ADP is in transition but still the best bang for the buck!
Updated June 17, 2015

ADP is in transition but still the best bang for the buck!

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  • HRB (HCM, Benefits, Mgr/EE Self Service), PayExpert (Payroll & Tax Filing), Tax Credit Services, The Work Number

Overall Satisfaction with ADP Workforce Now

We currently use ADP Workforce Now as a single solution for our global workforce. We use it for complete benefit administration, HR/HCM, payroll, payroll tax filing, employee/manager self service, reporting, tax credit services and The Work Number (VOE solution).
  • Benefit Enrollment and Invoicing/Reporting- This is perhaps the strongest point of ADP WFN. It has interactive invoicing ability, connections to carriers, easy compares for monthly reconciliations, easy benefit enrollment wizards, and COBRA workflow.
  • Payroll/Payroll Tax. This is an area where I have not seen competitors compete. The accuracy of the Wage & Tax Registers, Payroll Preview, SOD's, etc. are unmatchable in my opinion. The tax reports and payroll reporting that consistently cross foots to registers is priceless. Bank recs are easy to reconcile as the client has access to all information to make month end entries.
  • The ADP Self Service Portal is an invaluable tool. It is easily modified to your company without advanced HTML skills, employees/managers can do just about anything you give them access to do, and has the ability to handle company policy acknowledgements included in the package.
  • Reporting. Each ADP software has a reporting tool tied to it. ADP Workforce Now happens to have the weakest reporting tool of any ADP product, but they know this and everyone is being told that the new versions (4.0+) will address current issues, like duplicate rows, fields required but cannot be pulling in a report, etc.
  • HR / Payroll Separation. Unlike almost every other version of ADP, WFN creates a gigantic divide between the HR area and Payroll area, almost competing against one another. The challenge is keeping a teamwork attitude in spite of this oversight. Payroll reports rarely match HR reports because of this problem. But once you understand what each report is pulling, you can easily determine where you report needs to come from in order to be accurate, but this is very frustrating at times.
  • Support. Again, unlike every other product, WFN decided to create separate support models for the HRB side versus the Payroll side. But neither know anything about the other, which is terribly frustrating to the client. You will need to educate yourself a lot to avoid hours on the phone with no answer. But it is rather simple to learn with the available tools, and ADP ILearn (free).
  • ADP is always behind the ball in terms of compatibility with IE/other browsers. There are work arounds but usually by the time ADP is supporting one version of IE, everyone is already on the next, and so forth.
  • No organization chart capability, no proxy manager capabilities (for performance reviews/manager changes), no ability to hand documents, etc.
  • ADP Workforce Now has really moved our organization into a self-service model. We utilize mobile access, iPay, employee engagement via the Portal, etc.
  • The complete separate between HR and Payroll is very challenging and, to be honest, unacceptable. We have learned to work with it but it is a very poor model for Corporate America. But, ADP knows this and will no longer sell this product. Anyone converting to ADP now will have the latest and greatest which hopefully will meet the reporting/functionality of their biggest competitors.
  • The most positive area of WFN is Benefit Administration. It does it all and is very easy to use.
ADP Workforce Now is NOT ADP's most impressive product (previous versions like ADP Enterprise were far superior) but ADP in general is my preference. Systems I have used:

Ceridian- The Payroll Tax function/reporting/filing/amendment process was not as strong as ADP. HR was an afterthought.
Workday- I was not impressed with their Payroll module, or Payroll Tax Table/Setup. The HCM module was fantastic
ADP Enterprise- Very consistent all around. Great support model, massive Reporting capabilities, global ability (used ADP Streamline and maintained headcount for 16 countries with no issues).
If you have a rather flat organization, ADP Workforce Now would work well for you. Also, if you have less than 1,000 employees, this system can probably do just about anything you need (EEO, VETS100, etc.). If you have a global workforce, ADP Workforce Now is not ideal. It can house expats/intl employees but not well. If you only have a handful for reporting purposes, it is acceptable.

ADP Workforce Now Feature Ratings

View and generate pay and benefit information
Update personal information
View job history
View company policy documentation
Employee recognition
Report builder
Pre-built reports
Ability to combine HR data with external data

Using ADP Workforce Now

12 - HR Administrators, Manager, Comp, Payroll staff, Benefits, Managers/Employee Self Service
1 - A strong background with ADP is the most important skill. Report writing skills and experience with similar products are also helpful.
  • Employee Onboarding and Policy Acknowledgement
  • Benefit Open Enrollment
  • Govt reporting (EEO, VETS100A)
  • Policy Acknowledgement
  • Free Verification of Employment service via ADP (The Work Number)
  • Employee Event capabilities, to reach target employees by security group (Training, policies, local news, etc.)
  • Performance Management
  • Referral Bonus automation
  • Gross Up awards
  • Leverage ADP Portal for Employee Communication
We are happy with ADP Workforce Now. Set up is rather simple and will accommodate almost any/every need for your business in the areas of HR, Payroll., & Compliance. Support can be inconsistent but every process has an online manual with step by step instructions that make troubleshooting much easier. We rarely need to call support. Payroll tax is and tax filing are second to none and processing/importing is rather simple.

ADP Workforce Support

ADP has gone back to the designated "team support" module for clients on the newer versions of WFN, and the introduction of "The Bridge" has just added additional resources for problem resolution. It is a blog of current users who can share ideas/solutions in real time. And open case numbers are relatively east to track, and will allow the clients to view status of specific cases in the near future. We currently have no open items!