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Dell PowerEdge C

Dell PowerEdge C


What is Dell PowerEdge C?

Dell's PowerEdge C6420 is a density optimized server designed to support HPC and scale-out workloads with a flexible platform that offers up to 4 dual-socket servers and high-capacity storage in a 2U rack.

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What is Dell PowerEdge C?

Dell PowerEdge C Technical Details

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It offers the best systems integration, which allows us to execute our regular operations smoothly. Thanks to the flexibility provided by the open networking architecture, we are able to quickly adapt our software to meet changing market needs. As our data storage needs evolve, my team is able to make the necessary adjustments to our storage plan and gain access to storage volumes that can handle our workloads. Our company's sensitive data is safe in the cloud thanks to its robust data security safeguards.
  • The virtualization of essential services is a promising application.
  • Ready access to the CPU, disk space, RAM, and fonts.
  • Flexibility in meeting a wide variety of computing demands, with special attention paid to the needs of mission-critical applications.
  • The cost of the supplementary C series variants exceeds that of the base model.
With regards to networking and storage services, Dell PowerEdge C has always been the most potent instrument in my hands. It is adaptable enough to allow for the introduction of new technologies while still serving as the hub of the company's communications infrastructure. The ability to direct data to a single storage system has significantly reduced administrative burden. This platform's operations are adaptable, and the customer service team is quick to respond to any inquiries.
  • Management that is both simple and consolidated.
  • A simple database management system is being built.
  • Offering a wide range of storage media so that we can accommodate growing data loads.
  • Networking and storage services that were scheduled have been performed.
  • It has significantly increased the company's ROI
  • Adding additional functionality to current services is simplified by the possibility of implementing new features on demand.
As far as I'm concerned, Dell PowerEdge C is the best option for simultaneous use as a networking and storage device. This gadget is best used in an enterprise-wide network operations center with room to grow. Workload reductions have resulted from data consolidation into a single storage system. It's easy to get started using this platform, and there's round-the-clock access to help if you need it.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
There are several IT services that need great performance and dependability, and thus we've installed Dell PowerEdge C4130 in our rack to meet those needs. Centralized management and easy installation make it a good fit for a wide range of applications. In today's world, we employ a virtualization platform in conjunction with Big Data services, analysis and development tools. Dell's customer service is regarded as one of the best in the industry.
  • Adaptation to a wide range of workloads, with a focus on mission-critical tasks requiring a significant amount of computation
  • Virtualization of key services is a great use for this
  • Processor, disk space, memory, and typeface all readily available when you need them to be
  • The additional C series versions are more costly than the basic one
  • I haven't seen any downtime in my system's operation
  • All of the functionalities have been working as expected
An excellent warranty and excellent technical assistance can be expected from the PowerEdge C Series, which comes from a well-known brand with a long track record in the market. Scalability, physical space optimization and performance and dependability for handling sensitive and vital data like databases and ERP systems that are fairly sophisticated are just some of the benefits we get from Dell gear, which saves us resources and energy by up to 40%.
  • Effortless and centralized administration
  • Providing a variety of storage options that allow us to keep up with our workloads
  • The development of a basic data management system
  • It has greatly accelerated and boosted the company's return on investment (ROI)
  • Planned services for networking and storage have been completed
  • New features may be implemented on demand, making it easier to add new functionality to existing services
When it comes to multitasking networking and storage, I've always found Dell PowerEdge C to be the most effective solution. A network center that can service the whole business with capacity for future expansion is ideally suited for this device. The ability to consolidate data into a single storage system has reduced workloads. Using this platform is simple and the customer support team is constantly available.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have deployed the Dell PowerEdge C4130 solution in our company rack in order to implement various IT services that demand high performance and reliability. It has easy installation and optimized centralized management. Today we use Big Data services, analysis, and development systems combined with a virtualization platform. Dell Support is another highlight and we consider it one of the best on the market.
  • Adaptation to different workloads and especially to critical loads that need a lot of processing.
  • Great for virtualization of critical services.
  • Minimize physical space occupying only 1U.
  • Easy management.
  • High availability of processor, storage space, memory and font.
  • The value of 24x7 support is expensive, the value of 8x5NBD is more attractive.
  • The other superior models of the C series are more expensive.
PowerEdge C Series is very reliable equipment from a reference manufacturer in the market with a lot of experience and one of the best warranty and technical support services. Dell hardware provides us with resource savings, energy savings of up to 40%, scalability, physical space optimization, and performance and reliability to handle sensitive and critical data such as databases and ERP systems that are quite complex.
  • Focused on critical applications and services.
  • It is equipped with Intel® Xeon processors and up to 1 Terabyte of RAM.
  • Centralized and easy management.
  • Energy and resource savings.
  • Return on investment in the medium term.
  • Easier to extend new services by implementing new features on demand.
  • Optimized technical support.
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