Ask about the Cancellation Policy!
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March 20, 2019

Ask about the Cancellation Policy!

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Overall Satisfaction with TeamViewer

Currently, TeamViewer is being used for employee training and support, as well as information management.

I started out loving this service. I thought the price was high, but I needed the ease of remoting into multiple computers to keep my business afloat. End of the year comes, and I get a bill for $500 USD to renew. Ugh. It’s still expensive, but now I've become dependent. Then, low and behold they run a special offering the same service for 299.00 for the new upgrade. Excited to save money, (as most small businesses are) I jumped on the opportunity. I informed the salesmen that I had a bill to renew for the new year and asked specifically if this bill would be removed. I was told that if I purchased the new update that the $500 bill would be removed from my account and the new bill of $299.00 would be my bill for 2019. After 2 hours of trying to figure out how to make the discount code work so that I can pay and download the new version, I was told that they had to figure the glitch out and never got a callback. A couple of weeks later I notice that the service has been disconnected. I figure, fine, if they can't give me what was promised then I don't want it anyway. I move on with my life, leaving the software on my computer just in case the offer goes through or they offer another discount.

Well, much to my surprise, I get a very snarky credit collections bill threatening to dispatch legal in America if I don't pay it. I figure I will call the company and try to work something out. After all, I haven't used the service since the botched promotion, surely, they would understand and have notes of the entire interaction. We'll both call it an oversight, I will pay a fair amount of the bill and maybe continue service.

The resolution? I had to pay for a full year of service, yup, another $500.00, and then had to verbally cancel my service for the end of the year so they didn't charge my card again. After receiving payment, they offered to send my call to a supervisor. I declined. They already had my payment, they obviously did not care about saving the business relationship, and their sales made no notes to ensure satisfactory customer service. They did offer a discount for 2020 and 2021 in an email, but honestly, I have lost trust in the company so I passed.

  • Initial set-up assistance.
  • Remote viewing capabilities are limited but perfect for my needs.
  • Ease of installation and system initiation (for an IT person).
  • Sales team doesn't keep notes on customer interactions.
  • Cancellation and renewal policies are hard to find.
  • Customer service policies, (not the employees), seem to be targeted toward payments and not reconciliation or customer satisfaction.
  • Positive, it helped me with training and on-boarding.
  • Price is high for one-user.
  • Customer service policies are not geared to customer retention.
  • I'm now doing research to find, learn and train on a new platform in the future. Our license is good until the end of the year so I will be paying two bills as I cannot train on a system that will be canceled at the end of the year.
TeamViewer was the first remote system that I have used. When I purchased the license in 2017, reviews were favorable for what I needed. Their lack of good customer service policies will force me to venture out. It seems this may be a blessing in disguise as the current reviews of their upgrades are not coming across well for growing companies.

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Screen sharing
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Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
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Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
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Remote management of servers & workstations
Remote Active Directory® management
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Centralized management dashboard
Session record
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Monitoring and Alerts
Multi-platform remote control