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December 12, 2020
Miguel Angel Merino Vega | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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In my experience as a technology consultant and IT solutions vendor, many projects we undertake that involve digital image processing and in-house georeferencing mechanisms require a considerable amount of processing. For these scenarios, our infrastructure sales department recommends IBM Power Systems S914 servers as one of its options because they have a very good cost / benefit ratio.
  • Very good cost / benefit ratio compared to other options on the market and for the intended purpose.
  • Scalability in terms of processing. The equipment is truly ideal to support containerized applications with high processing load.
  • Availability and fault tolerance. We have been working with these teams for more than three years and to date we have not been presented with a serious incident that puts our clients' data at risk.
  • Many customers are not comfortable using a physical computer and prefer infrastructure solutions in the cloud. For these types of clients, the leap towards implementing a physical server can be complex. A specialized support area for these types of clients would be welcome.
  • The processing power of the equipment is lower than that of the S922 or S924 equipment, which is understandable for being S914 of lower range.
For commercial applications with microservices that demand high availability and processing, including scenarios such as digital processing, artificial intelligence, georeferencing; this is a more than ideal team.

The choice of a server depends on the purpose for which it is required. If you have applications that only manage data without greater complexity in their calculations, the equipment could be underutilized. On the contrary, if overly demanding data calculations achieved by supercomputers are required, I would recommend higher end equipment.
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December 08, 2020
James Freeman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are a value-add reseller and service provider, and so we spend a lot of time investigating new and exciting technologies so that we can share them with our clients, and support their implementation there. We have run a lot of different workloads and benchmarks on the Power S914 with some fantastic results seen, especially in the field of large open-source databases.
  • Robust, well thought out, modular hardware design is simple to install, maintain and upgrade.
  • Massive CPU thread count lends itself well to modern hyperscale applications.
  • Massive memory bandwidth likewise accelerates many workloads beyond the capabilities of traditional x86 hardware.
  • Power9 systems, like their predecessors are rare, thus the skills to manage them at companies are rare. This in turn means a reluctance of companies to take the hardware on as it's unlike anything else in their estate.
  • Some people find them pricey compared to just buying a pile of commodity x86 hardware.
IBM's Power architecture is absolutely fantastic provided you choose your workload correctly - for example, we benchmarked the open source database, PostgreSQL, and saw massive opportunities for scalability and growth, beyond anything possible in the x86 arena. However for some single threaded workloads such a compression and encryption, we found desktop class i7's could easily beat the Power9 chips. Their strength is anything that can make use of many threads in one go, but not anything single threaded or where core speed trumps all other requirements.
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December 08, 2020
Jason Shaw | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our Power System platforms houses our corporate ERP package which is utilized across our organization daily by approx. 300 users at different locations. Power systems has a proven itself to be a robust, stable and reliable platform with little to no hardware issues in the approx 7 years of usage.
  • Strength of hardware. These platforms just run, run , run!
  • Ease of configuration. Administration is a breeze when making changes.
  • Flexibility of operating system choices.
  • I think the platform is a little pricey for entry point solutions.
  • Complexity of licensing could be an issue for entry point solution.
  • Ability to add more internal storage space than available on base model.
Most RPG-based program used in manufacturing or warehousing will run like a breeze and are made for this platform. Its a good entry point solution for a small-medium sized business that wants to insure little overhead for administration and hardware replacement. This platform will run like a beast with little need for maintenance to its hardware.
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December 08, 2020
Graham Street | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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IBM Power 9 is the latest and greatest Power System running IBM i. We operate below the application layer so as an IBM Business Partner supply, install and maintain this server for ourselves and for our clients. We use it as a test bed for Client Disaster Recovery testing, running operating system upgrade and ptf testing. It is primarily used by our Power Systems department. The S914 is very reliable with built in resilience and redundancy across many of it's components. For example the system can lose 2 disks and still continue to operate. The failed component can be changed while the system continues to run so no down time. It's brilliant.
  • The hardware is robust and reliable.
  • The hardware and operating system work together in harmony, it just works.
  • It's very fast.
  • It is very easy to manage, a lot of the normal housekeeping tasks are automatic.
  • It can turn into a Power 10 one day!
  • The green screen user interface can seem outdated but for speed of data entry with an experienced operator it beats a web site hand down.
  • It's one of IBM's hidden gems, every SME Business should have one!
The IBM Power S914 is suited to SME Businesses with up to 1000 employees. The system can handle 100's of users whilst maintaining excellent response time. It is a fabulous piece of engineering, both hardware and software, neither would work very well without the other. It is easy to use and maintain. What's not to like?!
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December 07, 2020
Evan Kent | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The IBM Power Systems S914 was an easy-to-configure server that helped alleviate the loads we were seeing on the previous server. The multiple configuration options allowed us to size it for 10% bigger than needed but did waste a ton of money on additional power that would be wasted. The clients who are currently hosted on the IBM Power Systems S914 have seen significant improvement in performance. We will be purchasing more.

