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Ex Ordo


What is Ex Ordo?

Ex Ordo, headquartered in Galway, Ireland, is a provider of conference software. The software includes abstract submission and review management, an event registration workflow, and a platform for hosting a virtual event.

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What is Ex Ordo?

Ex Ordo, headquartered in Galway, Ireland, is a provider of conference software. The software includes abstract submission and review management, an event registration workflow, and a platform for hosting a virtual event.

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Product Details

What is Ex Ordo?

Ex Ordo is a conference management software solution and platform designed to support the professional, technical and scientific communities, featuring a range of capabilities such as:

Collect abstracts, papers or proposals for peer review - Ex Ordo Review

Send a call for papers, then start collecting abstracts, papers or speaker proposals through a custom submissions form. Match submissions to the best reviewers, then track their progress. When ready, notify presenters right from the dashboard.

Structure the conference along one single track, or create multiple tracks with their own deadlines and chairs. Customise submissions form to collect papers or abstracts, and anything else needed. Authors get a submission receipt and can edit right up to the deadline.
  • Collect abstracts, extended abstracts or papers
  • Set up topics, formats, word counts and more
  • Configure single or multi-track conferences
  • Authors get submission receipts and editing privileges
Configure the peer review process and specify how many reviews each submission needs. Number of reviewers can be limited by how many submissions each one gets. The allocation engine matches submissions to the best-qualified reviewers.
  • Configure a review as single or double-blind
  • Limit number of submissions per reviewer
  • Automatically match submissions to best reviewers
Build a clear marking scheme that’s got everything reviewers need. Reviewers can grade with scores or comments, and they can work online or download their submissions. It includes prompts to guide them through outstanding tasks.
  • Collect mandatory or optional reviewer comments
  • Give reviewers a clear marking scheme and easy scoring cards
  • Reviewers can work online or offline
Start allocating submissions to reviewers, then follow reviewers’ progress and send targeted reminders to those who fall behind. Also, the user can re-assign submissions, or close or disable reviews, to avoid missing deadlines.

  • Review and make decisions on the fly with rolling review
  • Track reviewers’ progress
  • Send reminders to reviewers who fall behind
  • Re-assign, close or disable reviews
Browse completed reviews by score or inspect them individually. Add chair comments and when you’re ready, use a dropdown to accept or reject them. Then send letters of acceptance, right from your dashboard. Or, ask authors to upload camera-ready copies or to RSVP.
  • Filter and decide individually or by score
  • Add chair comments and make reviewer comments public or private
  • Send letters of acceptance
  • Request camera-ready copies and RSVPs

Create a virtual or in-person event that’s designed for discovery, Ex Ordo - Register

Delight attendees with an event space that’s packed with unlimited live sessions, on-demand videos and downloadable media like PDFs and spreadsheets. Every piece of content stays on the online conference platform for 60 days after the event ends.

Boost attendance by sending reminders or discount codes to people who haven’t yet registered. Includes live stats on delegate numbers and payments, and shows which presenters have paid and – crucially – which haven’t.

  • Boost attendance by sending reminders or discount codes
  • Live stats on payments and delegate numbers
  • See which delegates are presenters
  • Track who’s paid and who hasn’t
Choose a currency and payment methods, structure fees and add specialised events like workshops. Get extra info from delegates by asking them customised questions. And limit ticket sales for specific fees, workshops or events.

  • Charge early and late prices
  • Sell registrations for workshops and events
  • Supports all major currencies
  • Make test registrations before you go live
Get set up to take secure Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments through payment platform Stripe. The solution is fully encrypted and PCI compliant, and Stripe includes built-in fraud detection.
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments
  • Fully secure and PCI compliant
  • Collect payments via Stripe (and other platforms)
  • Enjoy built-in fraud protection
Give delegates the freedom to pay by purchase order and bank transfer. Track which delegates haven’t paid and send reminders when you need to. Record when invoices are paid.

  • Accept POs, wired payments and bank transfers
  • Track which delegates owe you money
  • Record payments as they come in
Collect secure card payments or let attendees pay by bank transfer. Message authors, reviewers and delegates, and send reminders to anyone who needs them. Use the dashboard to maintain an overview of an entire conference.

Ex Ordo - Virtual

Built on top of Cisco technology, Ex Ordo aims to deliver robust, enterprise-grade streaming quality, for broadcasting sessions so they’re accessible from peoples’ fingertips. Attendees can chat and ask questions. The user can take the pulse of the room with audience polls, and use the real-time feedback to drive the discussion.

Publish content that attendees can consume when it best suits. Collect everything from videos, to poster PDFs and spreadsheets of raw data. Gradually reveal this content as an event progresses, or publish it in advance so attendees show up with burning questions on the day.
  • Upload unlimited videos
  • Host PDFs, posters, slides and images
  • Collect everything directly from presenters
  • Hosted for 60 days after first bundle goes live
Make sure everyone's set up before the big day, then keep tabs throughout the event. Users can: Appoint stage managers to run live sessions. Hold private rehearsals for star speakers. Get a community up to speed by scheduling public rehearsals. Then, on the day, keep tabs on upcoming live sessions and step in if someone needs help.

  • Appoint stage managers to run live sessions
  • Host unlimited open and private rehearsals
  • Keep tabs on live sessions and step in if something goes wrong
Complex technical programmes are at the heart of the platform’s design. Users can populate sessions with presentations already collected. Use visuals to manage multiple streams, parallel sessions and thousands of presentations. Ex Ordo's conflict checker helps ensure presenters are never scheduled in two places at once.

  • Get visibility of what's happening when
  • Assign existing presentations or add new content
  • See which presentations are already assigned
  • Check it out in the event space before you go live
  • Spot time clashes using a conflict checker

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