Wordpress - The only limit is your desire to learn and grow
Brock Ross | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 07, 2018

Wordpress - The only limit is your desire to learn and grow

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Overall Satisfaction with WordPress

Wordpress is our primary platform for our online courses (including hundreds of videos, community interactions between teachers and students, a paid membership system, and more), our main site (consisting of blog, live event scheduling, and more), our shop (selling a sizable selection of physical goods), and a handful of other offerings.
  • Versatility - If you're comfortable learning some computer code, the sky is essentially the limit on what you can do with Wordpress via the thousands of available plugins.
  • Reliability - Wordpress has proven to be more stable and reliable than other services we've used.
  • Huge community for support - because of its renown and popularity, the Wordpress community is huge, and you can consequently find ideas and support among peers very easily.
  • User-friendliness - As is usually the case, there is an inverse relationship between a software's power/robustness, and its ease of use. Making a functioning site beyond a basic template will require a learning curve, especially as more plugins are introduced to the process.
  • It's easy to make things ugly - Because Wordpress offers so much freedom of design and function, you have all the power in your hands to make an ugly, dysfunctional site--other services we use have a paradigm against this, and restrict design freedom to prevent you from making something "ugly."
  • Back-end interface feels dated and cluttered - The back end of Wordpress could use a little streamlining and updating. Controls and menus feel like they haven't had a face lift in a few years.
  • Online courses - Our online course site made a gigantic leap in quality when we moved from our previous platform to Wordpress. This has resulted in hundreds more membership subscriptions.
  • Shop - Wordpress has served us well for our physical goods shop too, and has been consistently reliable at completing a customer's online ordering process.
WordPress and ONTRAPORT do each have their own strengths and weaknesses--what ONTRAPORT lacks in versatility, it makes up for with user-friendliness. Really the use of either comes down to your specific needs. ONTRAPORT isn't currently equipped to build a fully-functioning website structure; it's better used for making discrete sales pages and forms (which it does at least as well or better than Wordpress, certainly more easily).
Content Author / Administrator
I would say if you're hoping to build a unique, multi-functional, powerful site--and you're beyond the level of a basic storefront or blog you could make with Wix or similar, but don't have the budget/size to justify a professionally-built custom site--Wordpress is an excellent option. You'll be limited only by your willingness to research the best plugins and learn to implement them. That being said, if you are running a smaller/simpler operation and don't need such a robust online platform, your resources may not be well-spent learning the ins and outs of Wordpress.

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