutorial to each hiring manager when I start a new requisition, whenever possible. Most ignore it. It's not intuitive. I get complaints on the scheduling application. I can't copy a hiring manager on an email to a candidate, I can only blind copy the hiring manager on email communications. There's a long list of how communicating with hiring managers could be improved including reporting.
  • I'm not a manager, so I can't answer this question.
I didn't select SmartRecruiters. Lever has better search, communication, and candidate management interfaces. Sonic has great customability. Jobscore workflow is intuitive and very easy to use. Jobvite's candidate experience is top notch. Taleo's metrics and reporting are very good. I would not choose SmartRecruiters if I needed to buy an ATS. There are better systems out there. I will say that they are trying and the product is continuing to improve, but it's not there yet for larger organizations.
Start ups that don't care about process, scalability, user experience, candidate experience, or metrics. In other words, this system is fine for a small company that isn't doing a lot of hiring with 1 or 2 people using it. Functionality is not at the level for more complex recruiting organizations or where metrics is key.

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