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Oracle Data Quality

Oracle Data Quality


What is Oracle Data Quality?

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is, as the name would suggest, a data quality offering from Oracle for enterprises.

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  • Data profiling (7)
  • Master data management (MDM) integration (7)
  • Data element standardization (7)
  • Data source connectivity (7)
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What is Oracle Data Quality?

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is, as the name would suggest, a data quality offering from Oracle for enterprises.

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Product Demos

International Address Verification with EDQ and Loqate

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Data Quality

Data quality tools are designed to ensure that business data is as reliable as possible so that it can provide a solid basis for effective decision-making

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Product Details

What is Oracle Data Quality?

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is offered to provide a comprehensive data quality management environment, used to understand, improve, protect and govern data quality. The vendor states the software facilitates best practice Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Integration, Business Intelligence and data migration initiatives, as well as providing integrated data quality in CRM and other applications and cloud services.

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Oracle Data Quality Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is, as the name would suggest, a data quality offering from Oracle for enterprises.

Microsoft BI (MSBI), SAP Data Services, and Informatica Cloud Data Quality are common alternatives for Oracle Data Quality.

Reviewers rate Data profiling highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Oracle Data Quality are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Rita Joy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Oracle Data Quality remains to be a proficient, substantial, and advanced data support program, that ensures there is security throughout the database, the analytical platform is digitized, and a secure cloud area. Further, the elimination of redundant data and any duplicates makes Oracle Data Quality more demanded. The cleansing of the entire data content acts as a transformational solution that fosters quality support and digitizes every activity. Lastly, there is data connectivity, address affirmation, and reputable communications.
  • Accuracy of database through quality address verification and certification.
  • Determined sales analytics and procedural evaluation of the business procedures.
  • Extensive data modelling and content mapping.
  • Oracle Data Quality requires a mobile version, which would apprehend many users.
  • Oracle Data Quality has an inflexible UI, which should be more enhanced.
  • Oracle Data Quality fails to revise prices, which are candid solutions in controlling the number of subscribers.
Oracle Data Quality is suitable for managing and evaluating the available sales database, which acts as the fundamental solution in controlling the market share. Further, Oracle Data Quality creates a detailed profile, of any database, which gets accessed in case there is fundamental analytics or data verification. More so, every data or client's information gets the required verification, which is a rational way of remaining relevant and extra competitive.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We deal with lot's of customer data and we are using Oracle Enterprise Data Quality to identify and manage duplicate data across our customer database. The software makes it easy to improve data quality. After putting th the data in order, we backup the data to be used when contacting our client or when running marketing campaigns. The software has made it easy to have a single data source containing clean and verified data.
  • Visualizing data flow is easy.
  • Cleaning data is easy.
  • We are able to solve data quality issues.
  • Setup and using this software is easy.
  • Data export limitations needs to addressed.
When it comes to cleaning large data, for instance customer data, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality comes in handy and offers best features that makes it easy to clean data and visualize any flows.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use OEDQ to help improve the data quality of millions of lines of customer data with terrible addresses. It was initially used by only my department-- Data Government-- to build Customer Master Data, and now gradually to provide information back to the IT department and Sale Operation team. Our goal is to have a single source of truth of Customer Data across the whole company based on OEDQ and Oracle CDM Cloud.
  • Address verification helps you filter bad data out and improve your data quality.
  • Strength by DnB enriched information to address the correct customer by address.
  • expert data profiling to help us quickly understand our current data health.
  • The UI could be more user-friendly for non-tech people.
  • There is always an export limitation due to how EDQ uses an old version of MS Excel as the default export file type.
Implement OEDQ if your company has massive amounts of data that is poor quality.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used to identify and manage duplicated data across its customer database and write rules to filter out bad customer information.

In other clients, it was used across the entire organization to manage product data and a huge amount of customer-facing SKUs.
  • Simplifies the data quality aspects.
  • Visualizes data flows.
  • Provides many pre-built processes that are very powerful.
  • Quickstats overview is an amazing tool to quickly understand how bad the data currently is.
  • Updates are few and far between as this has transitioned to the Cloud and is the core engine for DIPC (Data Integration Platform Cloud).
  • Needs governance around the tool if multiple people are running reports (e.g. if someone is running a process, it locks out other users).
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality seems very well suited for managing large data sets. Its capabilities are very strong and I've seen it work in many industries and across both Product and Customer Data.

Less appropriate scenarios are very small data sets.

On the features - address verification is not included - but can be connected to other cloud services and needs additional licenses.
Gurcan Orhan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) helped my organization to define Data Quality issues from a business perspective by business users and ability to manage those issues within our ETL tool (Oracle Data Integrator - ODI).
  • Ease of management within Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and effectivity of EDQ Director
  • Ease of installation with web based client.
  • Data Quality issues solved quickly, easily and jobs are controlled within Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) seamlessly.
  • Setup is straightforward. Java web application (OEDQ Director) helped us for not installing any client application.
  • Mobile support and mobile app can be implemented, since business users generally prefers to work with not only their laptops, but also mobile phones or tablets.
  • Data profiling could be standalone option instead of OEDQ Director. A business user generally wants to see the format or templated counts or other aggregations based on a full dataset.
  • Ease of adding localized and customized data quality formulations (for instance asking for Turkish Citizenship Number from governmental web service and checking whether data is the same with the output).
  • Finding the "golden record" from the duplicated records.
  • Adding and/or merging missing information from different data sources.
  • Using patterns and statistical functions to complete the data.
  • Address verification (can be localized).
  • Parsing of combination of records.
  • Enriching required data from free text (story told) inputs.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) is used to identify and correct data quality issues concerning names, addresses and master data causing reporting issues.
  • Transform, standardize, and cleanse data
  • Easy to use
  • Matching and merging capabilities
  • Have better integration with other Oracle products such as Data Relationship Management (DRM)
  • Easier coding
EDQ is well suited for situations in which there are multiple entries of a single customer, product or site causing downstream reporting issues. It does great in transforming, standardizing, matching and merging these discrepancies.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use EDQ primarily for address verification. Being we are a Geo targeting company, it is very beneficial to use EDQ for a USD data. This helps prevent mis typing or invalid data from coming through. We can also use this feature to provide better quality data by looking at possible lack of data we have through user inputs.
  • Fairly easy to use interface
  • Rules and order and pretty flexible and easy to fine tune to get exactly the data you need
  • Output is easy to understand and useful for other purposes,
  • Installation and initial setup could have little more streamline approach.
  • More detailed instructions and examples to their Online Help documentation.
  • Stability. Sometimes with larger USD data sets, EDQ has a sluggish response and even sometimes a system crash.
Being we are a geo targeting company, one of our largest source of data comes from USD, which can be large firm or simple user interactions. We will these USD data through EDQ and compare the results to what we already have store in our DB. EDQ is extremely helpful in pointing out wrong USD and preventing that data from contaminating our final product.
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