Zendesk is more than a support platform - it's a path to customer support success.
May 20, 2013

Zendesk is more than a support platform - it's a path to customer support success.

Chase Sheaffer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Zendesk provides the ultimate platform for providing your users with the channels they need to contact you for any reason - support, feature requests, product questions, and more. With Facebook and Twitter integration, email and web based implementations, and now even mobile capabilities, our users can contact us from anywhere.
  • If I had one complaint about Zendesk, it would be the setup process. Technically, setting up your support portal is easy. Business process wise, there are a lot of questions and for new users who may not have done support in the past find this process to be rather intense.
  • This one is easy. I don't spend all day long doing support. I have software development to do all day, I can't spend all of my time answering support tickets. Having fast ticket resolution keeps me on track.
I am setup and successful with Zendesk. I have zero inclination to leave.
In summary, Zendesk is a great platform. Support is a major part of my daily life. It is my goal to provide our users with a great product, and a great product is more than just the software on your phone. It's the team and the support that stands behind it.

It is vital to my day to day operations to provide top notch support and interaction with my customers and after using so many other support platforms in the past and I feel confident in my choice of Zendesk.

Product Usage

3 - Co-Founders and Developers. As a small startup, we all wear a lot of hats.
  • User Communication - Provide multiple avenues for users to interact with our product for reasons of support, feature requests, and general questions.

Evaluation and Selection

We switched from Desk.com to Zendesk.
Other platforms I have evaluated: Kayako, Fogbugz, Bugzilla, Assembla, FreshDesk.

I ended up picking Zendesk for several reasons, but there was really 3 reasons why I ultimately picked them:

1) Customization - Zendesk provides powerful capabilities for making sure your support portal looks and feels like a native part of your own product. Customers dont feel like they are being pushed off to some other service in order to receive support and that is very important to me.

2) Speed - Zendesk is fast. Really fast. Not just technically, but with their product design as well. I can load up and work on tickets at blazing fast speeds because they have designed the product to make sure you succeed in your task - help customers. With great macro integration, automation, rulesets, a fast AJAX interface, you can just knock tickets out one after another.

3) Support & Education - When you sign up for Zendesk, you are getting more than a support platform. You are getting access to a support team that is there for you - technical issues, questions about proper ways to handle support, and even life advice. Ok, maybe not life advice, but they are seriously there for you with just about anything support related you need. But more than great support, you get education. Zendesk brings in experts and other Zendesk power users to host webinars, lectures, and events on top of all of their web based documentation in order to educate you on how to succeed with your support.


After Zendesk imported our tickets from Desk.com and I migrated our knowledgebase articles and similar, we were good to go.
  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
We did all of the initial setup ourselves, but Zendesk actually helped us migrate our tickets from Desk.com into Zendesk. That was a tremendous help and amazing service.


  • Online training
  • Self-taught
Zendesk has tons of available material for training - videos, webinars, articles, etc. The only reason this is not a 10 is because it can be hard to figure out how to navigate to these things and find what you are looking for.


By using customizations, we are able to make our support portal feel like a native portion of our product and keep our users in our own ecosystem.


I have contacted Zenesk a couple times for support - one to report a bug (that has since been resolved) and one to ask questions about some support process best practices. Great and thorough responses every time.


The usability is great, but I do have to be honest and say that I still have a little trouble with the user interface sometimes. I have poor ability to differentiate between similar colors and sometimes if I am not directly in front of my screen I have trouble with the text inputs.


In the past year, I'd say I have only noticed maybe two hours total of downtime in my own usage. Very minimal.
Blazing fast. Thats about it. It's really fast.

Vendor Relationship

Zendesk's setup process is all web based and automated. It's an easy process with no hiccups or trials, so really its pretty standard and just pick em up go.