Startup School Seeks Sleek Form Submission
Updated March 18, 2015

Startup School Seeks Sleek Form Submission

Sarah Strenio | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Wufoo

We use Wufoo for all permanent form collections at our school, from operations to billing to recruitment. We use it primarily for applications, surveys, data collection / updates, and registrations. Some specific examples: student enrollment; summer school enrollment; school lunch program registration; credit card authorization for automatic bill payment; applications for faculty and staff positions; formal internal surveys. We are better able to meet our school's sustainability goals by collecting our "paper" work through Wufoo.
  • Wufoo is particularly useful for creating more complex forms. You have the option to hide/show fields; this makes for a shorter, easier to navigate form for people you need less information from. You also have access to basic code formatting, which requires some additional knowledge but gives greater range of display options.
  • You have options of how to view your data. You can export all results to an excel spreadsheet to analyze it that way, similar to the way googleforms records responses. But you can also see the full form with the responses in it - if you've forgotten how the question was phrased, or need to understand the context for a response, that view is easily available.
  • The list view of all the forms you've created is very helpful when referring to multiple forms during the same period of time.
  • Sharing editing power with multiple people is easy, including the ability to allow different levels of access to specific forms. If you're collecting sensitive data, you get to choose who can view it. If you don't want someone to have access at all anymore, it's fairly simple to either delete their account or to change the commonly held password.
  • Although it gives coding options, the formatting for fields is still pretty limited. There is no option for blocks of text other than "section breaks".
  • The rules section is cumbersome. The show/hide fields option in this section has only simple logic, so in order to create complex rules, you have to create a very long list of simple rules. Functional, but cumbersome.
  • I'd like to see more development toward more bulk entry options. For single responses, you can email the whole form to multiple email addresses. It would be great to have a simple system to be able to send the response to the email entered in a response en masse with an option to add an additional message.
  • Reduction in handwriting interpretation errors in the move from paper to online forms.
  • Increased capacity to receive and analyze responses.
  • Requires extra time spent in outreach to desired respondents who lack access to internet or computers.
  • Google Forms is too simple in its field options for my organization's purposes.
    • Wufoo has pre-formatted fields to collect phone numbers, email addresses, and first/last names. These fields do not allow submission without these fields formatted properly, reducing typos. Although you could create similar fields in Google Forms, it is more streamlined in Wufoo.
  • Formatting is more easily controlled.
Pro-Google Forms
  • You can automatically capture respondents' email addresses if using an internal gmail domain.
  • You can widely share the results of the forms with other users.
Well suited to:
  • data collection from the public - no inconvenient login required
  • anonymous submissions - with no login, users can be assured no data will be unwillingly collected (except IP address)
Not well suited to:
  • data collection to be used for upload to another database - the field names in the exports do not always make the responses make clear sense. A lot of data cleaning is required for a reasonable upload format.

Using Wufoo

6 - Management
  • Internal and External satisfaction surveys
  • Capacity planning with intent of future needs surveys
  • Applications for current and future positions
  • Contact information updates
  • Registration for all services with operational deliverables
  • Registration for billable services
  • Authorization for credit card automatic charges
All of our forms are already built in Wufoo, so it would be inconvenient to change systems at this point. I've been satisfied with almost all the aspects my organization needs a form submission service for: analyzing results within Wufoo, referencing individual responses, and exporting raw data for additional purposes. It would be a great improvement for responses to be able to link more directly with our student information systems.

Wufoo Implementation

Using Wufoo