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What is Helixa?

Helixa Discovery, from Helixa in New York, is the company's core analytics engine that equips users with the tools to understand what’s distinctive about any audience and what they care about.

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User-Friendly Interface: Several reviewers have praised Helixa for its user-friendly interface, stating that it requires little training …
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What is Helixa?

Helixa Discovery, from Helixa in New York, is the company's core analytics engine that equips users with the tools to understand what’s distinctive about any audience and what they care about.

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Product Details

What is Helixa?

Helixa Discovery contains a suite of audience intelligence solutions. With them, the vendor states users can:

Utilizing existing subscriptions to Helixa Discovery and MRI or Simmons, Total Consumer View fuses their consumption and intent data with Helixa Discovery’s data for an enriched view of an audience. Helixa’s Total Social View overlays the Helixa interest graph onto a social audience to tell more about the people behind the Tweets and their interests, including media preferences, brand affinities, and what drives them.

See who influencer audience engages with, how they break down in terms of demographics and other Helixa Discovery dimensions. Discover where opportunities lie in influencer marketing and make strategic decisions within a budget. Identify groups based on shared interests, psychographics, even personality types.

Use Total Social View to:

  • Segment social audience to understand who is important and what makes them unique
  • Uncover their psychographics and personality traits to fine-tune your brand communication strategy
  • Discover competitive brand affinities you might have missed before and adjust your strategy to avoid missing important opportunities

Use Total Consumer View to:

  • Identify prospects and buyers, and build a communications strategy based on their unique interests and characteristics
  • Create detailed personas for people known to have purchased product to both find more of them and keep buyers engaged and returning for more
  • Recognize cross-promotion, upsell, and sponsorship opportunities

Use Helixa Influencer View to:

  • Find influencers followed by specific segments of your audience
  • Discover which influencers or groups of influencers are best suited to spread your messaging
  • Make better decisions about spending marketing budget with influencers

Use Helixa Segmentation View to:

  • Discover how to communicate more effectively based on different interests and mindsets so messages will resonate
  • Build a marketing strategy tailored to the different types of people a brand wants to attract
  • Identify underserved audiences who are buying without identifying with a brand and turn them into more passionate customers

Helixa Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

User-Friendly Interface: Several reviewers have praised Helixa for its user-friendly interface, stating that it requires little training to navigate. This suggests that the platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly get started with their analysis.

Visually Appealing Output: Many users appreciate the visually appealing output of Helixa, which allows them to double-click into individual attributes of interest. This indicates that the platform provides a visually engaging and interactive experience, enhancing the overall data exploration process.

Efficient Information Gathering: A number of reviewers mention that Helixa makes it simple to quickly gather the information they need. This implies that the platform is efficient in providing relevant data and insights, saving users valuable time in their research endeavors.

Unclear Methodology: Some users have found Helixa's methodology to be unclear compared to other platforms, making it difficult to fully understand how the data is gathered and analyzed.

Reliance on Twitter Data: Concerns have been raised by users about the reliance on Twitter data by Helixa. They worry that this may pose issues in the future, as Twitter may not always accurately represent broader social media or general consumer sentiment.

Difficulty in Finding Full Question/Statements: Several users have mentioned difficulty in finding the full question/statements for certain attributes within Helixa. This lack of clarity makes it challenging for them to fully understand the meaning behind these traits.


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Daisy Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our agency uses Helixa as just one tool in a large social intelligence tool kit to provide insights into consumer behavior that can support a larger social media audit and construction of a social strategy. Because social audience tools give you limited demographic, psychographic and consumption insights, Helixa is an amazing tool to get to understand both a current social audience and a potential customer base for a brand. Some of the most crucial questions Helixa answers is about interest affinity when planning a social and content strategy, improving cultural relevance and staying ahead of our competitors. I can send our content and social teams out with informed insights about content pillars, potential brand partners, and social behaviors to inform content calendars, future collabs and to understand their KPIs through the lens of their audience. I personally love Helixa’s interface. It’s visually pleasing and really easy to use data points for presentations. Because it pulls so much data, the loading times for Helixa can sometimes be maddening. In depth queries, especially if pulling for a large audience size, take minutes sometimes to load. Plus, if the loading takes to long or if you navigate away from the page for too long, the search times out and you have to start again. A small price to pay for much needed intelligence.
  • Visualization
  • Category organization
  • Valuable intelligence
  • Loading times
  • Navigation
  • Easier Social Audience Uploads
Users have to be upfront with clients on where Helixa is pulling data from or they could get the wrong idea about the insights. Helixa pulls from a number of sources to gain insight but may not specifically be from the owned channel social audience. By using total social view, you can potentially get the audience data for your Twitter channel which can add specificity to your insights but they can differ from the overall consumer audience. Helixa is best used as a starting point, a place to get ideas and pull supporting data to understand patterns in behavior about an audience. I would not necessarily take its word as gospel, just one piece of a larger insight. My favorite section are the opinions as they show what is most important to the specific audience and can really help get the wheels turning. My least favorite section are the influencer categories. From my experience with Helixa, the influencers tend to skew political and mainstream which is not necessarily what clients are looking for when trying to understand what kind of people are influencing audiences. I also mind that Helixa pulls in a lot of unnecessary social apps like Flickr or Foursquare which are hardly used anymore.
  • More creative pitches
  • The allure of data driven services
  • Signed scopes
Helixa is just a completely different beast entirely. Where other consumer research boils down their insights into reports, Helixa allows you to go through audience data with a fine tooth comb, also providing the opportunity for direct comparison across different brands or demographic groups. While we did pick Helixa, I can’t emphasize the need for making Helixa one tool in a tool box. While Mintel was a tool we considered that was similar-ish, we also use Mintel now to help complement Helixas insights.
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