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Hotjar is suitable for tracking data. If you know a certain page isn't being visited on a site, Hotjar may provide extra insight into how many users are clicking CTAs to that page for instance. So Hotjar is a good tool to know the 'why' if something is going wrong on your website.Hotjar is less appropriate for use on its own; it should be used in conjunction with other data. This is because it can be unreliable. For instance, a heatmap may be unreliable if it hasn't rendered correctly.
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  • User session video capture - HotJar allows us to conduct usability testing as if we were sitting behind a user, interacting with our web software. Although we don't get audio, we can see exactly how a user interacts and moves around our software. We can see clicks, mouse movements, time spent during any given activity, and more. And best of all, the video timeline gives us timestamps/markers where major interactions happened, allowing us to find those interactions quickly.
  • Hot spot heat maps - Just like any good analytics tool, HotJar provides great colored heat maps of how frequently users clicked/interacted on different parts of our web page. This gives us a quick, at-a-glance idea of what our users are focusing on.
  • Dynamic user surveys - Sometimes pure interaction data is not enough to get the info we need. Luckily, HotJar gives us the ability to create dynamically-driven surveys on our web app. These surveys can be change without needing to re-deploy our entire application - they can be updated through the HotJar tool.
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  • Customization of in-page user surveys - Although it is a great tool to be able to publish and update user surveys that appear on our web page, the customization options (mostly UI) are somewhat limited, making the survey either stick out like a sore thumb, or look like an advertisement or error on our site. It would be great to get a little bit more control over how the survey appears on our site.
  • Honestly, I have not run into any other major examples I can detail where HotJar has not been able to do what I have needed it to do!
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Likelihood to Renew

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For what it costs (at least as of now!) it's too good a bargain to pass up as long as you are dedicated to using Hotjar even infrequently for finding opportunities for improvement on your site.
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It has never taken me more than a few seconds to figure out how to do what I want to do. I hope the Hotjar team remains committed to keeping the software intuitive to use as they continue to add more capabilities!
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Alternatives Considered

HotJar was selected for a few reasons:
  • Video Capture - HotJars video capture of user sessions is nothing short of amazing. It is so useful (not to mention cool) to see, in real time, how users interact with our software. It makes our jobs so much easier and more enjoyable to get this type of d
  • User Surveys - The ease and flexibility of surveys we can make available on our website are an awesome tool to get additional data.
  • Simple implementation - Adding a very small amount of code to our website gives us the ability to use all of HotJars features without having to touch our code again.
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Return on Investment

  • We have fixed many issues, for example, checkout usability problems with the video recording feature. You can catch bugs and get an overall idea of how a particular page is working.
  • Polls have helped us pair intent with the video sessions, so we can understand better why certain users answered different things. You get greedy and try to ask everything but that won't work. Keep it simple and it will give you small but important insights.
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