Just Trust TrustRadius!
June 16, 2021

Just Trust TrustRadius!

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

We utilized TrustRadius when looking into Sales automation tools, specifically for Salesforce automation. My role was to evaluate software and deliver my findings to the decision makers. I was directly involved in the search, evaluation, and review of the tools we were looking at.

We were looking at software like Scratchpad and Dooly. We ultimately went with Scratchpad.
  • Very user-friendly site
  • Great "snack-sized" reviews at the fore-front with more detailed reviews if you wish to look into a review further
  • Independent reviews from people across different businesses, from SMB to Enterprise, to different industries. Great to see how others are using it.
  • Hard to say. It's a pretty good site. TrustRadius is straightforward. You come to the site looking for reviews and comparisons and that is exactly what you get.
Transparency about pricing is a big thing nowadays. I find that if I can't find any details about pricing directly from the vendor, I'm a lot less likely to want to look at their software. What if I go through the whole evaluation process, get to know and like the software, only to be hit with a pricetag that I can't justify?

Knowing the price upfront does help a bit. In the business world, sometimes in order to make money, you need to spend money. It's cliche but it's true. Even seeing something that upfront looks expensive, I can still try it out and see if the benefits justify the cost. I can work around that, make a pitch to say "yes, this might be pricy but it will help in the long run" rather than getting scared off by the price just when I'm ready to make a decision.
I just find TrustRadius a lot more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and figure out for myself.

The reviews are right there and ready for me. I don't have to click through multiple pages just to find what I want, I don't have to speak with someone to figure out what their recommendations are. I like to do the research on my own and TrustRadius enables me to do that.
Product ratings help give me an idea of what I should look at but don't influence my decision on what to look at too much. Reason being is that people may have had needs different from what I need and the software may or may not have done what they want. So, it's good to tell me what's top notch and what I should look at but not necessarily what I should buy.

It could be that a software has a lot of great reviews but maybe only in a particular industry or with specific roles. Then when I try it out, it just doesn't work for me.
Decision paralysis! Sometimes there are so many options for what you are looking to accomplish that you just get flustered and can't figure out what to look at. That and there is only so much time in a day to review software so it can be difficult to pin down what exactly to look at. If you spread your time over several softwares, you might not get the time to really dive deep into them and not get the full idea of what's on offer.

Using reviews at least helps to sort out what is top of the line and what is worth your time.
I find TrustRadius to have a "cleaner" and more bold user interface. It's easy to quickly read through several reviews and get a general idea of what people think of the software. It's such a basic thing but I really enjoy the "pros and cons" being color highlighted so you can easily see them at a glance.

Also, having review summaries to start with option to look at a full review by clicking through is great. You're not bombarded with a ton of information. If you see something that sparks your interest then it's easy to find a way to look further into it.