SQL Developer is a decent, free tool
April 06, 2019

SQL Developer is a decent, free tool

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle SQL Developer

It is being used throughout the organization to connect to Oracle Databases that are on premise. It creates an easy way to connect to an Oracle Database without having to install an Oracle client. It is nice to use in inserting data elements into tables from an Excel spreadsheet rather than having to write insert statements. The user interface is nice for SQL query writing and drilling into table structures where you can see the indexes, data columns, the script that makes a view, etc.
  • Export SQL results to a spreadsheet. After a query is run, you are able to export the results to a spreadsheet
  • Easily preview data columns on an Oracle table or view and the metadata on those columns.
  • SQL Editor is color-coded so that you can tell easily what are keywords.
  • You can set up SQL code templates to be able to use shortcut keys to format your SQL query easily in a readable format that you prefer.
  • Memory sorting feature would be great, which SQL developer doesn't have. Basically, after you get results from your query the memory sort feature caches your results into memory and then you are able to sort your columns/filter data results without having to rerun your query.
  • Easily be able to make your SQL editor screen zoomed in or zoomed out when showing your code in SQL developer with an easy hotkey rather than having to go into the SQL editor properties to change the font size.
  • It would be nice to be able to view schemas, views, tables, and sequences easier. Maybe some kind of dropdown that could help navigate these options when there is a connection to the database.
  • Great tool for new data analysts to use to connect to our Oracle Databases easily.
  • It is nice that it is free to use for our enterprise and that our company doesn't have to pay for it to use it.
  • It is nice to use to write Oracle SQL queries and then use those queries in analytic/business intelligence tools. It is easier to format queries in SQL developer and run them, rather than using an editor like Notepad++ and not being able to run your query.
I have started to use Toad for Oracle recently because it is easier to sort and filter results, due to their memory sort feature that puts the results from your query in memory so that you don't have to rerun your query. I have used SQL Developer to easily update records in tables that I need to fix. I haven't found an easy way to do this in Toad other than writing SQL insert statements.
It is fairly simple to use for new users or beginners in their SQL knowledge. It is easy to install and use to connect quickly to an Oracle Database. Great options for formatting your SQL code. I appreciate the reserved words being in a different color. It is hard to dig into your data with sorts and filters easily without having to rerun the SQL query. Sometimes this is painful when you have a long running query that you want to sort or filter and it then reruns the long-running query to make that happen