Best content marketing experience platform to support buyer journey, improve conversion, and increase velocity
July 20, 2021

Best content marketing experience platform to support buyer journey, improve conversion, and increase velocity

Hailey McDonald | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Uberflip

We use Uberflip as our content management and experience platform across our marketing team. It allows us to organize our content by use case, audience, funnel stage and more to deliver more relevant and personalized content journeys to our buyers. Additionally, Uberflip's features enhance our digital marketing strategies by helping us track content consumption better, prop up SEO, and extend the life of all mediums of content.
  • Uberflip helps us build personalized content journeys to help users find the information they need most quickly and nurture themselves through the funnel.
  • Uberflip's on brand experience helps us technical manage and administrate our content in a way that serves our digital marketing strategy on the backend, and presents beautifully on the front end.
  • Uberflip's capabilities support our SEO strategy so we can capitalize on more traditional marketing content that in PDF form.
  • The on-brand capabilities are very robust but do require creative expertise. I would recommend an implementation package if you want to have a beautiful hub and high brand standards.
  • The regular Uberflip hub and sales streams are really intended for marketing and ABM; it's not a solve for all of your sales enablement needs (like training, dynamically recommended content, etc.) I'd recommend their Sales Enablement product for that or coupling with another solution.
  • The usage analytics are great, but we're still working on aligning them to our reporting system (which is pretty advanced).
  • Reduced administration time for content marketing
  • Increased SEO value of all mediums
  • Expecting increases in lead to MQL volume, and further funnel acceleration
We have a sales enablement platform to fuel training and in the moment recommendations for reps. Uberflip is primarily used for content marketing use cases and for users to self-nurture through content journeys.
It's incredibly easy and fast to implement. The longest part is a content audit if you haven't done one, and then we invested quite a bit in our on brand experience. We phased our implementation into a V1 and V2. V1 we did in less than a month (including audit, tagging, technical implementation and roll out) and then V2 was a bigger investment into on brand and RSS feeds took an additional 3-4 weeks.
Uberflip's strengths seem to be in the organization and delivery of content journeys, the measurement of content engagement and integration into a broader digital marketing strategy (SEO capabilities, embedding on pages, partnerships and integrations).

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Uberflip solves for some of the biggest, most common B2B marketing challenges all in one place. We're able to take buyers along a content journey and serve up the content that resonates most with them. And on the back end, all of the features give us the power to optimize SEO, get content-specific engagement insights and the flexibility to serve up content onbrand and where we want it.

Uberflip is only as good as the effort you invest in it. If you don't have enough content, this isn't going to deliver much value. If you don't have content folks (or supporting marketing members) that understand the ins and outs of digital marketing, a lot of Uberflip's power is going to go to waste. It's a tool that is fairly easy to use, but I would say that it really shines when you have the talent internally to power it.

Using Uberflip

5 - Content marketing, demand generation
5 - Marketing ops, web design, web development (heavy during implementation, light post implementation), content marketing / digital channels (daily/weekly)
  • Content by buyer journey/personas/use cases
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Improve lead to MQL conversion
  • Improve pipeline velocity
  • We used Uberflip for our website's resource center
  • We'll look into using multiple hubs to support multilingual internationalization
  • We'll use Uberflip to support ABM content strategy
This serves all of our content marketing needs, but our sales team does need a more robust sales enablement solution. It's hard to have the engagement/usage data for different kinds of content in disparate systems. But I've looked for years and been unable to find a one-size-fits-all solution to solve all marketing and sales enablement use cases.