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LastPass for Business has 5 pricing edition(s), from $0 to $8. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.






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2022 LastPass for Business Pricing

If the phrases “you must enter a strong password” and “new password cannot be the same as your 3 previous passwords” sound way too familiar, you should consider a password manager. At their core, these tools ensure that you only have to remember one password to log in to your accounts. Many offer additional security features, making them an easy way to make your time online more secure.

LastPass for Business is one of the most popular identity management solutions available, winning a 2021 Top Rated award and three Best Of awards in 2022. As a LastPass user myself, I can confidently say that it lives up to the hype. LastPass can be purchased for personal and business use, and the different plans and features are detailed below.

LastPass for Business vs Personal Use

Password management solutions come in many shapes and sizes, either as standalone password management products or as a part of a more robust identity management tool.

LastPass offers password management among numerous other security features that vary based on a user’s subscription level.

LastPass’s plans are available as apps and browser extensions on various devices. Supported operating systems include Windows and Mac, and mobile apps are available on iOS, and Android. Browser extensions are available on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Their personal options offer basic security features for individuals and families. These basic protections are an easy way to add an additional layer of security to protect personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

The features in the personal plans aren’t sufficient to meet a business’s security needs. Businesses would benefit from the more advanced user management and adoption tracking features that aren’t available through LastPass’s personal offerings. Additional features and detailed pricing is discussed below.

LastPass Pricing

There are 3 LastPass plans available for personal use: Free, Premium and Family. LastPass Business offerings include LastPass Teams, LastPass Business, and LastPass Enterprise. They offer 2 add-ons, Advanced Single Sign On (SSO) and Advanced Multifactor Authentication (MFA). These Add-Ons are not available for personal plans or LastPass Teams. Detailed pricing information is available on LastPass’s website.

LastPass Free

Their free offering offers all users basic features such as:

  • Secure password vault

  • Basic multifactor authentication (MFA)

  • Password generator

  • One-to-one password sharing

Access is limited to one device type. Anyone who wants added security across all of their devices should opt for a paid offering. This offering is a good option for people who don’t need a ton of extra security features.

LastPass Premium - $3/month

The Premium plan is free for employees whose company subscribes to LastPass Business or Enterprise. LastPass Premium offers access to everything in the free version, plus the following:

  • One-to-many sharing

  • Emergency access

  • Advanced multi-factor options

  • Priority tech support

  • LastPass for Applications

  • 1 GB encrypted file storage

  • Security dashboard and score

  • Dark web monitoring

  • Personal support

This is a good plan for someone who wants added protections and password management across their devices. The added dark web monitoring actively searches for your information in data breaches, and is well worth $3/month on its own.

LastPass Families - $4/month

LastPass also offers a family plan that offers the same features as the Premium plan. Family plans allow up to 6 users to share passwords and credit card information. (Shared Netflix, HBO, and Hulu passwords anyone?) Essentially, this plan allows subscribers to add on 5 additional Premium subscriptions for $1 more/month.

Example of the password sharing capabilities of LastPass’s family plan.

LastPass Teams - $4/user/month

LastPass Teams is designed to improve the security of small businesses. Subscriptions to this plan are capped at 50 users, meaning it is not a scalable solution for growing companies. Each user gets their own password vault and access to shared folders. This enables businesses to share login information securely. Accounts using this plan have access to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and basic MFA. Subscribers on this plan cannot utilize LastPass’s more advanced MFA capabilities.

Beyond secure password storage and sharing, LastPass Teams offers users additional security insights. Companies can monitor for breaches via LastPass's security dashboards and dark web monitoring. LastPass offers smaller companies enhanced security at an affordable price. During deployment, administrators can choose from 10 security policies based on their needs.

At the Teams level, self-guided customer support is offered through their community. The community is monitored by LastPass experts, who respond to questions. This level of support is likely insufficient for businesses with more advanced security needs or for small business owners with limited technical expertise.

LastPass Business - $6/user/month

LastPass Business offers all of the services offered by the Teams plan, and more. There is no limit to the number of users on a LastPass Business plan, making it a more scalable option than the Teams plan. LastPass Business offers all employees access to LastPass Families as a benefit.

Beyond the basic admin console, Business subscribers receive more advanced reporting. Business subscribers can select from more than 100 security policies (versus the 10 offered at the Teams level). Admins can create user groups and customize their user management policies.

The Business plan offers a number of integrations not offered at the Teams level or for personal accounts. By integrating with their identity provider (such as Okta, Microsoft or Google), companies can streamline employee access to their LastPass vault. Group management and license provisioning can be automated through integration with a company directory. Lastly, this plan offers API access.

Most advanced MFA capabilities are offered through the add-on described below. Subscribers to the Business plan receive authentication for SSO/Cloud apps. Additional SSO features are offered at this level as well, including an SSO portal for employees and access to 3 SSO apps.

