My Personal Favorite Password Manager
August 15, 2018

My Personal Favorite Password Manager

Brad Henderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LastPass

We use LastPass across the organization. As a startup, we find it's a very effective tool for sharing and managing passwords for different accounts, as well as adding permissions when on-boarding a new employee and removing permissions when employees leave. It's also nice for having a dashboard of all the software you use, which also makes on-boarding easy, because you have your passwords to all of the relevant software stored on your LastPass dashboard.


  • Sharing and managing passwords is very simple and intuitive. Other services I've used have been a bit more confusing
  • Form filling is consistent and reliable. I've used other services where I haven't been as impressed with their consistency
  • LastPass is one of the more affordable options for password management


  • The user interface/experience isn't always the most intuitive. There have been a number of things that took me a while to figure out. Especially team password stuff.
  • Strictly browser based. I do like the option to download a program like some other password managers have
  • This is getting a bit nit picky, but the icon that shows up in the username/password field is kind of ugly
  • LastPass has saved us hundreds of dollars/month in additional SaaS subscription fees in situations where we don't necessarily need to pay for an additional user. For that alone it pays for itself
  • It saves us time and frustration for the tedious part of user on-boarding
  • Difficult to specifically quantify the ROI here, but it helps us to be more secure by auto-generating far more secure and unique passwords than we'd otherwise generate ourselves.
LastPass is very affordable relative to other products I've used, as well as a mostly intuitive interface. Dashlane is pretty good, I like a number things about it but prefer LastPass overall. 1Password is a ripoff. It's a powerful tool with a great UI/UX but the price point is far too high per user for what it's worth.
LastPass is great for a startup organization like mine. It really helps make the on-boarding process more seamless, and saves us a lot of money on adding user licenses for additional employees for other software, when creating a new user isn't necessary. I haven't use LastPass in a larger organization but I can see how it may not be as useful as it is for us at our startup.


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