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What is Postwire?

Postwire is a SaaS product that enables marketers to capture and organize content that salespeople and account managers can use to create a personalized resource page. Postwire merged with the Social Communications Company in 2015.

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TrustRadius Insights

Users have found that the product has been incredibly useful in their sales and marketing efforts. One key use case is the ability to …
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My GoTo Sales Tool

10 out of 10
January 12, 2016
It's simply the most useful tool I have in my sales armory. I love this product so much I am actually bothering to write a review which is …
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Postwire Review

7 out of 10
May 09, 2014
Postwire was used by our Lead Generation team within the Sales Department. It was used as a way to get information such as case studies, …
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What is Postwire?

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found that the product has been incredibly useful in their sales and marketing efforts. One key use case is the ability to easily send a large amount of material to prospects in a single link, which has made the process more convenient and efficient. This has allowed users to share relevant information and resources with leads, providing them with a comprehensive view of their offerings.

Another valuable use case is the product's ability to help users show value to their clients and attract investors. By presenting their company as successful and worthy of investment, users have reported increased interest and engagement from potential stakeholders. The product allows for targeted sharing of information, ensuring that decision makers receive exactly what they need without feeling overwhelmed.

Customers appreciate the single space that the product creates for all resources needed during the sales cycle. This centralized platform ensures that prospects have access to updated information and materials, making it easier for them to engage with the content. Some users have even found it more organized than sending attachments via email.

While most users find great value in the product, there are some who have expressed concerns about its cost and customization options. They feel that the pricing does not align with the capabilities offered and desire more flexibility in personalizing the shared site.

One of the standout features of this product is its ability to track engagement and provide valuable insights through email notifications. Customers can easily see what resonates with their audience and make data-driven decisions based on their interactions.

Overall, users believe that once they achieve more successes with this product, it has the potential to be implemented company-wide due to its wide range of uses and benefits in various sales and marketing scenarios.

Convenient Tool for Curating and Sending Documents: Users have found Postwire to be a convenient tool for curating and sending documents to clients. They appreciate the ability to send a single link and receive email notifications when clients open the files, making follow-up easier.

Easy Sharing of Marketing Materials: Many users like that Postwire allows them to easily share marketing materials. It helps them stay up-to-date and locate the latest version of any document, which is particularly beneficial for sales training programs.

Beautifully Share Media Hits with Clients: Users are impressed with how beautifully and quickly they can share media hits with clients using Postwire. This feature is considered more elegant than simply sending a list of links and excerpts.

Clunky File Sharing: Some users have mentioned that the software can be a bit clunky when it comes to sharing numerous files with their team. This has led some users to resort to using alternative tools for file sharing purposes, as they find the experience less than optimal.

Difficult Large Team Collaboration: According to user feedback, facilitating large team collaboration within the software can be challenging. While these reviewers personally may not have encountered any issues, they acknowledge that others may struggle with this aspect of the software.