LastPass Business subscribers are assigned to a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This CSM can help them get the most out of their subscription. The additional support from a dedicated CSM is likely worth the price difference for some companies.

Subscribers at this level can purchase the Advanced SSO and/or Advanced MFA add-ons. LastPass offers a bundle deal for LastPass Business and both add-ons for $9/user/month, which is a 20% discount.

Example of the LastPass Business admin console.

LastPass Enterprise - flat fee per organization

LastPass Enterprise offers all of the features offered at the Business level, but at a flat fee. This fee is custom per organization and is not available without contacting LastPass sales. Per LastPass’s website, this site license can result in up to a 25% discount. This flat fee may be a good solution for companies in growth stages.

Businesses interested in the Business plan and both Add-Ons (detailed below) should take the time obtain an Enterprise quote from LastPass. Obtaining the Enterprise quote will ensure that businesses select the plan that gives them the best combination of features and affordability.

Add-On: Advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) - $2/user/month

The Business plan caps companies at 3 SSO apps. The Advanced SSO add-on gives companies access to unlimited SSO apps. LastPass has over 1200 pre-integrated SSO applications, and the add-on allows companies to build their own to suit their needs. These additional capabilities may be necessary for organizations with industry-specific security or compliance regulations.

Add-On: Advanced Multifactor Authentication (MFA) - $3/user/month

The Advanced MFA add-on offers several additional MFA features. Features included with this add-on are contextual authentication policies, VPN protection, and workstation login. This add-on allows for passwordless authentication on some devices. Passwordless authentication combines contextual policies and biometrics. The VPN protections offer additional security for companies with a large number of hybrid or fully-remote employees.

The workstation login is a particularly useful feature for companies returning to in-person work. Companies can increase security for on-premises apps through the LastPass Universal Proxy feature. LastPass can add additional authentication for external identity providers through their integration capabilities.


LastPass is not the only identity management or password management solution available. While many companies offer password management features, they vary in price and other features. LastPass is widely used across many industries, and offers tailored solutions for education and legal use cases. Other products, including 1Password and Keeper, offer features offered that are tailored to suit the need of developers. KeePass offers a no frills password management with no extras.


1Password offers password management and additional identity management features. A big difference between 1Password and LastPass is pricing model. 1Password offers a subscription for up to 10 team members for a flat fee of $19.95/month, and a business subscription for a fee of $7.99/month. 1Password also offers a free family membership for subscribers under their business tier. Enterprise pricing for 1Password is only available via a custom quote from their sales team.

Beyond pricing, 1Password has a number of developer tools aimed to help protect company secrets. These features could be useful to technical organizations seeking to secure their workflows without disruption.

1Password does not offer the more advanced SSO, MFA or identity monitoring features offered by LastPass. 24/7 email support is offered at all subscription levels for 1Password. Subscribers to LastPass have to subscribe to the Business tier to upgrade from community support. 1Password may be a better fit for smaller businesses (10 employees or less) who don’t need the extra security features. For more information on how these products stack up against each other, view their TrustRadius comparison page.


Keeper offers many of the same features as LastPass and Keeper has similar secrets management features to 1Password. Like LastPass and 1Password, Keeper offers a family subscription to users of their business plans. Keeper has advanced reporting built in to assist businesses in meeting compliance requirements. Keeper also offers a secure messaging application not offered by similar products.

At $3.75/user/month, Keeper’s pricing is comparable to LastPass’s Teams subscription. The features are more similar to LastPass's more expensive Business offerings. As with the other products discussed, enterprise pricing is not available online. Enterprise pricing requires contact with Keeper’s sales team. Unlike the other offerings, Keeper can get real pricey, real fast. Secrets management, advanced compliance reporting, advanced alerting, Keeper chat, and secure file sharing are available at an extra cost.

For companies with more rigorous compliance requirements, the additional cost may be welll worth it. Keeper may also be a good fit for companies looking for all of these features from a sole provider. Since enterprise pricing isn’t available, it’s unclear if there are discounts available for bundling these features. To get a better idea of how Keeper compares with LastPass, view their TrustRadius comparison page.


KeePass is an open-source, downloadable password manager that encrypts your passwords using secure encryption algorithms (AES-256, ChaCha20, and Twofish). Most importantly, it’s entirely free! Unlike the other products mentioned, it has none of the additional frills or security features. If your organization needs any of these features, KeePass likely isn’t the right product for you.

KeePass is well suited for individuals or for businesses who don’t need to share passwords between employees. Since it’s downloaded directly onto your device, KeePass is best for people who work off of one device, like a desktop or laptop. KeePass is also a good option for individuals with some level of technical skill, as it’s open-source and can be customized. For a more thorough comparison of these products, view their TrustRadius comparison page.

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LastPass has a number of resources available that provide more information about their offerings. Examples include an overview of employee account setup and a demo of their active directory integration.

For more information on how LastPass keeps your data secure, here's an overview of their security architecture.

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