$780 and ZERO qualified candidates - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
March 24, 2022

$780 and ZERO qualified candidates - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Bambi Crozier | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ZipRecruiter

I loaded a European Automotive Technician Professional job onto Zip Recruiter and the results of the applicants were line cooks from McDonald's, Painters, Chicken House Workers, etc. ZERO applicants with European automotive experience - or regular automotive experience. I immediately within 24 hours contacted Zip Recruiter who told me to duplicate my ad in other cities, which I did. A month later I had 3 applicants who had the experiences listed above and a bill from ZipRecruiter for $780. Absurd! Never will I ever recommend this company. A gentleman called me about 2 weeks AFTER I stopped the ads and told me he thinks there is a much better way to sign up for a plan to help me. I was taken aback because, why wouldn't you call me and tell me this from the get-go instead of waiting until you bill me nearly $800? Poor service. They want money and are not interested in actually helping you find a qualified candidate. This service may work if you don't need educated and skilled staff but it's not an appropriate resource for someone looking for a specific skill set.
  • Charge you a LOT of Money and COLLECT money from you
  • Call you when you cancel your jobs to offer a way to collect more money
  • Get you candidates that have nothing to do with your listed job
  • Provide qualified candidates! That would be cool!
  • Provide feedback on best plans BEFORE you pay in big money and cancel them subsequently
  • Close their ripoff business model and save business owners the headache
  • Well, I would like to find professional team members - but ZipRecruiter failed at accomplishing that
  • They are a liability and high risk on my P&L - they provide ZERO return on the investment. ZERO ZILCH ZIP and that should be their tag line. ZERO ZILCH ZIP QUALIFIED Recruits will apply!
  • They spend all that money I paid them sending out mailers to all my peer business owners making false promises and it's a joke!
Indeed was expensive BUT I got results - so that's where I'll go back. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah watch me walk away!

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This company is unable to provide qualified candidates. They sent me painters, line cooks from restaurants, excavation workers, garage door installers, shipping and receiving workers, etc. I did not receive ONE qualified candidate. NOT ONE. At the 24 hour mark, I called to advise I could look in the resumes and find candidates but their information was NOT provided to me to contact them. Instead, they have to be matched. But the Zip Recruiter system does not match qualified candidates to your jobs. I was told to add keywords but when she looked at the job she said they were all there. So she then told me to add my job to other cities, which I did then do. THEN I spoke to a gentleman who said he would have the 'boost' removed from the account - but that never happened either. This company cannot source skilled jobs. If you need professional skills - this is NOT the place to find an employee.

Using ZipRecruiter

Evaluating ZipRecruiter and Competitors

Yes - Indeed - mistake on my part.
None of these. I was looking for an alternative option that maybe would find some technicians. Instead, I found line cooks and garage door workers and painters and dirt movers. How about we let them work on your Mercedes and see how happy you are with the results?
I would never have used Zip at all.

ZipRecruiter Implementation

ZipRecruiter Training

it was fine to implement the info and when she looked at my resume she thought it was good and just recommended i add it to more cities

Configuring ZipRecruiter

i dont even know what youre asking me
close your business
No - there is no facility to customize the interface
No - the product does not support adding custom code

ZipRecruiter Support

What support? The phone call didn't change the candidates.
No escalation required
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
Maybe that lady that told me to post jobs in other areas but fat lot it did for me.

Using ZipRecruiter

Because it takes my money without supplying ANY USABLE result. That's theft everywhere else.
Do not like to use
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
  • This system sucks
  • Obtaining qualified candidates is hard

ZipRecruiter Reliability

because they did not provide qualified candidates so they cannot be relied upon to do what they say they do
big fat zip zilch nada crappy ball of unwanted ear wax
pages load fine ... it's not easy to know where to go -- you have to know to click on this or that because it's not intuitive.

Integrating ZipRecruiter

we dont integrate with zip recruiter moot point
dont do it because they cant find people anyway so what's the point

Relationship with ZipRecruiter

steaming pile of ..... (fill in the blank with your choice terminology)
they don't call unless you stop sending them money and then suddenly they know of ways to get you spending more money with them but never have any real direction on how to actually connect their qualified resumes with jobs that match