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Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact…

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Submittable offers tools to launch, measure, and grow social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, Submittable partners with users to make a difference. The vendor states Submittable has supported over 95,000 social impact…

SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly FluidReview) is designed to track grant and scholarship applications and emphasizes the organization of applications and tools to support their careful review, as well as a customizable workflow to ease the work of applicants, and a customizable dashboard…


Evalato helps users run awards programs and grow their communities.It’s a solution for award managers, program managers and any professional who organizes awards, competitions, incubator and other programs.Evalato helps :Collect and manage applicationsEmpower evaluation and pick…

WizeHive Zengine

Wizehive offers Zengine, a cloud-based submission management platform for grants, awards, scholarships and other kinds of awards ands applications. Zengine can be used to track customers, job candidates, projects or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic…

Cvent Abstract Management

Cvent Abstract Management is a submission management solution for academic conferences, providing a CTP workflow solution. The application may be integrated into Cvent Event Management.

Award Force

Award Force is an award, grant application, and submission platform from the Australian company of the same name featuring granular roles and permissions to for entry and review, control of judgment process, and other features.


OpenWater headquartered in Arlington offers their awards management and submissions software, supporting contests, academic scholarships and grant submissions, call for papers (cfps) and abstract submission, award submissions, fellowships, and related processes.


SmarterSelect creates, manages, analyzes and evaluates online applications for the private and public sector. This application management system is designed for scholarships, grants and awards. SmartSelect, chosen by over 1,500,000 users for over 40,000 programs, was started in…


Eventsforce headquartered in London offers their suite of event software, including a web-based registration tool Eventsforce Registration, Eventsforce Abstract for submissions management of abstracts and papers, and Eventsforce Awards for end-to-end management of award entries,…


Reviewr headquartered in Lincoln offers a submission management system for competitions and contests, awards, calls for entry, and other events.

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ArtOpps is an entries system for the creative arts from Parker Harris, a creative arts agency in Esher.

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Untap Compete is an award management platform which enables open and collaborative innovation in developing countries. Untap Technologies develops competition management systems and collaborative innovation software.

MasterControl Regulatory Excellence

MasterControl Regulatory Excellence is a full-featured regulatory information management (RIM) solution that streamlines and accelerates global registrations and submissions processes so products can reach more markets sooner.

Liaison Centralized Application Service (CAS™)

Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS) is an application that provides insights into application and enrollment trends that helps higher education institutions actively target best-fit students. The goal of Liaison CAS is to: Improve the applicant experience and drive application…

Liaison WebADMIT

Liaison WebAdMIT is a student application submissions management solution for higher ed. It is designed to help users analyze and report on applicant data more effectively.

0 reviews

Cunesoft headquartered in Munich offers cune-eCTD, a submission management software for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Judgify is a contest, abstract, and submission management application from GlobalSign.In.

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Zealous was built to streamline the process of collecting, reviewing and selecting candidates online. The vendor states their platform has been used to simplify awards, competitions, residencies, exhibitions, grants, public commissions and creative jobs. Created specifically for…

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CadmiumCD headquartered in Forest Hill offers their modular event management platform supporting large conferences and events of all kinds with submission management (e.g. abstracts, cfp, etc.), exhibition management, and registration, among other facets of managing large conferences…

Hubb from Notified

Hubb is a software platform that helps conference and meeting planners manage and market content for their events. Hubb automates the processes surrounding event content management and frees time for managers to focus on strategic planning and more efficient execution. According…

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CivicOptimize, from CivicPlus, is a collection of form templates, including ready-to-use citizen data submission and engagement tools. From permit requests to business application licenses to public comment forms, its pre-configured form templates make it easier to add engagement…

Electronic Form Solutions

Electronic Form Solutions collects and manages reporting ; this platform offers software as a service to streamline and automate paper intensive programs dealing with application and review.

CommunityForce Scholars United

CommunityForce Scholarship Management (Scholars United), is a scholarship management platform designed to help universities, colleges and corporations manage their entire scholarship application lifecycle in one centralized solution.

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ScholarOne is a workflow management for scholarly journals, from Clarivate. The ScholarOne Manuscript product enables users to align journal management with an institutional strategy—whether that is to create efficient workflows, attract and retain a broader pool of reviewers and…

Snap Audition
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Snap Audition brings together audition management, registration, and judging, in one affordable platform. Online or in-person, Snap will help an audition run smoothly. College music auditions, school band placements, dance, art, and beyond; Snap Audition is for any type and size…

Learn More About Submission Management Software

What is Submission Management?

