Awesome product. Great UI.
November 12, 2012

Awesome product. Great UI.

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Software Version

ZendDesk Plus

Overall Satisfaction

  • Ease of use: Extremely intuitive product design.
  • Easy to customize. Quite simple to build ticket routing rules etc.
  • Handles most channels with ease.
  • Reporting is a real strength:
  • Tool is not just great at collecting data, but rolls up data for reporting purposes very effectively
  • Integration with GoodData, a dashboard analytics reporting tool. This tool works great and provides very easy to understand monthly metrics out of the box.
  • Not very strong with social channels. We use HootSuite for this.
  • Community forum. It works, but is very basic. There are no rewards / gameification built-in. Forum allows simple commenting, but we needed something much more robust: need to incent people to participate (answer 10 questions and you get one month of HootSuite free). We also needed to see things like top 10 contributors / leader boards, etc. Eventually we decided to use GetSatisfaction for this.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Zendesk does a great job of helping us keep this metric above 90%.
• Zendesk does a great job of customer education on best practices etc. beyond just product support. They are industry experts and conduct many valuable webinars and best-practice sessions.

Product Usage

30 - • Product is used by the entire support team of 15 people, plus about another 15 in the IT department for internal support.
  • The main goal is customer service – to maximize customer satisfaction to the greatest extent possible. After any intervention with customers, by phone, email or via a ticket, we send out a short survey asking if they are satisfied with the response they received. Before we started using Zendesk, our metrics were terrible. Zendesk allowed us to tweak our processes and focus on the right things so that now the customer satisfaction metric is around 90%

Evaluation and Selection

• Switched from SFDC (ServiceCloud) to Zendesk.


  • Implemented in-house
No real implementation process required. Simply a matter of tuning it on.


Very easy. Product was very intuitive and didn't really need any training. There is some online training, but neither of us used it.


We have enabled live chat from our website which is a widget and required some JavaScript code. Generally Zendesk provides code snippets for any extensions of this kind which make it simple.
• Configuration was a very simple process. We were able to do things like change standard email content and route tickets in Spanish to a Spanish language queue quite easily.


• Great responsiveness. Once I tweeted a support query at 10pm on Sunday, and they got back to me almost immediately. Response times are great. They always get back to us within an 8-hour window.
• Great internal communication. If we have a couple of different issues being worked that have been sent in through different channels (one is a tweet, the other is an open ticket), the person working the issue always knows about the other issue.
No - • We don’t pay anything extra for support. It is just part of the "Plus” package. We didn't even have to sign up.


• The UI is very consistent across the product so training and learning how to use it are very efficient. The admin UI and the support technician UI are essentially identical, except that the admin UI provides access to more functionality. The administrator can easily provide more functionally to support staff by turning on features as appropriate.
• Our knowledge base is also managed through Zendesk, and it’s very easy to assign rights to individuals for editing privileges, etc.


• Occasional issues, but generally very stable.
• Any scheduled downtime was always communicated effectively with frequent updates on system status. No issues here.


  • Jira bug tracking
  • GoodData analytics package
  • HootSuite
  • LiveChat
• Jira: Use Jira for bug tracking and it’s important for us to integrate with this systems so that we can see the status of bug fix progress without having to go and ask the dev team. The developers will also be cc’d on all inquiries about bug fix status to help them gauge urgency. We have not done this integration yet, but it is a high priority.
• GoodData: Integration with this analytics package is pre-built and is part of the product.
• HootSuite: We use HootSuite for support over Twitter, and worked with Zendesk to build out this integration.
• LiveChat: This is very important for increasing resolution speed

Vendor Relationship

Very easy to deal with. Great vendor overall.
As an early customer, we feel that we got a very fair deal. However, there was no significant negotiation involved.