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Sisense Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Microsoft Power BI

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Qlik Sense

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Sisense Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Craig Varghese

implementing this software, thus it is very easy to install and get started. Its cost should be reduced.

Related Quote from Verified User

amount of usage without a ton of cost. While it doesn't have every feature of far more expensive enterprise tools for a cost/benefit analysis, it has been … Sisense is a great cost-effective middleware and f…

Related Quote from Verified User

We evaluated IBM Cognos Analytics and it was vastly more expensive and offered less features than what Sisense offered.

Related Quote from Verified User

querying capabilitiesSimpler UIMore AI-oriented development Cons:Less scalable pricing modelLess advanced UI and visualization capabilities

Related Quote from Surbhi Singhal

appropriate as large number of users required more logins and it leads to costing and maintenance issue. Also, at times we have observed its instability.

Related Quote from Chad Vanscoy

one that connected to Salesforce without a problem like Sisense. Sisense pricing destroyed the other 3 as well.

Related Quote from Joseph R. Sweeney

We chose Sisense due to pricing structures as well as its speed and ability to connect to more robust data

Related Quote from Verified User

teams in the organization. Great support, GUI, flexibility, low hardware cost and handles huge data with a breeze. … reports, open source BI platform, ability to modify reports, low hardware cost, support for multiple users, role based support. These are the reasons

Related Quote from Verified User

report dissatisfaction, above that is it priced higher than Sisense. Now, as for MS Power BI and Tableau, they are priced similarly but the tools do not have … tools, but Sisense can seem a bit on the high side, cost-wide. 10 … Sisense offers multiple flexible pricing…

Related Quote from Verified User

us to scale back our development resources and focus our energy on other, value-generating endeavors. However, the best part of using Sisense was the partnership

Related Quote from Kirk Dudley

what's visible, with no ability to sort one column or labels based on the value in a non-displayed column.

Related Quote from Wesley Ardoin

go from raw data to a dashboard in no time flat. The performance for the cost is great. … institution that doesn't want a lot of overhead in regard to IT support or cost, who would prefer to do the work themselves. It does a great job of presenting … Price compared…

Related Quote from Alex Placito

us it was possible. Sisense isn't the cheapest but it is not the most expensive either by far. The single stack approach [played a role in our selection]

Related Quote from Michał Becker

Price Product Features Product Usability … Mostly pricing and number of users, but also some additional features outside regular license

Related Quote from Jim Wimsatt

Lower cost; easier front end user interface

Related Quote from Andrew Pees

Basically, less resource intensive, lower cost and time to production, faster results with less time and fewer headaches

Related Quote from Holke Visser

Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews … combination of factors: performance on large datasets, usability and a reasonable price.

Related Quote from TJ Houk

data sources and have an ability to manipulate them, but part of SiSense's value is in allowing users to be outside IT. For relatively novice analysts and

Related Quote from Eyal Marmareli

options and Sisense made the most sense from a features, implementation and price stand point. … implementation Sisnse offered a lot of support and made sure we're getting value from their tool. We were up and running in a very short time frame.…

Related Quote from James Levine

(Tableau/Logi/etc....) due to the following reasons Ease of Use Scalability and low cost of launchQuick ImplementationMinimal SQL and coding requiredPublishing dashboards

Related Quote from Verified User

integration (hosted solution was seamless) Cost effective … Would like to see conditional alert feature - ie if a value Manual builds of the Elasticube (back … In all honesty price was a driving factor in our selection. This pretty much ruled out GoodData

Related Quote from Daniel Colussi

Sisense does not have levels of support according to pricing structures. They are dedicated to the client success at any level. Their

Related Quote from Ken Hui Zheng

Before SiSense, we used SAP Business Objective as our BI application; however, BO fell short of business mandates, and we had to look for an alternative solution. SiSense was chosen and implemented successfully to meet the business demand.

Related Quote from Erik Luxhoj

perfect for us in terms of SiSense was the licensing system. It was very expensive, and the license was not a lifetime purchase. Their license has to be … perfect for us in terms of SiSense was the licensing system. It was very expensive, and the license was not a lifetime purchase. Their license has to be renewed … out of 10 because we did not renew the contract du…

Related Quote from Josiah Sternfeld

Great value for the cost from a BI standpoint. The Elasticube is pretty intuitive in terms … it's a great tool for the money. Many BI tools that have similar features cost 5-10x what Sisense does. There is a heavy learning curve as I'd expect there