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Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact…

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isolved is a SaaS-based, cloud-resident Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that provides Payroll, HR, Benefits Administration, Time & Attendance, Talent Management and Compliance. Employers have the ability to schedule an upcoming shift, view overtime levels, run a customized…


Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact…

YourCause CSRconnect

CSRconnect is a SaaS-based platform that is a fully hosted and managed solution used to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives, along with helping grants administrators manage corporate and foundation philanthropic programs. It supports global programs…


Chezuba is SaaS platform enabling corporations to build, execute and measure employee volunteering and employee giving programs.

Alaya by Benevity

Alaya, now from Benevity since the December 2021 acquisition, is a platform that helps companies to build a purpose-driven culture and engage employees to make an impact, one act at a time. The solution aims to enable experiences that bring out the human side of work, so that companies…

Bright Funds

Bright Funds, headquartered in Oakland, helps companies of all sizes multiply their impact through their eponymous corporate social responsibility platform. For nearly a decade, Bright Funds has been connecting people to purpose with their employee giving, volunteering and grants…


The GivePulse platform is a platform with tools to manage and understand all forms of community engagement activity. GivePulse includes an accessible platform via web browsers as well as mobile apps on iOS and Android devices to enable critical actions and processes from a preferred…


KindLink, from the company of the same name in London, is presented as a platform where businesses and charities connect and manage their corporate social responsibility, fundraising, volunteering, donor CRM, and measure and share their sustainability impact.

Spark by Benevity

Spark by Benevity is workplace and corporate charity software that allows business users to manage open-choice online giving, gift matching and volunteering. Benevity was founded in 2008 and is based in Calgary, Canada.

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WeSpire’s employee engagement software is a platform in the ESG tech market that embeds purpose and impact into company culture by bringing together the four key areas of ESG strategy: social impact, sustainability, wellbeing, and DEI. The solution helps companies improve retention…

Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising

Fundraising volunteer managers are expected to continuously grow donation amounts and hit increasingly challenging participation rates. Blackbaud Volunteer Network Fundraising helps users to build out project management, communication, and reporting capabilities to meet any goals.…

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Millie is a workplace giving platform from the company headquartered in Boston, designed to make charitable giving fun, accessible and impactful. The vendor's mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to start and grow workplace giving programs with a personalized experience…

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Swoovy is a volunteering platform that helps organizations and employees find volunteer opportunities and connect with people through shared interests. They support corporate employee volunteer programs through increasing employee engagement and impact tracking.

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A solution to create and scale an organization’s purpose-driven culture. Selflessly provides software and data for workforces so users can donate, volunteer, match and create community impact together.Selflessly helps HR leaders create giving & volunteer initiatives that help…

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Vee provides a social network platform for tracking employee volunteer activities.

Bonterra Volunteerism

A solution to encourage employees and extended community to get involved. Realize global impact with virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities managed all in one place, accessible to administrators, employees, and nonprofit partners. Whether volunteerism is embedded into the…

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iGiv-XN is a SaaS solution that integrates with payroll automation and HRMS to allow employees to support causes they care about. iGiv-XN offers donation matching, hyperlocal missions, and GDPR-compliant security. The software aims to help companies to drive social change while enhancing…

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Engage-XN is an engagement platform leverages the power of volunteering to create Enhanced Positive Employee Experience (EPEx), with the goal of increasing productivity, brand amplification, and creating a heightened sense of belonging. The platform provides access to End-to-End…

Thrive Platform

Thrive develops software solutions to meet the needs of modern corporate responsibility (CR), social value and ESG professionals. Their digital tools are designed in collaboration with industry professionals and with the benefit of partnerships with industry organisations such as…

Learn More About Corporate Volunteering Platforms

What are Corporate Volunteering Platforms?

Corporate Volunteering Platforms centralize an organization’s volunteering efforts and initiatives. Corporate Volunteering Platforms offer ways to plan, organize, and manage programs and events, as well as recruit participants, attendees, or donors. Products in this category also offer tools for managing recurring events, measuring event performance, communicating with organizers, scheduling volunteers, and connecting with new or existing partners..

Corporate Volunteering Platforms are an effective way to attract, maintain, and retain talent within an organization because they allow organizations to invest in the personal and professional interests of their employees. They also effectively expand an organization's network by connecting organizations with similar interests and goals. Finally, they provide a centralized location to manage initiatives, allocate volunteers, and recruit participants or donors.

Corporate Volunteering Platforms combine the volunteering initiative management facets of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Software with the ground-level retention-oriented aspects of Employee Engagement Software. The major factor that distinguishes Corporate Volunteering Platforms from these categories is its focus on creating organic volunteering campaigns guided by employee interests and skills.

Corporate Volunteering Platforms Features

The most common Corporate Volunteering Platforms features are:

  • Sign-up form creation
  • Online application creation and management
  • Volunteer information management
  • External partner information management
  • Schedule management and hours tracking
  • Event advertisement asset creation
  • Campaign request management
  • Volunteer and attendee check-in management
  • Impact performance and efficiency measurement tools
  • Volunteering skill training and management
  • Third-party workflow management integration tools
  • Donation matching automation
  • Gamification tools and milestone tracking
  • Remote and in-person participant check-in
  • Mobile app

Corporate Volunteering Platforms Comparison

When choosing the best Corporate Volunteering Platforms for you, consider the following:

Volunteer personalization tools. Effectively adopting a Corporate Volunteering Platform may hinge on the product’s ability to focus on the volunteers themselves. While almost all volunteering platforms manage volunteer profiles, different platforms offer various tools to individualize and empower volunteers and participants. This can include volunteer-led campaign requests, skill inventories, or employee self-scheduling.

Volunteer training. Corporate Volunteering Platforms can be especially impactful if they offer ways to train employee volunteers. By offering these features, employees are more likely to feel like their organizations are investing in them, which in turn increases employee retention and satisfaction. Each platform varies in its volunteer training tools, ranging from video and assessment modules to mentorship services. The one that works best for your organization may depend on the number of employees or your organization’s values.

External partner services. Corporate Volunteering Platforms can provide businesses a powerful avenue to include community or nonprofit organizations in their networks. Many Corporate Volunteering Platforms offer features that allow businesses to find organizations or charities relevant to their volunteer initiatives, with some products offering consultation services that connect businesses directly with parties interested in their campaigns. The way these tasks are accomplished varies between products, so consider which services you’ll need.

Pricing Information

Corporate Volunteering Platforms are priced according to feature and service package plans created for each customer. Most vendors offer trials and demonstrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Corporate Volunteering Platforms do?

Corporate Volunteering Platforms help create, plan, organize, and recruit for volunteering events.

What are the benefits of using Corporate Volunteering Platforms?

Corporate Volunteering Platforms can help centralize employees by allowing them to lead or contribute to charity or volunteer efforts, which in turn increases employee retention. They can also be used to expand professional networks between organizations.

How much do Corporate Volunteering Platforms cost?

Corporate Volunteering Platforms create pricing plans based on included services or features. Vendors offer free trials and demos.