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It's the best A/B testing solution we could find for our own website and it's mostly very good at what it does. It has some usability issues on occasion, and the interface can be clunky, so it's not the easiest thing to pick-up-and-go, despite appearances; simple changes should be easy enough for a beginner to make but it takes some time with the interface to understand all its quirks.
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  • Live previews of changes as you make them
  • Direct HTML access or a simple UI, as needed
  • Google Analytics integration
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  • Observations currently (9/14/18) don't support outside domains.
  • Observation collection sample rate is a little low (for the price) - takes a bit longer to collect meaningful amount of data.
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Likelihood to Renew

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It's great value and we think we've ironed out all the major teething troubles. However, if we experience any more bugs or problems that significantly slow us down then we're seriously considering switching to Optimizely, which I haven't personally tested but have heard great things about from my CRO peers
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I gave Visual Website Optimizer a rating of 8 because it is overall a great product to use. Setting up and keeping track of various tests is easy and straight forward. The only reason why this product is not rated higher is because the support documents online leave a lot of room for improvement.
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Based on 3 answers
While their online document support is lacking a simple email to their support team will almost always get responded to the next day. It has however taken more than one email to explain the problem to the support team till they understood the problem. The solution I was given also only half fixed the problem the rest I figured out on my own.
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Overall, the implementation of VWO is straightforward. If you've got a straightforward way of deploying code to all of your test pages, either a good CMS or a TMS, then implementation should be a breeze. There is no tweaking to be done to the code itself, and once deployed it has the flexibility to cope with different VWO modules (tracking, conversion analysis, session analysis) without modification.
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Alternatives Considered

VWO's vast range of features and comparable price made it a firm favourite against competitor websites. We've seen good results with the tool so far and it has proved to be an excellent project for increasing website conversion rate and overall ROI has met our KPI's. Moving forward, I'd like to see more advanced personalisation features from the tool in order for it to compete with some of the market leads tools on the market.
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Return on Investment

  • We've redesigned several pages as a result of A/B testing that I conducted. It's hard to judge the overall ROI because there are so many factors across our platform. But we can say with confidence that conversion rates on buttons such as "Add to Cart" increased as a result of our testing.
  • The leadership team fought against the idea of the survey data for some time. In their mind they had already talked to the end user, so it was a waste of time. One nice thing about VWO is how easy it was to build these Surveys. Because of the speed of implementation, I wasn't blocked from creating them, and we managed to learn many useful things from the results. A great example, is that our user's #1 request on the product page was for better images. We had suspected this, but VWO allowed us to quantify it with qualitative feedback.
  • Best ROI was probably finding the difference in funnel data between our old platform, and the newly released platform. By seeing that we had a higher drop off on the catalog pages on the new platform, we were able to target that area for diagnosis. Ultimately, the results here are related to bullet point 1.
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