Best Password Manager SoftwarePassword Manager Software is a subset of identity management software dedicated to the generation, storage, retrieval, and securing of passwords. Chiefly password managers provide an extra layer of security by creating intensely strong passwords which the user does not have to remember, who logs in using only a password that allows access to the password manager; provided the device or devices required for login are not compromised this may present an acceptable and desirable balance between security and self-service convenience and flexibility.LastPass for Business1 Password Manager Pro5 Vault7 Server8 Vault9 Privileged Identity (formerly Lieberman RED)10 Identity Management Software Suite12 Service Reset Password Management13 Password Server15 Password Safe, powered by PowerBroker16 ID Password Manager17 Key18 Genie20 Tech Office21 Password Auditor22 for Active Directory23 Outlook PST Password Remover24

Password Manager Software

Best Password Manager Software

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Password Manager Software Overview

What is Password Manager Software?

Password manager software helps businesses create, store, and control access to their passwords.

Employees often need to access multiple password-protected applications, each with their own password. Instead of memorizing multiple unique passwords, users often write passwords down or use a single password for multiple applications. Both of these options create security risks.

Password manager software aims to help businesses avoid these risks by saving user IDs and passwords in a secure location. Each employee can access their credentials with a single master password. Most products autofill credential fields with the appropriate information, saving employees from memorizing multiple credentials. Users with a single master password are less likely to write credentials down and more likely to use unique, secure passwords for each application.

Password manager software also helps businesses share credentials among multiple employees. Most vendors include a centralized view of users, groups, and credentials. From this view, administrators can create and manage groups of users and credentials. This system allows shared application access without exposing login information to each user.

Features & Capabilities

Most password manager software vendors offer the following features:

  • Secure user ID and password storage

  • Single sign-on access to login credentials

  • Autofill for saved login credentials

  • Password generation tools

  • Single-user and group permissions tools for administrators

  • Password security and auditing reports

  • Multi-factor authentication options

  • Mobile app for users

Pricing Information

Pricing for password manager software varies based on feature set and number of users. Most vendors use a tiered per-user per-month pricing model. Many vendors offer free trials of their software. Prices range from under $2.75 to over $5.75 monthly per user.

Password Manager Products

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LastPass for Business

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120 Ratings

LastPass, a LogMeIn company, is a password management application to simplify access to enterprise applications for users but also increase centrality and ease of management of access for administrators with task automation, convenient and secure password sharing, and other features.


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Top Rated
73 Ratings

AgileBits in Toronto offers 1Password, a password manager available to both private individuals and businesses, touting a unique approach to multi-factor authentication to improve security.

22 Ratings

Keeper is a password manager and digital vault designed to protect passwords and sensitive digital assets. The vendor reports Keeper is used by thousands of businesses and millions of individuals to mitigate the risk of a data breach, including Sony, Chipotle, and The University of Alabama at Bir...

HashiCorp now offers their open source application Vault, an encryption tool of use in the management of secrets including credentials, passwords and other secrets, providing access control, audit trail, and support for multiple authentication methods.

11 Ratings

Secret Server is an enterprise password management application from Thycotic in Washington DC which is available with either a cloud-based or on-premise deployment which emphasizes fast deployment, scalability, and simplicity.

7 Ratings

RoboForm for Business is a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use password automation and centralized management solution for businesses and government agencies around the world. Our software helps your company organize logins and passwords, making your password generation, storing, and sharing both ...

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Hitachi ID Password Manager secures login credentials, passwords, security questions, and tokens, and furthermore contains the add on module the Hitachi ID Login Manager to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution as well.

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True Key is a password manager from McAfee / Intel Security, based on McAfee technology and technology acquired with the company PasswordBox (2015). The application stores highly secure passwords and provides a simpler means of login to the end user.

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Salexo Software (alternately known as SplashData) in Los Gatos offers SplashID, their flagship password manager emphasizing flexible synchronization rules and record keeping with automated backup.

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SecurityCoverage in Cedar Rapids offer Password Genie, a password management application providing smart login and advanced customization, form fill and backup, and 2 step verification, among other features.

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SecurityCoverage in Cedar Rapids offers Tech Office, their flagship platform which encompasses endpoint cloud backup (with different levels of service to cover multiple seats), password management, and endpoint security and antivirus via SecureIT Pro, the company's antivirus software which is ava...

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Specops Password Auditor is a free tool that scans your Active Directory, and detects security-related weaknesses, such as weak password policies and the use of leaked passwords. The vendor says that the tool allows IT departments to gauge their password security posture, by identifying accounts...

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Active Directory is a target for criminals who use cracking dictionaries or exposed credentials to gain unauthorized access to employee accounts. It is not just weak passwords that make the system vulnerable, it is also compromised passwords that can be a risk. Because many employees reuse passwo...

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Shoviv Outlook Password Remover software is presented by the vendor as a hassle free utility, having a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) that helps users work with the software without any technical knowledge. Outlook password Recovery tool from Shoviv Software works with all the versions of ...

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STEALTHbits Technologies offers StealthINTERCEPT, an evolution of STEALTHBITS Enterprise Password Enforcer supporting high security password creation, the ability to detect and prevent the creation of previously exploited passwords, rejection of user log in credentials, and other password policy ...