Twilio Voice, easy choice
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March 03, 2018

Twilio Voice, easy choice

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Overall Satisfaction with Twilio Voice

Twilio is utilized by our company in a SaaS model. We utilize Twilio to provide voice features to our users, who use it as their dialer. We use both VoIP and API driven calls.
  • The "insights" feature is very useful when it comes to supporting our users. Both VoIP and Carrier insights give the ability to know what happened on a call
  • Twilio is very reliable as a dialer. We do not have downtime events often (maybe 1 per year for 10min).
  • Twilio has a team that can work with carriers to improve dialing for users where the carriers are not working well
  • Support can be difficult because Twilio has access to more data than we do. This requires us to go to their support team rather than doing it ourselves.
  • Twilio's web interface can be difficult. They make a lot of info available via the API, but do not package it well in their interface. Billing, for instance, is nearly unusable in a large setting.
  • Our customers are able to implement a large part of their sales initiative (calling) through us due to Twilio's product
  • Twilio takes a decent amount of support and knowledge gained over time. This is expensive in the long run.
We went with Twilio voice in recommendations from others around competitors not being as easy to work with, and not having any clear advantages. Many APIs and vendors clone Twilio's model, rather than innovating on it themselves. The feature sets, then, are nearly identical.

Twilio is a decent sized company, now public, and so we know that they will not pivot or change their Voice product.
It's very well suited when VoIP or non-VoIP calling is needed. It can be used in a reseller model to customers very easily.

It's less appropriate to implement just for a single small office. The level of effort over time really only pays off if used by many users or customers.

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