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VWO<a href='https://www.trustradius.com/static/about-trustradius-scoring#question3' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Customer Verified: Read more.</a>

Top Rated
129 Ratings
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Simple tests like hiding and showing a button, text, etc.
Adding text onto the page
Changing the color of things
Split tests where the whole page can change

Complicated tests regarding custom JavaScript that's run (there may be asynchronous actions happening in that script that we need the page blank for until those actions finish)
Want a smarter visual editor (e.g. we can change the layout and the test would still work, by class or id selectors)
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  • You have the ability to have heatmaps recorded on any A/B or Split URL test, allowing you to investigate where users are concentrating most of their time within a control or variation.
  • VWO's ability to allow custom conversion tags to be placed and triggered on the website allows for more robust conversion tracking.
  • VWO's UI is very easy to use and navigate allowing users who are not familiar with coding the ability to test a website without the need of a developer in most cases.
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  • Heatmaps loaded very slow. We have very long form sales copy and VWO could not load the pages with a heatmap view a majority of the time.
  • Google and Facebook slap. We were shutdown from running ads to pages that had VWO embedded in them as it was perceived as cloaking. This was the biggest issue for us as we rely on optimizing for display spend.
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Likelihood to Renew

Based on 18 answers
I use it every day as a marketer, it's essential for my work and there are no alternatives.
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Based on 1 answer
I gave Visual Website Optimizer a rating of 8 because it is overall a great product to use. Setting up and keeping track of various tests is easy and straight forward. The only reason why this product is not rated higher is because the support documents online leave a lot of room for improvement.
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Based on 3 answers
While their online document support is lacking a simple email to their support team will almost always get responded to the next day. It has however taken more than one email to explain the problem to the support team till they understood the problem. The solution I was given also only half fixed the problem the rest I figured out on my own.
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Based on 2 answers
Overall, the implementation of VWO is straightforward. If you've got a straightforward way of deploying code to all of your test pages, either a good CMS or a TMS, then implementation should be a breeze. There is no tweaking to be done to the code itself, and once deployed it has the flexibility to cope with different VWO modules (tracking, conversion analysis, session analysis) without modification.
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Alternatives Considered

The key aspect in the decision to switch to VWO was the integration of all the features as a single unified resource and platform.The competitors are very good at what they do (did back then) but required moving insight and understanding from one platform to the other. With VWO this problem is not only solved but the recent change to VWOs focus on becoming a conversion optimisation platform has increased our capabilities significantly.We feel the product fits in perfectly with our human centred approach and has not only increased stake holder confidence in our thinking and actions but also helped us to become better at what we do as a team and as individuals in meeting the needs of our users.
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Return on Investment

  • Doubled CRs in some areas with the smallest of content changes, like the header copy on a form
  • Helping to validate the decisions the design and content teams make back to the business, specifically helping us prove the idea we have had actually works
  • Helping to identify usability issues and problem areas that we have further researched, changed and improved to the benefit of our users and business
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