Why Trust TrustRadius Reviews
August 09, 2018

Why Trust TrustRadius Reviews

Victoria Hoete-Dodd | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I was researching different Content Marketing Systems to find the right fit for our company. We are looking to boost the reach of the quality content we publish on blockchain technology and associated platforms and companies. My role in this research was to choose the system we will use and present it to the founding partners.
  • To compare products
  • To validate vendor claims
  • To find evidence to support my recommendation to colleagues or my client
  • To see what other users think of the product I am currently using
Reading other user reviews about the various options I found is very useful. I was able to get overviews of CMS product pros and cons and also to determine if a particular product is actually right for our company's needs. Sometimes it is too easy to get caught up in the advertising hype and it is grounding to read real reviews.
When looking for a review I want one that not only highlights the pros of a product, but also details what wasn't quite right, or what can be improved in the product. Reviews that gloss over the negatives are not as useful. Also, to understand real use cases of the product is extremely valuable.
The value of having an honest review of a product is huge! Without a review, you have to go by the advertiser's views which, for obvious reasons, are skewed towards making you think the product is exactly what you need. It is important to have unbiased opinions.


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  • More product details
  • Official TrustRadius review on products
I also used other review sites as suggested by Google and read a couple of blogs on the two particular CMS products I managed to narrow my list down to. When used in conjunction with TrustRadius reviews you are able to get a more complete picture of the products in question.
One of the main differences I have noticed is that the different categories on the review pages are split into separate tabs. With many other review sites, I have used all of the information is on one, continuously loading page. The tabs are handy in that you can view the information you need to without having to skim through information which might not be of use to you.
I would recommend TrustRadius as a source of user reviews as it is obvious the reviews are from real people, not just fake ones to boost products sales. My advice for other users would be to not just skim the reviews and only read the pros and cons but to actually read the detailed descriptions as they can provide valuable insight into use cases.


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