Uberflip Has Changed My World - One of my favorite tools!
October 25, 2016

Uberflip Has Changed My World - One of my favorite tools!

Logan Mallory | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Uberflip

I'm a huge fan of Uberflip. Uberflip has replaced our previous "home grown" resource center and is utilized mostly by our marketing department. Teams from all across marketing use it to publish their blogs, promote their case studies and feature videos. Additionally, we're starting to have our Account Development Managers (ADM) use Uberflip's "Target Streams" in order to give our customers and leads a better experience with our content. Uberflip allows us to move more quickly when it comes to creating, curating and targeting the content we create every day. It also allows our developers to focus on projects only they can do because our marketing team no longer needs as much help with the backend system. Everyone is more efficient because they can spend their time where they are most effective rather than on troubleshooting.
  • Allows marketers to create content without having to rely on the development team. So many teams are reliant on developers to make their content look good, get it deployed to live, troubleshoot, etc. Though Uberflip doesn't solve ALL of that, it solves most of it. There is no one in our office that has trouble using Uberflip.
  • Resolves some SEO issues. Previously our site had a significant amount of content hidden behind gates, which meant it wasn't being crawled by search engines. Uberflip helps us resolve that so we've experienced an increase in organic traffic.
  • Allows us to quickly customize our user experience. In seconds we can change the navigation, our featured content, and the order in which we present to our customers. That used to require a deploy to adjust our content but that's no longer the case.
  • The platform is really dependent on "flipbooks" and each account level comes with a certain number of flipbooks. The only way to get more is to increase your account to the next tier, which is a bit of a hassle because that will often require internal approval. I do wish that Uberflip had a way for customers to just purchase additional units a-la-carte. I've talked to them about this and it doesn't sound like a solution will exist, but I hope to find a more scalable approach.
  • We use Uberflip for our blog, but there's not really an integration for sending emails when new blog posts are published. With our internally built resource center we had this functionality, so now we're left with a pretty manual approach.
  • Though they held our hand through the initial implementation, it was still a pretty hefty process. I expected it to happen more quickly, but it took about 9-10 weeks. Our backend setup didn't help, but still it was a heavy lift. Their team was engaged though, which certainly helped.
  • Saved time can be spent on other projects. I estimate our fastest team members save about 45 minutes per asset they create and for those that are less tech savvy Uberflip saves them 2+ hours per asset.
  • Marketers feel more independent and have a deeper sense of control of their world. They no longer have to wait for a 5 pm deploy and we can make edits, corrections and updates immediately.
  • Now our dev team has dozens of hours per week that they can focus on back end fixes, site speed, user experience, etc. The dev team isn't slowed down by spelling errors that should have been caught before a deploy.
Frankly, we didn't look at any alternatives. We found Uberflip at a conference and were so impressed with their product that we didn't need to look elsewhere. The pricing was reasonable and it had most of the features that we wanted. Their service was solid, so it was an easy decision.
Uberflip is great if you have a lot of content to manage and have a marketing team that wants to move quickly. If you don't have developers or a dedicated team to your backend, this is a great way to solve that problem. If you have a well oiled machine, it might not be right for you. More often than not, if Uberflip doesn't meet our needs, it's because of a preexisting need/system that we are trying to accommodate.

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