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User Review: "TOPdesk as a service desk tool"
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November 23, 2018

User Review: "TOPdesk as a service desk tool"

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Overall Satisfaction with TOPdesk

At my organization we use TOPdesk as the service desk tool for all IT calls. We also use TOPdesk as our CMDB. TOPdesk is used only by the IT-department. Although we have looked into implementing TOPdesk for usage in another Department (our info desk) they decided to use another tool.

For the IT department TOPdesk fulfills it's role as a service desk tool and CMDB. We have all the businesses we support listed and their hardware in the CMDB. And hardware and user are linked.
9 - TOPdesk is ebing used solely by the IT department in our company. We have tried implemeniting it at another department, but they currently use another tool.
  • TOPdesk is very good in automating emails.
  • All user questions can be routed through TOPDesk.
  • Powerfull CMDB.
  • Ease of editing the CMDB.
  • Mailing updates to customers with a one click button (though that might be a local (lack of) configuration).
  • Timer for working on tickets.
  • Automate ticket registering.
  • Prioritizing the ticket flow.
  • Search option to find calls which have gone through multiple operators.
There wasn't a real comparison. TOPDesk was already used. When the question arose to either continue with TOPDesk or use another product, the dicision was made after a brief glabnce at the competitor, as time was scarse and not sufficient to implement another tool. So this was an easy vistory for TOPdesk.
Support is knowledgable and helps with any issue you have in TOPdesk. Our application manager always seems to find little things that don't work as he expected. And when he contacts support he is always serviced very quickly.
We use TOPdesk for Incident Management. And it is well suited for this task. Though it is important that the whole team uses the tool in the same way, to keep all incidents in the tooling. But the ability in TOPdesk to pick up mail makes it easy if a co-worker mails outside of the tool. Add the ticket number to the mail and drag it into the mail folder used to sync and the answer is added to the right ticket.

TOPdesk Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
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Service restoration
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Self-service tools
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Subscription-based notifications
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ITSM collaboration and documentation
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ITSM reports and dashboards
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Configuration mangement
Asset management dashboard
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Policy and contract enforcement
Change requests repository
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Change calendar
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Service-level management
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