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LastPass for Business Pricing Overview


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  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

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LastPass for Business Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Mallory Robinson

It is cost effective. Convenient way of saving password. Remote access.

Related Quote from Verified User

is straightforward and handled by IT support. Licensing is simple and affordable as well. Additionally, reporting tools provided by LastPass make it easy

Related Quote from Alan Bloxham

having the Business side of the account might not be worth the price, they could just afford a basic account.

Related Quote from Rob Rotundo

Pricing can improve. Easier integration into the computer.

Related Quote from Sara Yaseen

workplaces with less people, there's very little need since the cost can be a bit expensive and too much of a hassle to opt-in to, but well worth it if dealing

Related Quote from Ali Kazempour

security certifications and ISOs. It is also very reasonable in terms of price and features that it offers in the cloud platform.

Related Quote from Verified User

functionality, like their MFA & SSO options. LastPass is also less expensive than 1Password when comparing apples to apple, but still offers more room … mobile app and the LastPass authenticator for 2FA / MFA, and it's a very good value.

Related Quote from Diane Eby

accounts! Cost is acceptable vs loss associated with stolen passwords or misuse of online accounts. … LastPass – Simple, Straightforward cost per/user/month … every expectation we had. It does everything we wanted/needed it to do. It is cost effective and easy to add…

Related Quote from Angela Streibeck

email and click. It is less appropriate for a really large group due to cost.

Related Quote from Amy Pyles

logins but want to do it safely. Its price point can be a barrier for larger-scale teams but we have found it affordable and effective for a 10-15 person team … Chrome plugin can be buggy to select which user you are logging in for. Price point can be cumbersome to scale of platform to entire…

Related Quote from Paul Tedder

provided there. Ultimately we stayed with LastPass because there was no real cost advantage to move and we have deep inroads with LastPass already.

Related Quote from Verified User

management space, but LastPass provides a solid product with a price-point that is affordable for any size organization. Other solutions we tried had barriers … Ease of use Great pricing Works on multiple platforms Can &helli…

Related Quote from Verified User

1Password's UI/UX, though it is about twice as expensive as LP ($7/month/user vs $3). However, it's hard to put a price on security. I always believe the less … If we are talking bang for your buck, LP for business is really cheap (currently $3/user/month) and works well enough 98% of the time for your … compliance agreements. So, basically, yo…

Related Quote from Maddie Tabor

Reasonably priced and keeps our accounts safe, great ROI.

Related Quote from Verified User

Does what it says on the box: manage passwords. A must for any company that values its information and wants to ensure strong passwords are used.

Related Quote from Nate Casimiro

The cost of a password manager is negligible, especially for smaller teams. This cost is essntially an insurance policy so … huge losses later. You can't afford not to secure your account credentials. As with most good tools, there is likely some cost savings by helping your team … businesses as it contains robust permissioning and team building…

Related Quote from Craige Hardel

Expensive for many employees especially contractors (temporary ones). They don't

Related Quote from Kevin Banovic

go on whatever machine I use is invaluable. And, like I said before - the price is right.

Related Quote from Sam Othman

they can push the accounts in without sending to IT to do. Pricing - We have had massive pricing increases each year since we brought it in. They say it is … don't use many if any of the new features. If they could bring in a modular pricing model so we can pay for the base system and then purchase any required add-ons … for us. We nearly had to scrap the system this renew…

Related Quote from Santiago Valdés

I can't think of any scenario where this might not be useful. Work: if you work in marketing, IT or any other department with a shared service where you need to access and can't make several passwords to access, then you need this. First, to avoid others in the organization accessing,…

Related Quote from Kenneth Hess

that aren't listed but they just didn't measure up in terms of ease of use, price, convenience, and familiarity. A lot of people already use LastPass and so

Related Quote from Andrew Vawdrey

functionality. We ended up going with LastPass because of two things: first off, the price is always a factor and LastPass came in cheaper. LastPass also had better

Related Quote from Leah Jakaitis

LastPass was selected because it offered the most cost-effective setup and distribution within our mid-size organization. It is

Related Quote from Fedor Paretsky

Can be expensive - To be able to sync across more than just two devices and other security … that are a bit more affordable than LastPass premium. … Positive - Really great secure feature-set on the free plan. Negative - Expensive as it scales-up, and

Related Quote from Ed Hart

can be a little tedious, but for us, that's an acceptable tradeoff for the cost. … We were previously on Enterprise before the upgrade (and corresponding price increase) and elected to move to Teams when the upgrade went into effect