Density Optimized Servers

Density Optimized Servers Overview

What are Density-Optimized Servers?

High-density or density optimized servers support high performance computing (HPC), or virtualization. These servers are generally deployed by companies offering cloud services, companies providing data center services, or others entities needing great computing power.

Density Optimized Servers Products

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Cisco UCS C-Series
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Cisco's UCS C-Series is a line of rack servers featuring high density editions.
HPE Moonshot
HPE Moonshot is a density optimized server which integrates with HEP ProLiant blades to provide an alternative to rack mounted servers, offering modular scalability with less space, less power consumption, and less complexity. The ultra-converged HPE Moonshot delivers workload-optimization with brea…
Dell PowerEdge C
Dell's PowerEdge C6420 is a density optimized server designed to support HPC and scale-out workloads with a flexible platform that offers up to 4 dual-socket servers and high-capacity storage in a 2U rack.
Cray CS-Storm
Cray offers the CS-Storm a supercomputer dedicated to performance intensive applications, a few suggested by the vendor being deep learning, machine learning, signal-processing, reservoir simulation, and other computational-intensive tasks.
Huawei FusionServer X Series
Huawei FusionServer Pro X6000, the current iteration in the X Series, is a 2U, 4-node high-density server for data centers with scale-out architecture. It delivers increased levels of density to address the space and investment restrictions of data centers, and enables improved space usage and reduc…
Lenovo ThinkSystem SD Series
Lenovo provides high density servers for HPC tasks via the ThinkSystem SD series, presently including the SD650 and SD530.
Supermicro MicroBlade
Supermicro offers the MicroBlade series of density optimized servers designed to fit a blade enclosure.
Supermicro MicroCloud
Supermicro offers the MicroCloud line of modular density optimized servers, designed to support a cloud infrastructure.
Cray Shasta
Cray's Shasta is a high powered supercomputer.
HPE Apollo
HPE Apollo family is a line of density optimized servers from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, designed to address the needs of lightly threaded HPC applications, it offers high per-thread performance, robust network bandwidth, and rack-level shared infrastructure.
Dell PowerEdge M
Dell's M-Series PowerEdge, presently including the M640 and M830 editions, are HPC modular blade servers boast enterprise performance with scalability via features meant to accommodate current needs and future growth needs, such as multiple available form factors, modular I/O switches, and configura…