Submission Management Software

Submission Management Software Overview

What is Submission Management Software?

Submission Management Software is used by award issuing entities and others to create, receive, process and manage applications and submissions to events. These may include fellowships, grants, scholarships, contest entries, for awards of various kinds. These may include:

  • Artwork Submissions
  • Auditions
  • Conference Submissions (call for papers, or CFPs)
  • Abstracts & peer-reviewed papers
  • Literary Contest or Award Entries
  • Other (non-literary) contests
  • Fellowship Applications
  • Festival or Event Submissions
  • General Applications
  • Grant Applications
  • Internal Use (e.g. transfers, cases)
  • Internships
  • Job Applications
  • Manuscript/Content Submissions
  • Music Submissions
  • Residency Applications
  • Scholarship applications
  • User-generated Content
  • Video/Audio Submissions

Submissions management systems are frequently used in education or institutions of higher learning, government, HR, and related entities. They are related to grant management software, document management systems, and they may also be used to create surveys and forms. Alternately vendors providing survey tools may also provide ancillary products designed specifically to provide a platform for management contest submissions.

Submission Management Products

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WizeHive Zengine
5 ratings
4 reviews
Wizehive offers Zengine, a cloud-based submission management platform for grants, awards, scholarships and other kinds of awards ands applications. Zengine can be used to track customers, job candidates, projects or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software produc…
3 ratings
2 reviews
Submittable, headquartered in Missoula, offers their submissions management system for building out application workflows and forms, supporting grant requests, corporate giving, and other kinds of application forms with a custom review process, workflow automation, and other features.
Cvent Abstract Management
2 ratings
1 reviews
Cvent Abstract Management is a submission management solution for academic conferences, providing a CTP workflow solution. The application may be integrated into Cvent Event Management.
SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly FluidReview)
3 ratings
1 reviews
SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly FluidReview) is designed to track grant and scholarship applications and emphasizes the organization of applications and tools to support their careful review, as well as a customizable workflow to ease the work of applicants, and a customizable dashboard to provide tot…
CadmiumCD headquartered in Forest Hill offers their modular event management platform supporting large conferences and events of all kinds with submission management (e.g. abstracts, cfp, etc.), exhibition management, and registration, among other facets of managing large conferences and events.
Eventsforce headquartered in London offers their suite of event software, including a web-based registration tool Eventsforce Registration, Eventsforce Abstract for submissions management of abstracts and papers, and Eventsforce Awards for end-to-end management of award entries, submissions, and eve…
Evalato is a cloud-based application and evaluation software for awards, contests, grants, scholarships, employee recognition and other programs. Evalato promises to help businesses create a customized process with tools for collecting, handling and reviewing submissions, inviting and managing judge…
Award Force
Award Force is an award, grant application, and submission platform from the Australian company of the same name featuring granular roles and permissions to for entry and review, control of judgment process, and other features.
LORENZ docuBridge
LORENZ docuBridge is an electronic submission management solution from German company LORENZ Life Sciences Group.
OpenWater headquartered in Arlington offers their awards management and submissions software, supporting contests, academic scholarships and grant submissions, call for papers (cfps) and abstract submission, award submissions, fellowships, and related processes.
MasterControl Submissions Locker
MasterControl, a software company headquartered in Salt Lake City specializing in compliance and clinical process management, offers MasterControl Submissions Locker, a submission management system, presenting a secure solution that integrates with document management solutions and presents comprehe…
Irish company offers their submission management software, allowing businesses to collect, manage, and evaluate all kinds of applications and submissions.
Zakon Group in New Hampshire offers OpenConf, a submission management software for academic reviewed papers, abstracts, and conference papers available in community, proffessional, and Plus editions.
Cunesoft headquartered in Munich offers cune-eCTD, a submission management software for the pharmaceutical industry.
Reviewr headquartered in Lincoln offers a submission management system for competitions and contests, awards, calls for entry, and other events.
CATALYST Abstract Management Software
Omnipress in Madison offers their abstract and conference papers management solution, CATALYST, which provides a digital workflow and ancillary project management-like features for document and abstract collection, sharing, and printing.
Judgify is a contest, abstract, and submission management application from GlobalSign.In.
Zealous was built to streamline the process of collecting, reviewing and selecting candidates online. The vendor states their platform has been used to simplify awards, competitions, residencies, exhibitions, grants, public commissions and creative jobs. Created specifically for the creative sector…