TimeForce I Version 2.9 - \7/10 over Six Years by Jeff.
February 11, 2014

TimeForce I Version 2.9 - \7/10 over Six Years by Jeff.

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TimeForce (legacy)

Overall Satisfaction with iSolved Time (formerly TimeForce)

I am the Systems Administrator & Software Engineer for a family owned retail company located in central Pennsylvania. We have four remote retail locations and one corporate location. I personally manage a dedicated Windows server that runs the TimeForce and Attendance software which is accessed throughout our entire organization via the web interface.

Users are separated by department based on there remote location (Named by city or area) with two TimeForce supervisors in each location to manage individual users punches. We have utilized the system for over 6 years with an all around solid performance. Three years ago we moved from the card reader system to the web interface due to the fact that computers are freely available to each associate and in general it is as simple as logging in and click 'In/Out' for the user.

The main features that we use are of course time and attendance tracking, employee accruals, and at the end of our pay period the Employee Hours Summary. Thus far there has not been a discussion as to researching alternative Time and Attendance software.
  • The ability to customize user security rights is extremely valuable. The ability to create new or even modify existing user rights allows us complete flexibility as to who can control what, who, and how. This is important to us as everything in use at our company is very flexible and custom, which makes the TimeForce system fit right in.
  • The time card system itself has been thus far flawless. It has accounted for the leap year and daylight savings each year. Punch errors, Holiday, Vacation, Sick time is all easily viewed with a glance at the screen.
  • The reporting features of TimeForce are outstanding. There are far more reports available than we have needed. But at the same time anytime a user has thought 'it would be nice to see this' we have found it listed in the Reports section of the web interface.
  • I believe the installation of the Card Reader systems is a bit difficult. From my last experience there were third party hardware and software requirements, along with a second piece of software with TimeForce. It was not something we were able to complete on our own and had to contact QQest for support.
  • The scheduling system inside the web interface is a bit difficult to use. We have talked in the past about putting the system to use for scheduling purposes and retiring an older solution, but it is not something our HR department has found easily navigable. We are in the process of providing them with QQest training documentation.
  • I am sure there are changes to the newer version of TimeForce II, but from my experience on TimeForce I (2.9) and being a software engineer / UI designer, I believe that the system could have a less complex-look and feel to it. At times all the options available at once do tend to become somewhat cumbersome.
  • TimeForce has had a huge benefit in keeping track of overtime hours for our company. It has a great reporting feature that allows you to see who is nearing currently nearing overtime.
  • It has made it a breeze to keep track of employee accruals and usage. Everything is automatically generated and easily renewed at the beginning of the year, keeping track of what was used and what is still available.
  • All punches are audited along with information on what system sent the time clock entry, which makes it great to monitor accuracy and protect in the rare case of false punches.
We have not used other Time and Attendance software except a scheduling system called Scheduler (Custom developed for our business).
I haven't had the need to research other solutions as I have always been comfortable with the product itself as well as the support that you receive from QQest. Help is literally a phone call away and maintenance contracts are well worth the purchase price, especially in the even of an upgrade.
If a colleague was interested in making the TimeForce purchase I would ask them to make sure they have a use for most, if not all of the functionality the system offers.

Are you going to use it to track employee accruals, wage information, and as a scheduling system?
Have you decided if you are going with the hosted cloud solution or localized system? If localized you are responsible for the server.
If it is a local solution and they have remote locations - do they have a network setup and in place for users to communicate with your remote server?
How many employees does your company have? I would not recommend TimeForce to a small company, in my opinion it is better suited for a company with 40-50 plus employees.

Using iSolved Time (formerly TimeForce)

The system works, period. QQest support is extremely knowledgeable of their product. In the very few times I have contacted them (mostly for updates) I allow them to remote in and the problem is fixed or the application is upgraded within the hour.

I have not run into any errors with the system, it has performed bug-free (at-least to the user) for the entire six years that I have managed the system. The only issues that we encountered and needed support where in the event of a software upgrade.

One thing I might consider a negative is the cost of the Microsoft SQL Server product needed at your cost in order to run the TimeForce software (if localized). Currently we are considered using the hosted solution at our next upgrade point.

We don't have to renew until we are ready to upgrade, but we always have support available which is nice.

iSolved Time (formerly TimeForce) Implementation

QQest support and engineering team is great - basically a few clicks of next, one call to QQest and the software was ready for use.
Change management was minimal
  • Microsoft SQL Server - Default TimeForce user password was unknown to me, had to contact support. Problem resolved quickly.

Using iSolved Time (formerly TimeForce)

Like to use
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • The punching system is basically two clicks for the end user, which is as simple as you can get.
  • The administrative tab is surprisingly easy to understand with very well written descriptions.
  • The report tab is extremely easy to navigate and understand, it generally has whatever report you are looking for listed in order based on groups.
  • Scheduling system is a bit difficult to navigate, end users were confused.
Overall for the end user it is easy to navigate and use. Whenever you get into scheduling and administrative it gets a tad cumbersome.