When setting up the system it setups easily and without issue. It is also runs on the quite side for more servers if that is an issue for you, you'll be pleased with this choice. It may be a bit pricy for a small business, but any medium to large would be done well with this product.
  • Speed
  • Multitasking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Hosting
  • I would like additional configuration options
  • Maybe some smaller versions
  • Additional power supply options
It seems to be best suited for cloud-based hosting and applications. It seems to be a bit more powerful than needed for local computing. The fact that it comes already set up with PowerVM integrated into the system is a time saver as well; this is a nice product that is easy to use out of the box. I believe for the cost, you cannot get more robust features than you do on this product.
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December 04, 2020
Nathan Richardson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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IBM Power Systems is our primary IT management platform. We've used it in conjunction with our high-speed servers in efforts to reduce increased lag times we've dealt with in recent years, as our company has grown. In a word, the main business problem has consisted of growing pains. The flexible consumption feature is extra helpful, as our server usage varies widely depending on seasonality.
  • The flexible consumption feature saves us a lot of money.
  • The platforms integration with Ansible is very smooth.
  • Very quick speeds.
  • The interface is fairly clunky.
  • There is a steep learning curve.
  • IBM doesn't have the name that it used to.
As I've alluded to in previous comments, Power Systems is a great enterprise tool, but if I were in a small to medium-sized company, I would think twice before purchasing. There are other platforms out there that might not be quite as robust, but they're more cost-effective and a bit less clunky as far as interface is concerned.
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December 12, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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The S914 is used to run our ERP system (MAPICS) on IBMi. We run multiple logical partitions (LPARs), leveraging PowerVM Enterprise and Virtual I/O Server (VIOS). Running an IBMi-only ERP system severely limits our hardware options, but the Power9 platform is the best I've run it on yet.
  • Decreased power consumption vs. comparable Power8 systems.
  • PowerVM and VIOS have been more stable and reliable than our x86-based virtualization platform.
  • The fine-grained resource allocation in PowerVM allows us to make better use of the hardware available to us.
  • Overall, the low end Power9 systems (including the S914) are not great candidates for expansion. If you're going entry level, make sure to think about the future, at least as it relates to the expected life of the platform.
  • 220V Power is the only option.
Even in the closed IBM Power ecosystem, the use cases for the S914 are somewhat limited. The trade off in resource requirements to properly support PowerVM and VIOS makes it difficult to reach any sane level of virtualization density on the platform. Even without VIOS, we were venturing into expansion chassis territory to support two LPARs with external storage and tape backup on each. It became a question of how much we thought we'd expand the platform vs. how much we wanted to invest up front. If I had to do it over, I would have gone with the S924 or S922 in our setup.
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December 08, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use the IBM Power Systems S914 to run SAP HANA for our department's application. Using this combination of hardware and software, we were able to achieve performance improvements of 1000X (not 1000 percent) but 1000 times faster from our prior configuration of a traditional RDBMS on unix. We use this configuration to solve complex mathematical queries that require large aggregations and other computations.
  • Deployment as an appliance.
  • Multithreading.
  • Fault tolerance.
  • Patching.
We have achieved significant performance gains through the multithreading featuers of the S914 and when combined with SAP HANA, our speed has become blindingly fast compared to our previous configuration. The devices are easy to configure and deploy and the high level of fault tolerance and error correcting is important for our application.
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IBM Power System S914 Scorecard Summary

What is IBM Power System S914?

IBM® Power System S914 provides the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights. Power S914 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires. This is IT infrastructure redesigned for enterprise AI.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBM Power System S914?

IBM® Power System S914 provides the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights. Power S914 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires. This is IT infrastructure redesigned for enterprise AI.

Who uses IBM Power System S914?

The most common users of IBM Power System S914 are Small Businesses from the Computer Networking industry.