I'm not in HR and I love Workable
Updated August 29, 2018

I'm not in HR and I love Workable

Dustin McBride | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Workable

Our company uses Workable across our entire organization to keep everyone aligned on potential candidates for open positions and the status of candidates that have been brought in for interviews. Previous to Workable we were trying to track candidates manually and spent a lot of time going back and forth over email and Slack to discuss candidates.
  • My company is a relatively small startup and we love to maximize each employees social media reach to help find high quality candidates. I can easily go into the "Jobs" section, see open positions and then post to social media sites. If I find who I think might be a qualified candidate can refer them inside of Workable by clicking "Refer a Candidate"
  • Prior to using Workable there was no way for me to easily provide input after interviewing a candidate and see what other interviewers had to say. Now I can quickly input my feedback, see other employees feedback.
  • I personally have a busy schedule that includes travel so it was nice to quickly access a candidate prior to an interview, see their resume and where they are in the interview process. Our HR team loves the Google calendar integration so they can check my schedule and get something set up when I'm going to actually be in the office and available.
  • It would be nice able to post open positions directly to social media from the Jobs page.
  • Allows employees that are not directly involved in hiring to effortlessly enter the process of interviewing and providing feedback. I can focus on my core responsibilities and not waste time on unnecessary back and forth with HR.
  • Workable allows employees like me that are not in HR and directly involved with hiring to look at open Jobs and help find quality candidates.
  • Save HR time by being able to see my Calendar and quickly schedule interviews or team meetings about candidates.
As someone who is not directly involved in hiring day to day Workable fits my needs perfectly. It lets me see new candidates for jobs that I have been assigned to. My input is asked for on jobs related specifically to my expertise. Once a candidate begins the interview process I can track them through the process and provide input. I have not found any scenarios where Workable does is not well suited for my needs.

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Using Workable

40 - Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Technical support, HR
2 - Working at a relatively small venture funded startup we all wear a lot of hats. Our HR team is made up of two people that are new to HR. While they are incredibly capable and fast learning they have not managed potential hires through the entire process. Since workable is setup in a way to do this it's provided a template for our HR team to work off of. From putting together the requisition to bringing the new hire to their first day of work.
  • Sending out the job listing to a variety of online listing platforms.
  • Getting everyone involved in the hiring process that is respectful of the employees time, allows them to interact in the process without taking un-reasonable amounts of time from their already busy workday.
  • Scheduling the interviews and letting everyone know when they are coming in. Sometimes the basics can be the most difficult. We want to meet our potential hires face to face and spend some time with them. This proved very hard to coordinate without workable
  • We didn't intend for workable to feel like a social media platform where everyone can interact in a fun constructive way. Through this discussion we've realized that sometimes the candidate we first had in mind and the candidate we really need are not the same. Without workable and our collaboration on it's platform we would be getting things wrong.
  • You don't know what you don't know, the good thing is that since we have strongly adopted the platform it will be the first place we go when implimenting something really cool we don't even know about.
It's become a part of the fabric of our hiring process and we are growing like crazy! Once we have a working platform in place the cost of the change management typically far out weighs the benefits derived from the change! It's especially hard to change a process with employees who are not key stake holders, they are alway hesitant to invest time in a new product they are only going to use once in a while. With that said if something else came along with benefits far and above workable that we would gain a clear lift in productivity and capabilities we would make the change, we've done it with other parts of our tech stack.