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Hotjar is a great addition to your online-marketing arsenal. If you're in the position where you can ask yourself: "We have a great website but how do we make it even better?" - this is the application you need. With its detailed heatmaps and videos, you can easily see what's the most interesting and what gets the most attention on your pages.
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  • The support is fantastic, I've had issues resolved within hours of reporting them. Even the free accounts get support and all my emails have been responded to in a matter of hours or less.
  • The pricing is very disruptive when you compare it to more established players in the marketplace such as ClickTale. For €89 per *month* (yeah, monthly billing opposed to annual) we get a ton of features and insight that previously would have cost tens of thousands per year.
  • The product is easy to use and implement. As there's no server call constraint, we have their code snippet everywhere and can launch surveys, heatmaps and recordings in minutes. Moreover it's now possible to launch heatmaps on dynamic pages such as your cart, password protected areas and the like. This is done with a few clicks in the online interface, other solutions out there require your developers to implement server-side APIs - which for us would never happen.
  • Their product offering is unique by combining what is traditionally several products.
  • There's a publicly available roadmap for everyone to see. There are many improvements scheduled: http://docs.hotjar.com/page/roadmap
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  • It would be great to have the option of audio feedback about the website.
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Likelihood to Renew

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For what it costs (at least as of now!) it's too good a bargain to pass up as long as you are dedicated to using Hotjar even infrequently for finding opportunities for improvement on your site.
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It has never taken me more than a few seconds to figure out how to do what I want to do. I hope the Hotjar team remains committed to keeping the software intuitive to use as they continue to add more capabilities!
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Alternatives Considered

The free version of hotjar is still incredibly useful, not severely limited as some other products are. They are also willing to work with you if it is necessary to bill annually, and the full version opens up a lot more specific kinds of targeting for more in depth research and analysis.
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Return on Investment

  • it clearly indicated issues in current page designs that were leading to wasted views and improperly placed content.
  • helps in making design decisions objective and data-driven, saving time wasted in debating personal opinions of non-designers who hold a stake in redesign projects.
  • individual setup means it can't be used as an automatic analyser of every new page, so you have to remember to create profiles manually.
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1. 2k pageviews per day
2. per month; 10k pageviews per day
3. per month; 20k pageviews per day
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