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Media Composer

Media Composer


What is Media Composer?

Avid Technologies offers Media Composer, the company's professional class video editing software supporting high res and advanced video creation needs.

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Users have found AVID software to be reliable for big shows with lots of footage and editors, unlike Premiere. It allows for seamless …
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What is Media Composer?

Media Composer Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found AVID software to be reliable for big shows with lots of footage and editors, unlike Premiere. It allows for seamless collaboration with other users, as long as the workflow is followed correctly. The software provides a uniform look to stories, benefiting companies as the main editing software used. It is widely recognized as the industry leader for professional editors in film, television, and advertising post-production.

AVID has improved editing for broadcasting television and offers an efficient workflow for multi-editor projects with shared storage. Multiple editors can work on one project simultaneously, making it beneficial for editing videos for promotional purposes with attention-catching effects. Additionally, users can create media for broadcast and internet platforms. It is also a great platform for interns to learn video editing and has a straightforward workflow for traditional broadcast or film applications.

Users have found AVID stable and reliable for editing, improving business success. It provides efficient problem-solving and easy access to footage, allowing assistants and editors to work together on the same project. Compared to its competitors, AVID is stable and less buggy, providing a wide range of tools for post-production video editing. This software helps solve the need for more content in the broadcast and digital world while improving production workflows and turnarounds.

Overall, users prefer AVID over Premiere due to its wide range of tools and stability, especially for long-format projects. It allows for easy collaboration on large TV shows with multiple editors using ISIS. Furthermore, it integrates into an active directory environment with restricted permissions, which sets it apart from its competitors. With its ability to handle editing, color grading, and sound designing for films, fast video playback and replaying capabilities, professional quality output is possible without the need for additional programs.

AVID's reliability extends beyond editing capabilities; it also excels in database management by ensuring easy and secure finding and backup of critical project assets. Not only does it offer professional quality results in film and news environments, but it also allows users to improve the product and tailor it to their specific needs. With its cost-effectiveness for mass implementation, AVID is also suitable for student newsrooms and editing school projects, creating promotional content, and working on film and television workflows. It is an essential tool for students learning the industry standard for film and television editing.

Efficiency and Ease of Use: Many users have praised Avid Media Composer for its efficiency and ease of use, stating that it is intuitive and powerful for editing tasks. Some users feel the software streamlines the editing process and enhances productivity.

Stability and Reliability: Avid Media Composer has received significant praise for its stability, reliability, and lack of glitches or delays in editing. Users appreciate the seamless editing experience without any technical issues, allowing them to focus on their creative work.

Customer Service Support: The customer service team of Avid Media Composer is highly regarded by users for being helpful and providing assistance when needed. Some users find the support they receive from the team to be valuable throughout their experience with the software.

Outdated and Confusing User Interface: Many users have criticized Avid's user interface, stating that it is outdated, confusing, and not user-friendly. Reviewers have expressed difficulty in navigating the software due to important features being hidden within the program. Some users feel that the UI has not changed since the 90s, making it particularly challenging for new users to find their way around.

Challenging for Beginners: Avid can be daunting for beginners as it requires a basic understanding of video editing before diving into the software. This steep learning curve has been mentioned by several reviewers who found it difficult to grasp the software without prior knowledge or experience in video editing.

Issues with File Handling and Linking: Users have reported issues with Avid's file handling and linking capabilities. Importing and linking files can be complicated, causing problems with accessing media when reopening projects. Some reviewers have even experienced nightmares with relinking files, which can result in project damage if files are moved or renamed incorrectly.

Based on user reviews, here are the most common recommendations for Avid Media Composer:

  1. Consider other options like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut for finer editing. These software options are praised for their stability and support for multiple users.

  2. Invest in training to learn all the features of Avid Media Composer. Many users suggest watching tutorials or receiving prior training to make the most of its powerful editing capabilities.

  3. Evaluate the suitability of Avid Media Composer for your workflow. Take into account factors such as compatibility with media formats and the specific requirements of your editing projects.

Overall, users recommend exploring alternatives, investing in training, and carefully considering the suitability of Avid Media Composer based on individual workflow needs.


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Media Composer is an essential tool for our Film and television workflows. It addresses students learning the industry standard for film and television editing
  • Manage Longform Media
  • Edit video and sound
  • Script Based editing
  • Visual effects
  • Speed of export
  • performance of linked media
Media composer is well suited to [the] collaborative workflow for the entertainment industry when working with multiple professionals. Media composer is also vital for creative post-production professionals that want to work at the top level of the industry. Media composer works well with Pro Tools the industry standard for Audio Post-production
  • Editorial
  • Export to Pro Tools
  • Industry standard toolset
  • Allowed our students to get top jobs in the industry
  • trained on tools that large media companies use
  • Comprehensive educational curriculum and certification available
We [utilize] premiere for our VFX and animation curriculum due to tight integration with after effects and [photoshop]. we utilize resolve for DIT and color correction and finishing Media composer is the heart of our editorial workflow to align with the industry and give students a leg up to get jobs
Rob Gokee | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a composer in the entertainment industry, I often have to create videos for promotional content, for clients, and as a regular part of marketing. Also, as a content creator myself, and in a previous position in the Story Department working on the show Braxton Family Values," I've found over and over that Media Composer is not only the most implemented but the best tool for video editing.
  • Easy to organize files
  • Quick learning curve
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for a company with multiple editors working on the same show
  • A faster update track
I've cut my own video content on Media Composer, and also worked on a network television show with it - it performed excellently in both situations. The bins are a great way to find and store content and the timeline is easy to understand. In my experience, crashes were few and far between (although they're a part of the job no matter what DAW you're using).
  • Ease of use (how easy it is to jump in and learn)
  • That it's the industry standard (like Pro Tools is for audio)
  • Competitive pricing
  • It's saved time by being easy to learn (well, easy to start. It takes a long time to learn)
  • Because everyone in the industry uses or has used it, collaborating is easier
  • It's saved us money because we don't have to change products
  • It integrates well with Pro Tools
Honestly, all three are top-tier products and work really well, and you can do the job with them. Avid has been around longer, and it's implemented in many post-production houses around the world, so when you're working and collaborating with others, it's super helpful that everyone knows the workflow of Media Composer, and exchanging files and sessions is a breeze.
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