Challenging Item Movement: Moving items around once they are selected, especially when attempting to group them together, has proven to be a challenge for some users. They have expressed frustration at the lack of ease and efficiency in manipulating items within the software.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently a few individuals on my team are using postwire to present customer and prospects with ever-evolving 'micro-sites'. It's such a powerful tool because you can add anything to postwire and then give you customers/prospects access to it. Instead of sending an email with multiple attachments, you can upload everything to postwire and then send them there. Also, you receive email notifications when someone visits your page. This is a great way to track engagement and understand what resonated with your customers/prospects.
We currently do not use it organization wide, but I could see this being implemented company wide once we have a few more 'wins'.
Whenever I send an email to my prospects, I always remind them that I've created them a 'microsite' so they're able to see all of the data sheets and videos I'm willing to share.
  • Uploading documents is very important and I haven't hit a max of megabites being uploaded.
  • User access to post-wire. You're able allow all parties to see it, you're able to make it private and there are some advanced settings where you can lock it or prevent people from downloading certain documents.
  • User Interface - it's simple and easy to use. Sometimes, with other solutions, when there are too many options, you get a little overwhelmed.
  • Load time when you first login. Sometimes it can take up to 5 seconds to load depending on how many different post wires you're making.
  • Different looking 'styles'. The customer sees their postwire a very specific way... If you could add themes or different styles, that'd be great.
  • customer URLs for when you send postwire. I'd love to include the customers name in the url.
Postwire is best used in any type of situation where you're trying to deliver data sheets, content or videos to customer or clients in one please. Instead of sending multiple emails with a lot of stuff attached, this is a great place to store it. It looks professional and often times, the client appreciates not having to look through all of their emails.
  • Currently, no immediate dollar ROI but I'm only a few weeks in.
  • Time ROI has been huge. I can store all of my documents within on place for customers and prospects.
Clearside has less features and is very simple. It's convenient because it comes free with Sales Navigator. There is limited functionality and you can only have a certain number of different clear slides accessible at once. There is also a lot of other random LinkedIn content that shows up on ClearSlide, but I'm not a fan. I prefer paying with Postwire over free with LinkedIn.
Keith Haig | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Postwire was a great way to store content and share content with prospects involved in a sales process, much easier than adding a bunch of email attachments and sending to a prospect. It's easy for emails to get lost. With Postwire, I was able to provide my prospects with their own "deal site" and allow them to engage with content I was sharing. Where I found challenges was with the cost vs. benefit. Overall, I felt the cost $35/mo for an individual user was high based on capabilities. I felt that the look and feel of the Postwire site I was sharing was a bit limited. I would have liked the ability to customize the site a bit better. I also found, at least for me, that prospects didn't really engage with the content I provided enough to warrant the cost, but I could see where in some sales cycles there could be a huge benefit.
  • Content Sharing - Easy way to share content.
  • Content Engagement Tracking - Easy way to track prospects engagement with the content
  • Ease of Use - Ability to set up a site in minutes.
  • Lacking in Ability to customize look and feel of Postwire sites.
  • Cost a bit on the high side for capabilities.
Postwire is great if you have longer sales cycles requiring a lot of content sharing. Much better than email attachments. May not be well suited for transactional sales and shorter sales processes. I found it to work really well when sharing video content and large PDF documents.
  • I didn't have a big ROI personally because my prospects didn't really engage with the content on the site more than one time. It wasn't something they continually visited. Think this is more based on my use case versus the tool actually lacking something.
January 12, 2016

My GoTo Sales Tool

Darren Jaffrey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's simply the most useful tool I have in my sales armory. I love this product so much I am actually bothering to write a review which is a first for me. If you sell, or run a sales team and are not using Postwire you are missing a trick.
  • Personalisation of your sales message
  • Content delivery
  • Ease of use
  • It would be nice to know who has clicked on what content with what frequency and also who has downloaded versus just viewed.
  • Sales conversion rates
  • Sales image
  • Sales efficiency
May 09, 2014

Postwire Review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Postwire was used by our Lead Generation team within the Sales Department. It was used as a way to get information such as case studies, PowerPoint presentations, or other information to prospective clients. Each Postwire page that was sent would be personalized to that person's position within an organization, as well as that company's industry.
  • The ability to choose as many documents or links as necessary for each Postwire page is great.
  • It is very useful to be able to change the order in which each piece of information is displayed on the page.
  • The mobile app is very straight-forward, making it much easier to create a page from your mobile device than many other apps I've seen.
  • It is wonderful being able to see how many people, and who specifically, has viewed your page.
  • Enough people don't know about Postwire, and I think that because of that, prospective clients often disregard these links as spam.
I believe that Postwire would be useful in any professional setting. It is great for a sales team to use with prospective clients, but it would also be helpful in presentations or helping you keep certain documents in order. If you have a lot of different files, all pertaining to different industries, it is a great way to have each industries' documents together in one place.
  • Unfortunately, we saw little to no ROI. When we would follow up with prospective clients that we sent pages to, many of them admitted to not viewing the page as they had never heard of Postwire.
  • None
Unfortunately, the decision to renew does not fall on me. However, I have told the decision maker that I believe that we utilized Postwire incorrectly when we started. I believe that rather than sending links to our Postwire pages to prospective clients in our introduction email, they would be better suited to send after connecting and agreeing to send them additional information. That way, you can explain that it will be in the format of a Postwire link due to it's ease of use.
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