Mellow Management with Trello
March 10, 2016

Mellow Management with Trello

Michael Sypes | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Trello

We use Trello within our IT department. It is a great tool for planning out projects and tracking their progress. It has a simple intuitive interface and makes it easy for users to organize plans and communicate with each other as they proceed. It's not the only tool we use, but it is a favorite.
  • Easy visual organization of overall tasks
  • Straightforward intuitive ways to dive into more detail per task
  • Handy communication tools among group members
  • Checklists for tracking progress
  • Tagging system for tasks/cards
  • No way to track time on tasks
  • Communication within cards is easily overlooked from a higher perspective/view
  • No built in way to track history/progress as a project moves forward
  • Trello has proven a good method for initial planning of projects within our team
  • Better than snapshots of whiteboard plans
  • Reasonable tracking of progress through tasks
Trello is very good for communicating plans between developers and management. It's much better than my memories of Pivotal Tracker, tries to provide better tools for agile methodology, but I found it rather difficult to use well. For initial planning within our team we use Trello, and for communications and external tracking of tasks and projects with the rest of the company we use ServiceNow, which provides the bulk of our tracking of incidents, projects, tasks, change management, etc. I've used Acunote for personal projects because I like the way it helps me organize, plot, and track my time for projects, which Trello isn't designed to do.
Trello is great for small groups, or even for individuals, looking for an easy way to plan and organize projects. For larger teams, it may become a zoo of cards and communication threads. Also, Trello does not have tools for managing time on projects, so you can't easily project expected time, nor track actual time for tasks. There are no burndown measurements for establishing sprints and that sort of thing.

Trello Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Not Rated
Gantt Charts
Not Rated
Not Rated
Workflow Automation
Not Rated
Team Collaboration
Support for Agile Methodology
Not Rated
Support for Waterfall Methodology
Not Rated
Document Management
Not Rated
Email integration
Not Rated
Mobile Access
Not Rated
Timesheet Tracking
Not Rated
Change request and Case Management
Not Rated
Budget and Expense Management
Not Rated
Not Rated
Not Rated
Project & financial reporting
Not Rated
Integration with accounting software
Not Rated

Using Trello

20 - Eight people in my immediate IT group use Trello regularly. We are programmers, database specialists, a business analyst, and a team lead. We also have additional outside folks weigh in on projects as needed, e.g., marketing or finance, depending on the project goals. Other units within the company may be using Trello as well.
There are no special skills required to use Trello. It has a very intuitive interface, so it is easy to poke around, become familiar with its tools and use right away. The options available also make it fairly easy to use specific items according to your own preferences, such as color tags.
  • Initial project planning
  • Group communication
  • Tracking progress
I'm not in charge of such a decision, but I am sure that we will continue to use Trello for the same purposes we have in the past.

Using Trello

Trello is ridiculously simple to use. Its user interface is well designed. Buttons and labels are clear, so you can tell at glance what something means. Plus, it's easy to back out of anything if you don't like what you've done, so there is no fear of messing things up unintentionally.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creating task cards and organizing into groups as desired
  • Making checklists
  • Communication at the project and task level
  • Tracking time is nearly impossible
  • No history to see how a plan has changed over time