Submission management software allows companies, government departments, organizations, and educational institutions to accept large amounts of digital applications, files, or images via a web-based form.

These tools can simplify, automate, and streamline submission and application processes without relying on email or file downloads. Organizations can collect, decline, track and manage submissions and applicants for various purposes, such as:

  • Abstracts and peer-reviewed papers
  • Admissions
  • Auditions
  • Casting for film, TV, and stage
  • Contests and awards management
  • Event registration
  • FDA and regulatory governance
  • Fellowship and residency applications
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Industry assessments
  • Job listings and internships
  • Portfolio submissions
  • Product submissions
  • Speaker management
  • Surveys
  • Video/audio submissions

Submission management solutions may be designed as stand-alone solutions, while others are more comprehensive–offering a suite of options to handle more complex campaigns. Vendors providing forms and survey tools may offer ancillary products specifically designed to provide a platform for management contest submissions. Some submission management software systems can allow team members and judges to plan, review, comment, collaborate, and decide on submissions together in real-time, all within one streamlined workflow.

Document management systems (DMS) are related to submission management systems. However, where a DMS automates the capture, organization, storage, and security of business documents, a submission management system streamlines online user engagement and the receipt, processing, and reviewing of those users’ applications and submissions.

Submissions management systems are frequently used in education or institutions of higher learning, government, HR, and related entities. Awards Management Software, Contest Management Software, and Grant Management Software are all types of submission management systems.

Submission Management Features

Submission management systems often include the following features:

  • Automated submissions tracking
  • Comprehensive dashboard reports
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Comments/Notes
  • Branded portals
  • Customizable online forms
  • Comprehensive dashboard reports
  • Integrations
  • Knowledgebase
  • Payment processing
  • Various file types support
  • Search and archive
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Simple and advanced reviews
  • Management of forms, applicants, submissions, and judging
  • Mobile compliant

Submission Management Comparison

When comparing submission management systems, here are some questions to keep in mind:

Use Case: Submission management systems are designed for various applications ranging from awards contests to government regulatory compliance, to scholarships, surveys, peer reviews, internship applications, and more. Since submission management systems are not necessarily “one-size-fits-all,” it’s important to get specific about your organization’s unique needs and purpose for the application before shopping.

Features Desired: Consider the customizability and flexibility of the application. Does it provide useful options like testing, dropdown lists, drag-in-drop capability, multiple response checkboxes, application staging, and word limits? Is the program configurable for full-cycle campaign management?

Review Functionality: Can you customize the review process to meet your team’s needs? Does the product allow you to create custom forms and checklists to guide your reviewers regarding feedback? Are there fields for numeric scoring and qualitative feedback? How quickly and easily can you create forms and campaigns?

User Experience: How complex is the software to learn? Will your staff require a lot of training to adapt to it effectively? Look into the software’s team and collaboration capabilities. Is it possible to communicate with reviewers and submitters all within the platform? And how easily can your applicants use the system?

Fundraising Reporting: Can the application support secure payment processing and reporting if you’re fundraising or collecting payments? How detailed are their reporting and tracking while monitoring your campaign progress? Will the platform support integrations across departments and with other business applications, such as CRMs and financial applications? Can you analyze and merge data from multiple forms?

Start a Submission Management comparison here.

Pricing Information

Submission management solutions may be billed monthly, annual, or per campaign. The number of team members can also influence pricing.

Free trials are generally available. Some simple survey tools have free options. Many vendors price their submission management solutions as stand-alone systems. Other solutions can be purchased as part of a larger nonprofit fundraising software bundle for little or no additional cost.

Entry-level options begin at $18/month. More comprehensive solutions range from $1199 to $10,000 per campaign. Most vendors offer custom quotes. Some vendors offer discounts to non-profit organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does submission management software do?

Submission management systems allow companies, government agencies, organizations, contests and awards entities, and educational institutions to accept large volumes of digital applications, files, or images via online digital forms. These technologies can simplify, automate, and streamline submission, application, and judging processes without relying on email or file downloads.

What are the benefits of using submission management software?

Submission management systems save organizations time, handle large volumes of submissions, and lower processing and operating costs. Many solutions offer increased functionality, detailed tracking and reporting, team collaboration, and secure financial and compliance options. Ultimately, submission management tools simplify workflows and make it easier for organizations to process, manage, and review applications efficiently.

How much does submission management software cost?

Entry-level submission management options are available with limited features or support. Simpler, entry-level options begin at $18/month. More comprehensive solutions range from $1199 to $10,000 per program. Many vendors offer free trials and custom quotes. Some vendors offer discounts to non-profits.