All show no go.
Updated January 22, 2021

All show no go.

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I have spent 21 years within the Talent space, we moved to Vincere on the back of a need for more analytics within our company. An ability to understand activities and also to make use of a more powerful product that our more simple ATS at the time. It was purchased as sold, which was an ATS and CRM combined, with a powerful analytics and search capability.
  • Sell their products.
  • Advertise their products.
  • Full of bugs.
  • The same data points are quoted differently across the product.
  • Removing data when you wish to leave has been a real challenge. Limited capability in the product itself and a slow to respond support team.
  • Support is poor in general.
  • Every new release provides more complexity that adds no value and compounds the many bugs in the product further.
  • Even as part of a GDPR request we found it difficult to get our data from the company, we were also charged for the privilege.
  • Support is slow and unwilling to admit where fundamental problems exist in the product. If they respond it's with a workaround rather than a fix.
  • Lots of corny comments about billing, making money, "license to Bill" are communicated from the company and in the product. Not everyone in this sector is driven by money some of us want to provide a quality service, the money is an outcome of a good job not the starting point.
  • The sales process consisted of basically lots of window dressing about the product, we were tied to 3 years and then found out most of the features we purchased the product for don't work and many still don't work nearly 3 years later.
  • Lots of time wasted trying to get support.
  • Wasted time migrating data to and from the product.
  • Slow refresh speeds with a simple candidate lookup taking so long we resort to using the mobile application.
  • The terrible CV formatting capabilities require us to use 3rd party products.
  • Lack of automation makes it a very time consuming product to manage work flows on.
  • Slowed down the function of the office considerably when you look at the Bugs, the lack of support, the poor work flow for the CRM element.
  • Misleading analytics resulted in the team simply not trusting the reporting which effected performance.
  • Being tied to a product that wasn't fit for purpose has been hugely frustrating.
I selected Vincere as it offered everything (on paper and in the demo) that Bullhorn did for half the price (the market leader at the time). I should have realised not every deal is a deal. The product from month one displayed performance issues with the speed of the product they remain and have been constantly a point of complaint from my team, we had multiple bugs from day one, these bugs remain now or have been replaced with other bugs. The demo, the literature all claimed one thing and we received another.

In comparison we have received excellent service from Zoho and their best in breed, rather one product for all approach offers a far more powerful offering for genuinely half the price without the need for us to spend further money on 3rd party products because those built into Vincere did not work as advertised.

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There is a wash of software available in the market place for ATS and CRM offerings. My advice is this offering does not deliver, when compared to other products in the sector.

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The slow load times, buggy performance, and constant need to use workarounds make it a hugely frustrating offering, as basic as a candidate search requires the exact details to be entered or it cannot find the record in question. We struggled to get our data off their platform which should raise a very real warning for any customers who wants to leave, we were also tied into a lengthy contract, in hindsight, I should have realised the fact they felt the need to tie us in for so long suggests the product alone would not make us want to stay.
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  • search
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  • tagging
  • analytics
  • Data Export
  • Tasks
  • CV formatting
  • email templates
  • CRM activities
Yes - This was actually better than the cloud product, mainly because it was a very limited affair which actually makes the experience better. It also ran quicker than the cloud product, most of my team had to resort to running searches on their phones. Our other cloud products. eversign, PDF filler, Office365 all ran fine with a 300mbps Fibre line running to our office.