MFA is AOK with AuthPoint
Updated January 20, 2022

MFA is AOK with AuthPoint

Michael Gabona | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with WatchGuard AuthPoint

Once work from home became a reality, we needed to protect our mobile work force, and after all the news of recent Russian hacks, we knew we needed MFA and a simple password alone would not cut it. We even had an issue where a user on vacation got an alert on her phone asking for VPN approval and she was confused and blocked the request. We later found out her password was compromised and she just prevented a hack without even realizing it. That really showed us the value of MFA in a real world test.
  • Secure your mobile work force against lost or stolen passwords.
  • All users have full control over VPN passwords and IT are not required to reset them.
  • The ease of use of the AuthPoint software on Mobile is liked by our less technical staff.
  • The initial setup of AuthPoint is a little tricky. I hear there is a Beta coming that should make this easier and I look forward to it.
  • Having to switch between the web interface and and the WatchGuard System Manager to access everything I need could be improved and unified.
  • The initial setup was difficult and a bit time consuming and required help from support which was an added time cost.
  • Now that the system is in place, it is much easier for IT to get a remote user setup and this is a savings that IT really likes.
  • And the company feels a little less stressed knowing we have this extra security in place and a more relaxed workforce is more productive.
We tried to use Splashtop Business Access for remote access before using AuthPoint since Splashtop had MFA, however we found using the App to be cumbersome and the streamer software on a lower end pc would cause issues with speed and usability. Once users connected using RDP over the VPN, the speed issues were gone, printing worked better, and users had a better experience.
Having the ability to add users in the cloud interface is very useful for remote IT staff and being able to check the logs from a central location has helped with trouble shooting connection issues.
Users are very used to using their phones for security for many other services such as banking, adding the Authpoint to a phone makes sense to users and it avoids having to have a hardware key fob.
As of this time, we do not use the SSO component of AuthPoint. We plan on using this in the future after we do some internal server overhauls and replacements.

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If you have remote users, you can't rely on RDP security or antivirus alone. Users reuse passwords despite our best efforts, and having the added security of MFA mitigates this issue. I used to worry at night about what I might find in the morning if we got hacked. Now that I have AuthPoint, I sleep easier.

Using WatchGuard AuthPoint

5 - 
We have onsite techs that travel to remote locations and we use AuthPoint to secure the connection between our head office and the customer location.This allows us to look up sensitive customer information with very little risk of hack or exposure.

This also helped us comply with our cyber security insurance that requires us to use MFA for all remote connections into the office.