Easy and rapid customer reviews build advocacy pipeline
Stacy Nawrocki | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 14, 2017

Easy and rapid customer reviews build advocacy pipeline

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It's always a challenge getting customers to do things such as case studies and other advocacy projects due to long approval cycles across multiple stakeholders within the customer organization. TrustRadius cuts through the red tape and allows customers to submit ratings and write reviews simply via their LinkedIn account. We've used these reviews as a way of building a solid pipeline for other customer advocacy work. It's amazing how many customers check the box that indicates their willingness to do more. So many of these customers were previously outside of marketing's awareness and "under the radar" of other types of reference activity. I love reading every single review. Of course there are always things that I, as a marketer, might wish the customer had worded differently, but the value of completely transparent and honest reviews is priceless. It makes each review so much more credible from the perspective of others who may be researching the solutions we provide.
  • Ability to tag reviews based on key topic areas for easy reference later
  • Ease of organizing reviews by company size and industry
  • User-friendly interface for our customers as well as our internal team managing the incoming reviews
  • Account managers who pay attention and alert us when a particularly great review just posted
  • Can't think of anything I don't like really
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Manage brand reputation
  • Scale customer proof through reviews
  • Third-party validation of marketing claims
  • Identify candidates for case studies & advocacy
  • Reduce or supplement reference requests
  • Create sales enablement content
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Gather product insights
  • Identify & address customer issues
We've been using TrustRadius for a year and in our first 12 months we've gotten 68 reviews with an average rating of 8.3. And that's with a VERY conservative approach as we did not want to overwhelm our customers with emails. We are very excited about this level of activity as we were not really sure what to expect. I'm excited to see what year 2 will bring in!

Prior to TrustRadius, we provided our sales people with customer testimonial videos and blog interviews. We still do these types of things, but the turnaround time to get one completed is pretty long. The TrustRadius reviews give our sales team FAST results and a LOT to choose from. Usually the sales team wants something very specific to the type of customer they are trying to sell to...similar use case, similar industry need, etc. With so many reviews coming in, they have so much more content to work with than ever before, it's just been great!
We've also considered using Gartner Peer Reviews, but from what we've seen, TrustRadius is easier to work with and results are faster.
We get so many fantastic sound bites from our TrustRadius reviews! I love how the questions provide some guidance, but also allow customers the freedom to choose their own words to describe their experience. My favorite quotes are always the ones where the person's personality comes through in their choice of words. We end up with a huge breadth of highly valuable content. Our TrustRadius reviews have actually served as a catalyst for getting our product/offering management, customer success and marketing teams working closer together. Everyone is really excited about this program. And, since we have so many employees spread across 170 countries, these reviews actually help with internal education across multiple sales and marketing teams about the success our customers are achieving with our IBM Cloud Video solutions.
There is always a marketing KPI associated with getting customers to talk. TrustRadius has helped us dramatically up our game in building our much more robust KPIs around overall customer advocacy.
TrustRadius is perfect for a marketing team that is working in a highly competitive environment, such as enterprise software and SaaS applications, where there are many vendors to choose from and prospective buyers are likely to do their own research before buying.

TrustRadius for Vendors Support

Everyone on my team who works with TrustRadius has consistently reported great support. The team is easy to work with, and really seems to care about the success of our business. Every once in a while someone from our TrustRadius team forwards one of our reviews to us just to make sure we saw it and recognized that it was a particularly great one. I just love this level of attention with their standard support program.
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